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Nidish Das Mullassery

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
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January 24, 2023

Nidish is a cybersecurity architect and expert in the automotive and IT industries. In his 16+ years of experience, he has worked as a developer and software, technical, and cybersecurity architect and led two teams to deliver cutting-edge projects. Nidish has worked with embedded systems and autonomous driving and is skilled in AUTOSAR, TARA, security concept documents, PKI, bootloaders, UDS, device drivers, debuggers, vehicle communication networks and diagnostics, and ADAS.


Magna Electronics
Cybersecurity Operations, Cybersecurity, Vector CANalyzer, CAN FD, AUTOSAR...
Tech Mahindra
Vector CANalyzer, Embedded C, FlexRay, Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN)...
UDS Diagnosis, FlexRay, Automotive System Knowlege, Bootloaders, CAN Bus...




Preferred Environment

Windows, OpenSSL

The most amazing...

...project I've designed and delivered before the deadline is authentic and highly safe secure data storage with available restrictions on an Uhnder chip.

Work Experience

Cybersecurity Architect

2018 - 2022
Magna Electronics
  • Managed public key infrastructure (PKI) and provided critical support. Oversaw certificate key management and defect management. Created a customer interaction-related concept and requirements. Developed a cybersecurity stack, AES driver, and SecOC.
  • Developed, coded, and implemented secure storage architecture, secure boot, hardware security module (HSM), security diagnostics, threat assessment and remediation analysis (TARA), and security concept document.
  • Provided support for communication issues related to ethernet. Created Jira tickets and tasks and handled them using PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager.
  • Implemented IPsec using vector cybersecurity stack and assembly-level instructions in the required parts of code to make the code more secure as per penetration testing output.
  • Worked on a project for an upcoming car manufacturer and created TARA using ISO 21434 as the base standard, as well as security goals and concept documentation. Derived requirements from security design goals. Completed the project by the deadline.
  • Channelized the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of the CMAC software library to the hardware accelerator. Implemented code and design following AUTOSAR standards.
  • Handled a secure concept discussion with customers and assisted them in understanding cybersecurity goals.
  • Set ECU level TARA after considering all the input shared from vehicle level TARA. Escalated the cybersecurity requirements considered for ECU level TARA after foreseeing a CPU overloading issue and ensured that vehicle level TARA was adjusted.
Technologies: Cybersecurity Operations, Cybersecurity, Vector CANalyzer, CAN FD, AUTOSAR, IPsec, UDS Diagnosis, Bootloaders, Threat Modeling, Application Security, Public-key Cryptography, CAN Bus, Cryptography, User Authentication, Architecture, Network Security, ARM Embedded, Embedded Systems, ISO 21434, Secure Boot, Bootstrap Loaders, Diagnostics, Automotive, Risk Management, IDS/IPS, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Security Architecture Assessment, Security Architecture, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), Crypto, Python, Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA)

Technical Architect

2016 - 2018
Tech Mahindra
  • Managed teams to complete projects to the highest level of technical quality and before given deadlines. Handled development and other issues. Developed diagnostics and communication stacks.
  • Used Jira to track customer bugs and Integrity to track source code and documents.
  • Headed diagnostics and communication teams simultaneously and delivered two different software for an electronic parking brake (EPB) system on the same day for Nissan, BMW, Peugeot, Volkswagen, and Fiat.
  • Wrote technical clarification and headed a team working on fault management, diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), read-data-by-identifier (RDBI) and write-data-by-identifier (WDBI) services, routine control, and variant coding.
  • Supported different original equipment manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, Fiat, BMW, Chrysler, Renault, Nissan, and Honda.
  • Took complete responsibility for the software development cycle and followed the V-model. Headed a vehicle communication team of seven members and a diagnostics software team of five members simultaneously.
  • Developed a communication stack for FlexRay, a CAN bus, and Basic Software (BSW). Gained good knowledge and extensively worked on Vector tools, such as VN7600, VN8970, VN610, CANoe, CANApe, CANFlash, and CANalyzer.
Technologies: Vector CANalyzer, Embedded C, FlexRay, Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN), Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS), Keyword Protocol 2000 (KWP2000), CANdelaStudio, Infineon Aurix 32-bit-Microcontroller, Infineon Aurix TC2xx, Hercules TMS570, STMicro Microcontrollers, Vector CANape, Vector CANoe, CAN Bus, Architecture, ARM Embedded, Embedded Systems, Diagnostics, Automotive

Software Architect and Module Lead

2012 - 2016
  • Worked on master-slave ECU. Developed pulse-width modulation (PWM) for fan control and a communication stack for FlexRay and a CAN bus. Implemented 1MBd flashing feature. Handled different tools’ issues directly with Vector and RA Consulting.
  • Estimated, planned, and tracked tasks and conducted root cause analysis (RCA) using the five whys strategy.
  • Gained extensive experience in software diagnostics and flash programming software development.
Technologies: UDS Diagnosis, FlexRay, Automotive System Knowlege, Bootloaders, CAN Bus, Embedded Systems, Bootstrap Loaders, Diagnostics, Automotive

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

2011 - 2012
  • Created an application that handles all the functions of a cluster of the car, i.e., it generates warnings, displays the trip odometer on the LCD dashboard, and controls all the gauges of the instrument cluster.
  • Developed a welcome mode feature, CAN driver, button and human-machine interface (HMI), electronic test module (ETM), vehicle diagnostics, and display manager.
  • Created issue analysis for gauge shaking and unit testing using IBM Rational Test RealTime, and prepared an integration test plan. Developed stack analysis and non-volatile memory analysis (NVM) stethoscope.
  • Conducted critical analysis and developed a solution to fix a gauge shaking issue. Discovered a critical sleep issue by stress testing and analysis.
  • Added bitmaps to the instrument cluster to enhance the audio source with a digital audio broadcasting (DAB) feature. Modified a display manager system to include DAB channels' strings and details. Developed the firmware to control hazard lights.
Technologies: Automotive System Knowlege, Clustering, Microcontrollers, Embedded C, Device Drivers, Lauterbach Debugger, Vector CANalyzer, Real-time Kernel, Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN), CAN Bus, Embedded Systems, Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Bootstrap Loaders, Diagnostics, Automotive

Technical Staff Member

2008 - 2011
HCL Technologies
  • Wrote low-level MCAL drivers for Infineon TriCore microcontrollers. Developed DIO and watchdog drivers for 32-bit microcontrollers that follow AUTOSAR standards. Tested driver modules for the RAM test and watchdog driver modules.
  • Developed an ADIO (GPIO and ADC) driver, flash driver, and UART driver for board diagnostic software, as well as unit tests. Prepared an integration and unit testing plan.
  • Implemented the ADIO driver and ensured it worked on the first attempt and was bug-free by testing it thoroughly, which facilitated the implementation of other functions. The project was launched before the set release date.
  • Developed SPIDriver for interfacing ADC with a microcontroller for a highly critical medical unit working on balloon ablation procedures.
  • Collaborated with Infineon on implementing an AUTOSAR standard driver on their chips.
Technologies: IAR Embedded Workbench, Microcontrollers, Infineon Aurix, Infineon TriCore, EB Tresos, Embedded C, Value Proposition, Embedded C++, Embedded Systems, Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Bootstrap Loaders, Automotive

Embedded Software Engineer

2007 - 2008
KnowX Innovations Pvt
  • Created requirements by analyzing information from code and unit testing. Prepared a sub-system test plan and conducted testing. Debugged and fixed the issues I found.
  • Studied a user interface module (UIM) in a Baxter Colleague volumetric infusion pump. This menu-based graphical system facilitates users' view of the infusion details through the event, hourly, and chart history.
  • Studied a pump head module (PHM) in the Baxter Colleague volumetric infusion pump, which controls the infusion based on the input from the UIM.
  • Reverse-engineered the software by creating unit testing, detailed software design, and software requirements.
Technologies: Embedded C, Reverse Engineering, Microcontrollers, Unit Testing, Seehau Debugger, Automotive

Junior Embedded System Engineer

2006 - 2007
Aryans Infoway
  • Coded a function module. Developed I2CDriver for an interfacing memory module and a real-time clock (RTC). Set a project plan, completed final integration, and tested applications.
  • Studied the memory integrated circuit (IC), RTC IC, PIC microcontrollers, and I2C communication protocol to understand the datasheet on chip usage and implement the code accordingly for interfacing.
  • Developed stepper motor controls using a PWM signal in Assembly.
  • Delivered the project to different industries, colleges, and schools and achieved revenue of more than $12,000. Integrated radio-frequency modules for attendance maintenance.
Technologies: Microcontrollers, C, C++, Analog, Devices, Assembler x86

Security Design for an Automotive Advanced Driver Assistance System's Electronic Control Unit

A demo presentation to show how TARA is done on an advanced driver-assistance system's electronic control unit (ADAS ECU) and how additional features are created.

This ECU (ECU 1) accepts signals through an antenna and processes them. Messages are then passed to ECU 2, connected to the public network. ECU 1 and ECU 2 communicate via CAN FD. ECU 2 is updated via OTA, and ECU 1 via CAN FD. ECU has four cores, one of which is a hardware security module (HSM). For each core, there is an associated RAM. Apart from this, a shared RAM area is dedicated to the interaction between the cores. The program is stored in the NOR flash memory. This explains how the security architecture can be defined for ECU 1.

With the basic information and details collected, basic security requirements can be taken, and the analysis started using TARA to secure boot, communication, diagnostics, storage, and design goals.

Also, we have to implement a secure boot process to secure the software in the external flash drive and ensure it is not tampered with or changed.
2004 - 2006

Master's Degree in Electronics

College of Applied Science Kozhikode - Kozhikode, Kerala, India

2000 - 2003

Bachelor's Degree in Electronics

College of Applied Science Kozhikode - Kozhikode, Kerala, India


Lauterbach Debugging Training Course



IT & Cybersecurity Professional





CANoe, Radar, IAR Embedded Workbench, Infineon Aurix


Embedded C, C, C++, Embedded C++, Assembler x86, Python


Windows, AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Industry Expertise

Cybersecurity, Network Security, Automotive


Unit Testing


Cybersecurity Operations, Secure Boot, Secure Storage, Bootstrap Loaders, Diagnostics, Microcontrollers, Automotive System Knowlege, CAN Bus, Security, Communication, Embedded Systems, AUTOSAR, Threat Modeling, Application Security, Public-key Cryptography, Cryptography, User Authentication, Architecture, ISO 21434, Risk Management, Artificial Intelligence (AI), DSP, Microprocessors, Devices, Digital, Mathematics, PCB, UDS Diagnosis, FlexRay, Bootloaders, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, English, Science, Sports, Computer Science, IPsec, Clustering, Device Drivers, Lauterbach Debugger, Vector CANalyzer, Real-time Kernel, Reverse Engineering, Seehau Debugger, CAN FD, Automotive Controller Area Network (CAN), Vector CANape, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS), Keyword Protocol 2000 (KWP2000), CANdelaStudio, EEPROM, Infineon Aurix 32-bit-Microcontroller, Infineon Aurix TC2xx, Hercules TMS570, STMicro Microcontrollers, Vector CANoe, Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA), ADAS, EB Tresos, Infineon TriCore, Value Proposition, ARM Embedded, Debugging, Analog, Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Cyber Operations, IDS/IPS, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Security Architecture Assessment, Security Architecture, Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), Crypto

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