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Nicolas Paton

Nicolas Paton

Ligueil, France
Member since December 2, 2015
Nicolas has over 10 years development experience for web and mobile. He has worked with a variety of technologies like Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, React, Meteor, Go, and Mongo. As an API specialist, he has designed large back-ends while following microservice principles, integrated numerous APIs, and implemented many high availability and scaling scenarios.
Nicolas is now available for hire
  • CSS, 15 years
  • HTML, 15 years
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • REST, 7 years
  • MongoDB, 5 years
  • Go, 4 years
  • Meteor, 2 years
Ligueil, France
Preferred Environment
Git, Mac, Linux
The most amazing...
...thing I've developed was an auto-scaling distributed data processing pipeline with a Ruby DSL.
  • Network Programmer
    2016 - PRESENT
    • Wrote a parser for the networking DSL.
    • Created a Go code generator back-end from parsed DSL.
    • Built a high-performance network packet parser.
    • Created a GTP Information Elements parser in Go.
    Technologies: Go, Protocol Stack, P4, GTP
  • Back-End Lead Software Architect
    2016 - 2016
    • Designed an overall security scheme.
    • Devised a user siloed encryption scheme with secure sharing mechanism.
    • Created an API for REST and GraphQL.
    • Implemented an ORM over KV store in Redis.
    Technologies: Go, Crypto, Redis, REST, GraphQL, Protobufs, gRPC
  • Consultant Web Developer
    2015 - 2016
    Stealth Startup
    • Created a multi-user conferencing system over WebRTC.
    • Supported a real-time server-side accounting of video connected users.
    • Integrated Kurento Media Server to broadcast and record all video sessions.
    • Built a real-time messaging system between browsers for Meteor.
    • Designed and implemented a credit currency for the platform.
    Technologies: Meteor, WebRTC, Kurento, AWS, Kadira
  • Consultant Web Developer
    2015 - 2015
    Umlaut Audio
    • Created a configurable multi-step form system that supports many input types, loops, continuous saving, back, and forward.
    • Developed a sound DB system with a powerful direct multi-upload to AWS S3. It had a simple and secure preview and can be downloaded directly from S3.
    • Built a chat system as a central part of the owner-client interaction on each project.
    • Added a multi-website user account and authentication system.
    • Hand-built the responsive marketing website with custom and complex responsiveness.
    Technologies: Meteor, JavaScript, Mongo, AWS, Heroku, Mandrill
  • CTO
    2014 - 2015
    • Worked on the best way to scrape websites to get a good preview (image and description).
    • Created an asynchronous data processing pipeline in conjunction with a real-time reactive interface.
    • Built a smooth and draggable grid UI for simple end-user content formating.
    • Brought together an amazing team and set up a successful agile process.
    • Built a custom background tasks queue for Meteor on top of Iron Worker.
    Technologies: Meteor, JavaScript, Heroku, Iron Worker
  • Architect and Engineering Manager
    2011 - 2013
    Fanhattan (
    • Managed up to 4 teams and 20 engineers following an Agile methodology.
    • Built a scalable personalized notification service. The users subscribe to interests and channels and we could deliver real time or aggregated recommendations.
    • Developed a highly scalable DSL-based distributed data import system.
    • Rebuilt our responsive website to be SEO optimized, and extremely fast. Then built the team to continue growing the website.
    • Created a REST API used by many different platforms (tv, mobile, back-end, web, and so on) for everything we did from social integrations to data imports.
    Technologies: Ruby, Sinatra, Mongo, Resque, AWS (EC2, S3, DynamoDB, SWF), Redis
  • Co-Founder
    2008 - 2012
    Fun Golf (Previously OhMyGolf)
    • Developed a web-based Geo mapping app to draw geo-localized vectorial course maps on top of Google Maps or Bing Maps.
    • Part of the iOS app was developed simultaneously at the very beginning of iOS development; i.e. the first year of the app store.
    • Developed the full API for the iOS app.
    • Created the largest and most complete golf course database in the world.
    • Designed and built a real time local championship tracking app.
    Technologies: iOS, Cocoa, Objective-C, Cappuccino, Objective-J, Ruby on Rails, GMaps
  • Founder
    2006 - 2011
    • Created the UI/UX for the EcoFolio web app (FR gov. institution).
    • Designed, developed, and managed Transdev’s public transit information platform.
    • Wrote a Ruby DSL for the public transit analysis for Potimart; including multiple shortest path algorithms.
    • Built a browser based on 3D GeoWiki TerraMagna for Cap Digital.
    • Designed, developed, and managed a Ruby on Rails training of several developers at Dryade.
    Technologies: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Languages
    JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Go, Ruby, GraphQL, Domain-specific Languages (DSLs), Objective-C, SQL, Objective-J, XML, PHP, Python, Bash
  • Libraries/APIs
    REST API, Google Maps, WebRTC, Facebook API, Mandrill API, Resque, Rack, Node.js, Vue.js, OpenStreetMap API, React
  • Paradigms
    REST, Data-driven Programming, Agile Software Development, Distributed Programming
  • Platforms
    Meteor, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mac OS, DigitalOcean, Docker, AWS EC2, Linux, Heroku,, Apache Kafka, iOS
  • Storage
    Redis, JSON, MongoDB, AWS S3, Cache, Kurento Media Server, Google Cloud, AWS SWF, Memcached, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
  • Tools
    Amazon CloudFront CDN, Sketch, Canvas, Adobe Fireworks, MongoLab, Atom, TinyXML
  • Other
    AWS Route 53, SVG, User Interface (UI), RPC, HTTP, Network Protocols, WebKit, SMTP, DNS
  • Frameworks
    Cocoa, Cappuccino
  • Bachelor's degree in Literature
    2002 - 2006
    Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot - Paris, France
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