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Omar Khan

Omar Khan

Chicago, IL, United States
Member since March 13, 2015
Omar is a software engineer specializing in full-stack web development. He has many years of experience working with technologies such as Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. Omar is passionate about his work and diligent about writing code that is clean, readable, and well-tested.
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  • OpenCraft
    Django, MySQL, Ansible, Selenium
  • Playlab Games
    Ruby on Rails, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra
  • Arachnys
    Python, Django, Celery, Gevent, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Backbone.js...
  • Python, 8 years
  • JavaScript, 6 years
  • Django, 6 years
  • Node.js, 4 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 3 years
  • Ruby, 3 years
  • Docker, 3 years
  • React, 2 years
Chicago, IL, United States
Preferred Environment
*nix, Vim, Git
The most amazing...
...project I have worked on is a specialized search engine combining crawled and indexed pages with on-demand web scrapers.
  • Full-Stack Developer
    2016 - 2016
    • Worked on MIT and Harvard's Open edX MOOC platform.
    • Collaborated with a completely remote team.
    • Worked on an open source project (contributions can be found on GitHub).
    • Helped to develop a tool to deploy and manage Open edX sandboxes on OpenStack virtual machines.
    Technologies: Django, MySQL, Ansible, Selenium
  • Lead Back-end Developer
    2014 - 2015
    Playlab Games
    • Recruited and managed a team of 8 developers.
    • Scaled Ruby on Rails API back-ends to handle thousands of requests per second from 20+ million users.
    • Split a legacy Ruby on Rails monolithic app into 5 separate microservices, improving development speed and maintainability.
    • Deployed a Cassandra cluster allowing a new title to scale horizontally in response to rapidly growing traffic.
    • Built an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) framework in Ruby for game analytics.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra
  • Developer
    2012 - 2013
    • Built a distributed web crawler using Python and Gevent.
    • Managed an ElasticSearch cluster storing 100+ terabytes of crawled pages.
    • Built a web scraping framework in Python for developing targeted scrapers.
    • Developed an API back-end for running searches using Django and Celery.
    • Implemented a web front-end using CoffeeScript and Backbone.js, styled using Less.
    Technologies: Python, Django, Celery, Gevent, PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Less
  • Mind the Gap (Development)

    Inspired by a feature in the New Yorker, this visualization uses D3 to show income inequality along London tube lines.

  • CoffeeDoc (Development)

    A tool to show useful API documentation for complex class hierarchies spread across multiple CoffeeScript source files. Used by some major projects in the CoffeeScript community.

  • Languages
    Python, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Ruby
  • Frameworks
    Django, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Flask, Sinatra, Django REST Framework, Redux, AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Backbone.js, Node.js, React
  • Tools
    Git, Vim Text Editor, Mercurial
  • Paradigms
    Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming
  • Platforms
    Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux
  • Storage
    SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Relational Databases, Cassandra, Elasticsearch
  • Bachelor's degree in Economics, Politics, and International Studies
    2005 - 2008
    Warwick University - United Kingdom
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