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Phil Meta

Phil Meta

Austin, TX, United States
Member since April 21, 2015
Phil is a full-stack engineer specializing in front-end development. He has a keen eye for UI design as well as a strong math and computer science background. He has several years of professional experience, ranging from small contract jobs to longer term roles such as one of the lead developers for Groupon's Merchant Center. He is passionate about well-designed code and adheres to the practices of Agile development, DRY, and modularization.
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  • CSS3, 7 years
  • HTML5, 7 years
  • Adobe Photoshop, 7 years
  • JavaScript, 7 years
  • jQuery, 6 years
  • Node.js, 3 years
  • Bootstrap, 2 years
Austin, TX, United States
Preferred Environment
SublimeText + Chrome + Terminal on OS X
The most amazing... I've built uses genetic algorithms and other stochastic techniques to find optimal 2D representations of undirected graphs
  • Web Developer
    2015 - 2016
    Clustrix (via TopTal)
    • Built the front-end for a comprehensive dashboard for database customers.
    Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, D3, Ruby on Rails
  • Software Engineer - Front-end
    2011 - 2013
    • Helped design the architecture for and implement the new Merchant Center.
    • Created a customizable charting framework with Raphael.js to match the new Merchant Center L&F.
    • Created an interactive impact report for merchants to visualize their deal's ROI.
    • Helped design and create the redemption center with added support for barcode scanners and bulk redemption from CSV.
    • Assisted in the internationalization of the Merchant Center.
    • Helped create the Merchant Center Demo site for prospective merchants.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, OO JavaScript with Backbone.js, Raphael.js Handlebars, Sass
  • Contract Employee
    2011 - 2012
    Centauri Medical (now Leaf Healthcare)
    • Designed and developed the front-end system for hospitals to monitor patients with Leaf devices.
    • Created a tabular interface for monitoring multiple patients in groups, such as by floor or hospital wing.
    • Created a real-time updating chart for monitoring the device activity for a given patient.
    • Created an automatic data generation and simulation tool for testing and development.
    • Helped identify use-case scenarios for the leaf medical device.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, OO JavaScript with Backbone.js, Raphael.js
  • Clustrix GUI (Development)

    An interactive dashboard for customers of Clustrix. Allows the monitoring and modification of their database with advanced charting, analytics, and querying capabilities. Features a clean UI built on bootstrap, custom charting built with D3, and a robust back-end with Ruby on Rails.

  • Groupon Merchant Center (Development)

    A place for Groupon's merchants to view analytics about their deals performance, customer feedback, payment information, and more.

    Core front-end developer from 2011-2013

  • EvoGraph (Development)

    A web application demo of the EvoGraph project, using stochastic optimization to come up with 2D drawings of undirected graphs.

  • Mephisto (Development)

    A demo of the charting and technical analysis software I created to help me with my automated stock-trading program.

  • Languages
    JavaScript, HTML5, SCSS, Less, Sass, Haml, CSS3, Pug (formerly Jade), SQL, Python, Java, C#
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Node.js, Backbone.js, Handlebars, HTML5 Canvas, D3.js, Raphaƫl, Google Maps
  • Tools
    Adobe Photoshop, Stylus, Git, Google Analytics, Mercurial, Adobe Illustrator, Mongoose
  • Other
    PSD Slicing, Cloudinary
  • Frameworks
    Express.js, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Bootstrap, Angular
  • Paradigms
    Agile Software Development, Responsive Web Design (RWD), JavaScript MV* Framework, Continuous Integration (CI), Test-driven Development (TDD), Functional Programming, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Storage
    MongoDB, SQLite, AWS S3, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL
  • Platforms
    Heroku, OpenShift
  • Master's degree in Software Engineering
    2010 - 2011
    Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley - Mountain View, CA
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2006 - 2009
    Washington University in St. Louis - St. Louis
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