Plamen Terziev, iOS Developer in Sofia, Bulgaria
Plamen Terziev

iOS Developer in Sofia, Bulgaria

Member since August 20, 2014
Plamen is a software engineer and developer who specializes in front-end and back-end solutions. He has experience with iOS mobile native applications, C/C++ applications, and 2D/3D graphics and games. He is eager to learn and loves to work on challenging projects.
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Sofia, Bulgaria



Preferred Environment

Subversion (SVN), Git, Visual Studio, Xcode

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a 3D desktop application demonstrating different algorithms for surface subdivision.


  • CEO, Co-founder, and iOS Developer

    2016 - PRESENT
    Bitsfleet, Ltd.
    • Implemented WasHere app - Share and discover the secret marks around you.
    • Supported previous iOS projects in Swift and Objective-C.
    Technologies: Realm, Unity3D, OpenGL, Cocoa, iOS, Objective-C, Swift
  • Senior iOS Developer

    2014 - 2016
    Droxic, Ltd.
    • Implemented CalConvert Free: Metric, Currency and Unit Converter app.
    • Implemented Timer Free: Multiple Countdown + Reminder app.
    • Supported - Broadway Tickets, Videos, and News app.
    • Implemented a 2D game built using Unity.
    Technologies: Unity3D, Cocoa Touch, Objective-C, Swift
  • iOS Developer

    2015 - 2015
    Tombooks (via Toptal)
    • Ported an existing iPad app to Mac using OpenGL, Cocoa Touch, and web views.
    • Created scalable widgets to play with.
    Technologies: OpenGL, Cocoa, Objective-C
  • Senior iOS Developer

    2011 - 2014
    • Created a social iOS native application for managing and sharing recommendations with friends.
    • Supported and extended the iPhone and iPad versions of news reading applications.
    • Updated the iPad news reading application to support Retina display.
    • Integrated the iOS application with Newsstand.
    • Created an iOS video player component with ad support.
    Technologies: Core Data, RestKit, Core Animation, UIKit, iOS
  • Senior iOS Game Developer

    2011 - 2011
    Nexgen Development Group
    • Created 2D iPhone game for managing Pet Park.
    • Implemented game state persistence and server communication.
    Technologies: PlayHaven, Tapjoy, SQLite, UIKit, Cocos2d, C++, iOS
  • C++ Game Developer

    2010 - 2011
    Masthead Studios
    • Participated in development of a 3D MMORPG game in C++.
    • Worked on 3D game client and game engine using C++ and DirectX and game servers using C++.
    • Implemented asynchronous DirectX shaders compilation.
    • Profiled and optimized different aspects of the game client.
    • Implemented fast offline terrain light map generator.
    • Researched physics simulation synchronization over the network.
    Technologies: SQLite, PhysX, DirectX, Boost, C++
  • C++ Developer

    2010 - 2010
    Scopic Software
    • Participated in CAD desktop application for woodworkers using C++ and OGRE.
    • Worked on the core geometry engine used in the application.
    Technologies: Qt, OGRE, OpenGL, C++
  • C++ Developer

    2007 - 2009
    Scopic Software
    • Participated in a 3D application that is used by the dentists to mark margins on the teeth.
    • Supported and enhanced testing tool that determined if a child can swallow a toy. It included physic and collision simulations that used the Bullet Physics library.
    • Implemented drawing application prototype using a diffusion curves algorithm.
    Technologies: Bullet, OpenGL, C++
  • Java ME Developer

    2007 - 2007
    • Supported mobile games on new devices.
    • Integrated an ads platform in mobile games.
    Technologies: Java ME
  • C/C++ Developer

    2006 - 2007
    Opencode Systems
    • Participated in the core library used by all projects.
    • Created convenient C++ interfaces for some of the Linux C primitives.
    • Implemented unit tests for paths of existing classes.
    Technologies: Linux, Boost, C++, C


  • WasHere - Share and Discover the Secret Marks Around You

    Was Here is anonymous local sharing in a radius of 500 meters around you:
    • See what neighbors and people around you are up to
    • Share photos and videos or just text
    • Put your graffiti art into the cloud
    • Play scavenger hunt games
    • Discover exciting new things
    • Become a modern Kilroy

  • LoveThis

    LoveThis is an iOS native application for managing and sharing recommendations with friends. I've implemented almost the entire application with the following technologies: iOS, UIKit, Foundation, Core Data, Core Animation, and RestKit.

  • The Times of London for iPhone

    This is a news reading native application for iPhone, in which I implemented news downloading and offline mode support. I participated in all new features requested from the client.

  • Pet Park

    Pet Park is an iPhone 2D game for managing a park of pets using Cocos2D. I implemented many parts of the game engine, game play logic, and server communication.

  • Earthrise

    Earthrise is a 3D MMORPG game written in C++. I participated in various features for the client. I worked on the game servers and some of the tools such as the Model Editor and the World Editor.

  • SketchList 3D

    SketchList 3D is a 3D cabinet design software for both hobby and professional users. I participated in improving the core geometry engine and implementing different client features.

  • 3M™ Margin Marking Software

    This application was designed for ditching, die cutting, and model trimming of teeth and was integrated as part of the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. I implemented an algorithm for smoothing a 3D mesh while keeping the feature edges and an algorithm for finding feature edges on a 3D mesh.

  • Vouch

    Vouch runs a series of simulations using the top Toy Industry Standard Tests and toy 3D model to verify that toy is safe for use. I implemented various tests and participated in Bullet Physics integration.


  • Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, C, C++, HLSL, GLSL
  • Other

    Web Development, Game Development
  • Frameworks

    ZURB Foundation, Boost, Qt, Cocos2d, RestKit, UIKit, Core Data, PhysX, OGRE, Bullet, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, Unity3D
  • Libraries/APIs

    OpenGL, Standard Template Library (STL), Core Animation, PlayHaven, DirectX
  • Tools

    Subversion (SVN), Git, Microsoft Visual Studio, Xcode, Visual Studio
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Class-based OOP, Scrum, Design Patterns
  • Platforms

    MacOS, iOS, Windows, Linux, Tapjoy, Java ME
  • Storage

    Realm, SQLite


  • Master's Degree in Computer Graphics
    2009 - 2011
    Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2005 - 2009
    Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Sofia, Bulgaria

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