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Rafal Niski

Rafal Niski

Gdańsk, Poland
Member since February 16, 2014
Rafal is a talented Android developer with five years of professional experience, including custom apps created for companies such as Jagermeister and McDonald's. Among other things, he's an expert in networking, beacons, and location services.
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  • TravelBank
    RxJava, Dagger2, LiveChat, Sentry, MVP
  • TagStone
    RFID, RxJava, Dagger, Location Services, REST API, MVP
  • Inventrip
    Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon, RxJava, Dagger 2,
  • Java, 5 years
  • Android SDK, 5 years
  • iBeacon, 4 years
  • Unit Testing, 4 years
  • Android Studio, 3 years
  • Continuous Integration (CI), 3 years
  • RxJava, 3 years
  • Dagger 2, 3 years
Gdańsk, Poland
Preferred Environment
Android Studio, Git, Trello, OS X
The most amazing...
...application I've coded is a 3D visualization map for projecting SHP format files on the fly.
  • Senior Android Developer
    2017 - 2017
    • Created the module responsible for booking flight tickets.
    • Redesigned many design components and created many custom ones from scratch: f.ex. toolbar, flight seat selection, etc.
    • Created architecture based on the Model-View-Presenter and dependency injection framework.
    • Integrated LiveChat for customer service.
    • Fixed many performance issues related to views rendering.
    Technologies: RxJava, Dagger2, LiveChat, Sentry, MVP
  • Senior Android Developer
    2016 - 2017
    • Developed a tablet app for a telco company.
    • Added many features to the car fleet management app.
    • Worked on the architecture of the app from scratch.
    • Structured the app with MVP design pattern, Dagger2, and RxJava.
    • Integrated Bitrise as CI and Hiptest for automated testing.
    • Integrated RFID card scanning and REST API web services.
    Technologies: RFID, RxJava, Dagger, Location Services, REST API, MVP
  • Senior Android Developer
    2016 - 2016
    • Created cache architecture based on
    • Developed a background service for monitoring iBeacons.
    • Integrated Eddystone beacons into the service.
    • Refactored the codebase with RxJava and Dagger 2.
    Technologies: Bluetooth Low Energy, iBeacon, RxJava, Dagger 2,
  • Lead Android Developer
    2014 - 2016
    • Created a communication layer with Estimote Beacons.
    • Architected the app and developed new features in a startup environment.
    • Implemented material design and custom animations.
    • Kept a big focus on code quality. Used dependency injection and RxJava.
    • Established a build system with continuous integration, crash reporting, and test automation.
    Technologies: Android SDK, Estimote Beacons, Bluetooth Low Energy, Travis CI
  • Android Developer
    United Ideas
    2014 - 2014
    • Created many applications from scratch for clients such as McDonald's and Jagermeister.
    • Helped port iOS 7 apps to Android.
    • Fixed bugs as well as compatibility and efficiency problems in existing applications.
    • Created custom views for a range of devices.
    • Delivered products and supervised other developers in a team.
    Technologies: Android, Android Studio, Eclipse, Parse SDK, Google Analytics, AdMob
  • Software Engineer
    2012 - 2014
    • Developed an OpenGL driver for Intel’s GPUs in a Windows environment.
    • Profiled code, conducted static data analysis, fixed bugs, and addressed security issues.
    • Used Redmine for project management.
    • Ran daily Scrum stand-up meetings.
    Technologies: C++, C, OpenGL
  • Android Developer
    2012 - 2013
    • Developed an Android application for controlling weight systems.
    • Programmed interface enhancement for network parallel communication.
    • Developed a socket-based interface for hardware using broadcast and multicast techniques.
    • Adjusted the design for tablets and internationalization support.
    Technologies: Android API, Java, SVN
  • Zend Programmer
    Blue Services
    2011 - 2012
    • Developed back-end applications for some of the largest companies in the banking industry.
    • Developed a poll system with 3D visualization of results.
    • Designed and implemented the landing page.
    • Fixed multiple security issues.
    Technologies: Zend Framework, Elgg Framework, PostgreSQL, Git, JIRA
  • Programmer
    Wirtualna Polska
    2011 - 2011
    • Worked in a group of six people within a Scrum environment.
    • Developed a fully-functional CMS for creating template websites.
    Technologies: OO PHP, Oracle, SVN
  • TravelBank (Development)

    TravelBank is an expense app, powered by budgets. You can capture receipts on-the-go and track business expenses for reimbursement or tax purposes. I was responsible for creating a new feature for booking flight tickets.

  • Heal - On-demand Doctor Visits (Development)

    Heal is a Uber-like app for requesting doctors to your home. I implemented the new design, created a whole scheduling system in the app, and fixed issues before releasing the app to Google employees.

  • Everytap (Development)

    Everytap is a startup company that operates with Estimote Beacons. You can earn points for visiting your favorite venues. I was responsible for app architecture and development from scratch.

  • Amber (Development)

    Amber is a loyalty app which lets you earn and redeem points for the world's finest brands. I was responsible for implementing the whole app redesign, adapting it to RTL language and communication with the REST API.

  • McDonalds' Poland Official App (Development)

    I was responsible for developing unit tests and building the system for test automation.

  • Languages
    SQL, Java, Kotlin
  • Frameworks
    Android SDK, Dagger 2
  • Libraries/APIs
    RxJava, Facebook SDK, Mixpanel Android API, Parse SDK, Dropbox API, Twitter API
  • Tools
    Subversion (SVN), Eclipse IDE, Perforce, Git, Android Studio, Xcode
  • Paradigms
    Continuous Integration (CI), Model View Presenter (MVP), Unit Testing, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Functional Programming
  • Platforms
    Android, Windows, Oracle, Mac OS, Linux, iOS
  • Storage
  • Misc
    Bluetooth Low Energy/BlueZ stack, iBeacon, Google Material Design
  • Master of Science degree in Computer Science
    Gdansk University of Technology - Gdansk
    2009 - 2014
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