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Pawel Fraczyk

Verified Expert  in Engineering

DevOps Engineer and Architecture Developer

Phuket, Thailand
Toptal Member Since
March 15, 2021

Paweł is a DevOps engineer and cloud architect with six years of experience designing, automating, and managing cloud environments for high-profile clients. Specialized in AWS and Azure, he holds multiple certifications that highlight his expertise. Over the last three years, he has successfully worked remotely. Paweł's skills span across IaC (Terraform), CI/CD automation, network management, cloud monitoring, solution architecting, and maintaining high-availability production workloads.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, Azure, Azure DevOps...
Blackmoon Advisory Pty Ltd
AWS Certified Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS DevOps...
Yara International - Belgium
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Terraform, ServiceNow, GitHub Actions, Aviatrix...




Preferred Environment

AWS DevOps, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, CI/CD Pipelines, Terraform, Python, Linux, DevOps, Cloud Architecture, AWS Cloud Architecture, Automation

The most amazing...

...platform I've worked on deployed automated, scalable governance, security, and network configuration on 100+ AWS account organizations.

Work Experience

DevOps Consultant

2021 - PRESENT
  • Migrated a C++ application to Azure DevOps by building automated pipelines and deploying Azure EKS.
  • Created multiple IaC for small projects in Terraform for the AWS infrastructure.
  • Promoted a DevOps culture between developers and operations teams to improve cooperation in the software house.
  • Migrated from a monolith application deployed on a single Windows Server to a dockerized application in Kubernetes.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS CloudFormation, Terraform, Azure, Azure DevOps, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon RDS, AWS Fargate, GitHub, SysOps, Kubernetes, Ansible, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Scripting Languages, Cloud Migration

Certified Solution Architect via Toptal

2023 - 2024
Blackmoon Advisory Pty Ltd
  • Created architecture of an autoscaling and serverless application in the cloud.
  • Wrote Terraform code to build two environments. Used module architecture to reuse code.
  • Created CI/CD for automated deployments to Amazon Elastic Container Service (a dockerized app).
Technologies: AWS Certified Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS DevOps, Terraform, CI/CD Pipelines, Git, Docker, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Scripting Languages

AWS DevOps Engineer via Toptal

2021 - 2023
Yara International - Belgium
  • Built a platform using Terraform and GitHub Actions to deploy automated and scalable configuration across 100+ AWS accounts in the organization.
  • Architected AWS solutions for global usage, writing custom Lambdas for AWS config checks, security hub remediation, etc.
  • Built an original project with JavaScript and MongoDB (hosted on Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DocumentDB) for the management access of data used to deploy landing zones in AWS.
  • Configured and maintained multi-region and multicloud networks using the Aviatrix tool and Terraform.
  • Aggregated all security data in AWS and integrated with a 3rd-party tool for visibility and SOC integration.
  • Configured multiple FortiGate NGFW devices with Terraform.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Terraform, ServiceNow, GitHub Actions, Aviatrix, Azure, GitHub, SysOps, JavaScript, MongoDB, Kubernetes, Node.js, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Scripting Languages

DevOps Engineer

2022 - 2022
  • Developed an automated solution to map users from Google Workspaces to AWS SSO and automatically provision them AWS Workspace station in a multi-region solution.
  • Wrote Python Lambdas to interact with AWS SSO and Active Directory (AD).
  • Contributed to the infrastructure provisioned with Terraform code with documentation.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS DevOps, Single Sign-on (SSO), Active Directory Federation, Amazon WorkSpaces, Python, Terraform, GitHub, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Scripting Languages

Cloud Infrastructure | DevOps Engineer/Consultant

2020 - 2021
Herbalife Nutrition
  • Created and implemented a network architecture for multi-account and multi-app global strategy.
  • Connected AWS cloud VPC with an on-premises network using VPN.
  • Joined multiple AWS accounts into one AWS organization and enabled AWS SSO integration with on-premises AD.
  • Improved cloud security with AWS Security Hub, AWS Config, AWS CloudTrail, and Amazon GuardDuty.
  • Supported a new project with DevOps skills using AWS native tools for CI/CD, logging, and monitoring.
  • Reviewed, maintained, and created new resources (RG, Azure Virtual Network (VNet), VM, PaaS SQL, etc.) in Azure cloud.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS DevOps, AWS Cloud Architecture, Azure, Azure Virtual Networks, AWS IAM, AWS Organizations, Linux, Amazon CloudWatch, Single Sign-on (SSO), AWS Fargate, GitHub, SysOps, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Scripting Languages

Junior QA Engineer

2019 - 2019
  • Created test cases for the development of a new project for a web application.
  • Executed manual unit, integration, and E2E tests on front-end and back-end microservices.
  • Ensured the high quality of the product in collaboration with developers.
  • Presented a demo of the application to the business during video calls.
Technologies: Testing, Azure DevOps, GitHub, JavaScript

Junior QA Engineer

2018 - 2019
  • Executed manual tests with testing scenarios and test cases.
  • Created test cases for the manual testing of API endpoints using Postman.
  • Analyzed automatic tests reports and created bugs from failed tests.
Technologies: Linux, API Integration, GitHub

DevOps Codes Academy
A YouTube channel teaching about DevOps, AWS, and Terraform. I recorded more than 20 episodes, and more are coming soon. I share my knowledge with people willing to start their cloud and DevOps journey. I really enjoy helping others.

DevOps Codes
This is my website about DevOps services with some data about cloud migrations and DevOps culture. I was considering building a video learning platform based on the community gathered from my YouTube channel.

Online Shop (React, Node.js, and MongoDB)
A simple online shop that I created with JavaScript. I used my DevOps skills to create CI/CD with IaC (Terraform in AWS) and monitoring and logging tools. This project can be deployed in AWS with a single click using GitLab CI.
2006 - 2011

Master's Degree in International Relations

Polish Naval Academy - Gdynia, Poland

JUNE 2023 - JUNE 2026

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Amazon Web Services


AWS Certified Database – Specialty

Amazon Web Services


AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

Amazon Web Services

JULY 2020 - JULY 2023

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional


JUNE 2020 - JUNE 2023

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Amazon Web Services

APRIL 2020 - JUNE 2023

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Amazon Web Services

MARCH 2020 - MARCH 2026

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

Amazon Web Services

OCTOBER 2019 - JUNE 2026

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

Amazon Web Services

OCTOBER 2019 - JUNE 2026

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Web Services

OCTOBER 2019 - JULY 2023

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Amazon Web Services




Terraform, GitHub, AWS IAM, AWS Fargate, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), Amazon CloudWatch, Git, Grafana, Graylog, CircleCI, GitLab CI/CD, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon WorkSpaces, Ansible


DevOps, Automation, Testing, Azure DevOps


Python, JavaScript


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, AWS ALB, AWS Lambda, Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon EC2, Azure, Ubuntu


Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB




AWS DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines, AWS Certified Solution Architect, AWS Solutions Architect, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), SysOps, Networks, Aviatrix, Scripting Languages, Deployment, AWS Organizations, Amazon Route 53, Azure Virtual Networks, Single Sign-on (SSO), Prometheus, API Integration, Cloud, Security, Web App Security, Amazon RDS, Cloud Architecture, Active Directory Federation, ServiceNow, GitHub Actions, AWS CodePipeline, Cloud Migration, Script Installation

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