Piotr Ojrzyński, Software Developer in Wrocław, Poland
Piotr Ojrzyński

Software Developer in Wrocław, Poland

Member since December 16, 2015
Piotr has more than nine years of experience as a JavaScript developer. He is also experienced with back-end programming (PHP), and the design and implementation of databases (MySQL). The types of jobs he would like to work are those that involve the front-end especially using React. Piotr loves to write code cleanly, is detail-oriented, and can build applications from scratch. He is personable, professional, and a great communicator.
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Wrocław, Poland



Preferred Environment

Git, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've created was the JavaScript-based UI for a browser game named Tanadu; there I optimized the code to run on multiple browsers and added new features.


  • Experienced React/Redux Developer

    2018 - PRESENT
    Entwicklungspark AG
    • Developed a platform for online TV aimed at the Swiss market, Wilmaa.com.
    Technologies: HTML5, Next.js, Styled-components, Redux-Saga, Redux, React
  • Owner | Developer

    2008 - PRESENT
    REDFOSS Piotr Ojrzyński
    • Developed and created new projects for clients.
    • Researched and met clients' requirements for project needs.
    Technologies: ECMAScript (ES6), PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Redux, React, Backbone.js, JavaScript
  • Software Engineer

    2018 - 2018
    • Created the architecture and developed the system for a digital asset exchange.
    Technologies: Stylus, HTML5, Jest, Socket.IO, Node.js, Smart Contracts, Web3.js, MetaMask, Redux-Saga, Redux, React
  • Senior JavaScript Developer

    2016 - 2017
    Matchbyte Consultants
    • Developed an interactive real-time configurable booking engine system.
    Technologies: React, Marionette.js, Backbone.js, JavaScript
  • Senior JavaScript Developer

    2015 - 2017
    • Created and developed a system to collect, organize, and display posts from social media on the customer's own website, Nicho.com.
    Technologies: Less, CSS3, HTML5, Backbone.js, JavaScript
  • Senior JavaScript Developer

    2013 - 2015
    • Developed a bug-reporting tool which can be displayed directly on the tested website.
    • Created and developed MyCrowd products.
    Technologies: Ruby, CSS3, HTML5, Backbone.js, JavaScript
  • JavaScript Developer

    2010 - 2013
    • Developed a system based on the Ext JS framework.
    • Created new features for existing apps.
    • Extended Ext JS with custom functionalities.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript, Ext JS
  • JavaScript Developer

    2009 - 2010
    Can’t Stop Games
    • Developed the graphical user interface of the game Tanadu using pure JavaScript (without external libraries).
    • Created customized libraries and optimized code.
    • Wrote adaptation code for browsers like Firefox, IE 7/8, Safari, and Chrome in order for the apps to run smoothly on multiple browsers.
    Technologies: CSS, HTML, Ajax, JSON, JavaScript
  • PHP Developer | Senior PHP Developer | Team Manager

    2006 - 2008
    Interactive Marketing Partner
    • Developed websites in PHP and PostgreSQL based on Jet.CMS.
    • Provided support for the Jet.Mail system.
    • Managed a team consisting of six people (one graphic designer, three PHP developers, and two testers).
    • Led, managed, and created projects for clients.
    Technologies: MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP


  • Tanadu

    This is a browser game that was built in pure JavaScript.

    Work Done:
    • Adapted the game to multiple browsers (Firefox, IE7/8, Safari, and Chrome).
    • Implemented new features.
    • Optimized the code.

  • Feedmill

    Feedmill allows us to manage feeds. It takes feeds from different sources and propagates them to websites. The application is based on an Ext JS framework.

    Work Done:
    • Developed the base of the Ext JS functionalities
    • Built some specific features such as managing the images (cropping, resizing) and so on.
    • Added custom drag-n-drop behavior.
    • Handled the state of the application (so that the user can see the same arrangement before they closed the browser).

  • Nicho

    A tool to collect, organize, and display content from the customers on the user's website.

  • MyCrowd

    A bug reporting tool which can be displayed directly on the tested website.

  • The TypingCat

    An online keyboard touch-typing tutor.

    Technologies: ES6, React, Redux, Redux Saga, Node.js, MySQL, Socket.io, HTML5, Stylus

  • System for Online Cryptocurrency Exchange

    For this project, I created the architecture and developed a system for digital asset exchange.

    Technologies: React, Redux, Redux Saga, Metamask, Web3.js, Smart Contract, Node.js, Socket.io, Jest, HTML5, Stylus


  • Languages

    ECMAScript (ES6), CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, Less, Solidity, Ruby
  • Frameworks

    Redux, Bootstrap, Ext JS, Jest, Next.js, React Native, Ruby on Rails (RoR), AngularJS
  • Libraries/APIs

    Marionette.js, Socket.IO, React, jQuery, Backbone.js, Redux-Saga, D3.js, Node.js, Web3.js
  • Tools

    Adobe Photoshop, Figma, MetaMask, Git, Stylus
  • Platforms

    iOS, MacOS
  • Storage

    MySQL, PostgreSQL, JSON
  • Other

    Ajax, Machine Learning, Smart Contracts, Styled-components


  • Completed Credits towards a Degree in Information Technology Management System and Design
    2007 - 2008
    Warsaw School of Economics - Warsaw, Poland
  • Master's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science
    2001 - 2006
    University of Wrocław - Wrocław, Poland

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