Rashid Wakileh, Software Developer in New York, NY, United States
Rashid Wakileh

Software Developer in New York, NY, United States

Member since December 15, 2014
Rashid is a passionate lead front-end engineer. He is an expert in test-driven development, and has extensive experience in leading teams to create software solutions. He enjoys using JavaScript frameworks and thoroughly testing all aspects of his code.
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New York, NY, United States



Preferred Environment

Sublime Text, WebStorm, Git, Linux, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've created is a front-end performance tracking system featuring code optimized for various types of Internet connections.


  • Lead JavaScript Engineer (Consultant)

    2014 - PRESENT
    • Led a team of JavaScript developers in an Agile development environment to build the next generation of products and services.
    • Designed, developed, and maintained a modular and test­-driven AngularJS framework used by feature-level teams to consolidate duplicate code and to enable a faster development environment.
    • Developed all code using Extreme Programming techniques including test-­driven development, pair programming in an open space, the Pomodoro technique, and daily stand­ups.
    • Helped the QA teams with development and setup of automation framework standards.
    • Collaborated across teams to improve process, design, and architecture.
    Technologies: RequireJS, Bootstrap, D3.js, Node.js, AngularJS, JavaScript
  • Front-end Lead Developer (Consultant)

    2013 - 2014
    • Led the development of a single-page application.
    • Set up the entire front-­end framework to include all the tools needed to help rapid development while maintaining integrity. Used RequireJS, Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor.
    • Designed the application’s RESTful APIs to be consumed by the front-­end framework.
    • Utilized HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), and Bootstrap to build cutting edge and responsive pages.
    Technologies: AngularJS, JavaScript
  • Senior Front-end Engineer

    2011 - 2013
    AOL Inc. (patch.com)
    • Developed and optimized the front-end framework using RequireJS, Handlebars.js, and Backbone.js, to maximize the user experience.
    • Designed and developed a front-end operations-based system allowing our front-end developers to pick and choose which elements and widgets are displayed on any given page based on user operation permissions.
    • Enabled the front-end framework along with the Play 2.0 framework (Scala) to set pages viewed to a “Push State” without additional work.
    • Wrote the application controllers in the Play 2.0 framework using Scala.
    • Kept track of platform performance from the end user perspective by collecting data from user browsers.
    • Tracked metrics including time to first byte, page load times, and bandwidth in order to optimize the code for various types of Internet connections.
    • Designed and developed a JavaScript module to escalate conduction of A/B testing across the entire site.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), Backbone.js, Handlebars, Scala, JavaScript


  • Front-end Performance Tracking System

    Kept track of platform performance from the end user perspective by collecting data from user browsers, including time to first byte, page load times, and bandwidth. Optimized the code for various types of Internet connections.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, HTML, SQL, PHP, Java, Ruby, C++, C, Scala, Less
  • Frameworks

    AngularJS, Bootstrap, Express.js, Protractor, Ionic, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Express.io, Redux, Jest, Play Framework
  • Libraries/APIs

    Underscore.js, jQuery, Backbone.js, RequireJS, AngularUI, D3.js, Handlebars, React, Socket.IO, Node.js
  • Tools

    Chrome Developer Tools, WebStorm, Bower, Grunt, Sublime Text, Adobe Photoshop, Karma, Git
  • Platforms

    Drupal, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS, Apache Kafka
  • Other

    Software Engineering, Software Development, Front-end, Front-end Development, WebSockets
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Unit Testing, Test Automation, Extreme Programming, REST
  • Storage

    Redis, MongoDB, Memcached, PostgreSQL, MySQL


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
    2001 - 2005
    Brigham Young University - Provo, Utah

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