Owen Lopez, Quality Assurance Developer in Spring, TX, United States
Owen Lopez

Quality Assurance Developer in Spring, TX, United States

Member since July 16, 2018
Owen has his roots in quality assurance for products with over 80 million daily active users, with expertise on Facebook and mobile with automation, development, and content integration for over half a decade with Zynga. He provided automated local testing infrastructure and deployment pipelines at Madison Reed as well.
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Spring, TX, United States



Preferred Environment

Git, Sublime Text, Linux Mint

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is an in-house automated integration testing infrastructure for all Windows, Mac, and mobile devices fully integrated with Jenkins and Slack.


  • QA Automation Engineer

    2020 - 2021
    Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
    • Created automation tests for our mobile web application in the telehealth field.
    • Composed test plans and managed test cases with coverage reports.
    • Tested over 20 combinations of mobile devices to ensure quality and compatibility of our product with all demographics.
    • Mantained API tests for our microservices that were deployed on the cloud.
    Technologies: Python
  • QA Automation Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    • Performed client-side end-to-end UI testing with Protractor and Test and end-to-end integration UI testing using TestCafe all wrapped up in Docker.
    • Tested the API using Mocha and Node.js also running on Docker containers.
    • Tested the plan creation and management, along with feature testing and integration testing for bi-weekly releases.
    Technologies: Protractor, Docker, Node.js, TestCafe
  • QA Automation Engineer

    2014 - 2019
    Madison Reed
    • Constructed deployment pipelines on Jenkins using Bash and the GitHub REST API.
    • Developed the in-house Selenium Grid automation infrastructure with Android, iOS, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome support.
    • Wrote over 6,000 assertions for our responsive site.
    • Introduced best-quality assurance practices into unit testing and integration testing processes.
    • Wrote tons of Slack bots for transparency in all points of our business.
    Technologies: MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, Appium, Protractor, Node.js, Selenium
  • Engineer/SDET

    2012 - 2014
    Zynga Game Network
    • Wrote automation tests for our Flash games on Facebook in Java for Selenium.
    • Wrote an expansion for the PetVille franchise in ActionScript 3.
    • Managed content integration for CityVille.
    • Updated and maintained important in-house content tools.
    • Provided localization support.
    Technologies: Java, LAMP, PHP, ActionScript 3, JavaScript, Selenium
  • QA Engineer

    2009 - 2012
    Zynga Game Network
    • Created and managed test plans and documentation.
    • Performed smoke tests and managed releases.
    • Maintained our lower-tier products on Facebook.
    • Wrote tools and scripts to assist with quality control.
    • Performed regressions for important milestones like database sharding.
    Technologies: Selenium, JavaScript, PHP, Jira


  • Looker Transactional Data Monitor

    Set specified thresholds with incremental and decremental min and max values for important data points related to key transactions on an eCommerce company. This headless script uses the Looker API to pull the data and alerts stakeholders through Slack or email when thresholds are reached for a given data point. The script is tied into an interval timer (cron-like) on a Jenkins job and runs daily.

  • Code Deployment Pipeline Script for GitHub Pull Requests

    Written in bash for an Amazon Web Services EC2 Linux Server that uses cURL to make requests to the GitHub 3.0 REST API in order to merges pull requests into a release branch based on labels, checks for conflicts, alert stakeholders and ensures clean branches when conflicts or reverts occur. The bread and butter of any deployment pipeline on a continuous integration environment.

  • Anchor and Image Asset Validation Crawler

    Specify the number of pages to crawl with a starting point. Scrapes all anchor tags and image tags for links, checks for valid response codes and crawls to a random anchor tag link that starts with your base URL. It supports both AngularJS and non-Angular pages. Never visits the same page twice and never validates the same link twice. Crawls until the limit is reached or when there are no more pages to crawl. A fun way to check the integrity of your links on your site on any given day.

  • Selenium Grid Testing Infrastructure

    An in-house testing infrastructure with AngularJS support through Protractor for Chrome, Firefox, Safari. iOS and Android support through Appium. Supports Windows and MacOS systems. Fully managed by the Jenkins Continuous Integration environment for stability and reliability, with custom daemons written for MacOS for process management.

  • Sent Email Validation

    This headless validation Mocha script uses the Google Gmail API to pull email data based on a time and subject line search query. It validates images, links, and text to be valid and structured a certain way within the email body. Very useful for marketing heavy companies through email channels.

  • UI Element Placement and Obfuscation Validation for iOS

    Dynamic script written for iOS for testing responsive web applications to check for button placement, true obfuscation (if in the element is not within the default resolution view for a given mobile browser), and element view leakage (if the element is bigger than the current resolution supports, such as a purchase button being cut in half by the screen).

  • Looker "Looks" Report Monitor

    This headless script validates the data structure and data types returned by "Looks" on Looker using their REST API. It does in-depth analysis of nested objects and data types to make sure that when saved queries on the system are updated by anyone, that they keep their integrity. This script is tied to the GitHub Pull Request API end-point and alerts Jenkins of any new pull request, auto-triggers the script, and reports to stakeholders on Slack.

  • Jenkins Job Health Monitor

    This is a bash script that is tied into a Jenkins job that polls the job status of key jobs that keep a deployment pipeline running smoothly. It reads build XML for workspaces and, once a failure is found, it will alert stakeholders every minute until the job is repaired. Useful for when failures occur at night.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, Bash, HTML, PHP, ActionScript 3, Java, Python
  • Frameworks

    Jasmine, Appium, Protractor, Selenium, AngularJS, Locust, TestCafe, JUnit
  • Libraries/APIs

    Chai, Selenium Grid, GitHub API, Jenkins Pipeline, Node.js
  • Tools

    Mocha, Android Studio, Xcode, Trello, Jenkins, cURL Command Line Tool, Jira, Apache JMeter, Sublime Text, Git, Grunt
  • Paradigms

    Agile, Test Automation, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Development (CD), Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, REST, Load Testing
  • Other

    Sauce Labs, SDET, Quality Assurance (QA), Agile QA, ADK, Test Automation Engineer, QA Testing, Manual QA, Test Case Creation, Test Case Development, Test Cases, Mobile App Testing, Automated UI Testing, Performance Testing
  • Platforms

    Windows, Linux, Linux Mint, LAMP, Docker, iOS
  • Storage

    MongoDB, Redis, MySQL

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