Rasmus Nielsen, Full-stack Developer in Aarhus, Denmark
Rasmus Nielsen

Full-stack Developer in Aarhus, Denmark

Member since February 15, 2022
Rasmus is a passionate full-stack developer with 7+ years of professional experience in a wide range of businesses and domains. Having started coding at age 11, he considers programming a native language. Rasmus collaborates closely with stakeholders and teams to shape and scope projects for success. He takes ownership of all projects, applies strong analytical skills, and provides tangible solutions. Rasmus has served as a consultant, team lead, chief developer, and software architect.
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  • Makeable Aps
    Laravel, Team Leadership, Vue, MySQL
  • BookAclassic Ltd.
    Laravel, Agile Sprints, IT Project Management, Team Leadership, Vue, MySQL...
  • Makeable Aps
    JavaScript, Vue, Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Ionic 2, MySQL...



Aarhus, Denmark



Preferred Environment

MacOS, Ubuntu, PhpStorm, iTerm2, Slack, Git

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on reached users in 155+ countries and trained health professionals to reduce the risks of complications in childbirth.


  • Team Lead

    2019 - 2021
    Makeable Aps
    • Conducted project workshops with key stakeholders. Helped shape, scope, estimate, and write specifications for new projects.
    • Mentored and provided direction for developers on my team through appraisals, pair programming, and code reviews.
    • Oversaw the development of projects and maintained excellent communication with clients.
    • Participated in sales meetings, applicant interviews, and monthly status meetings with the CEO.
    • Architected and led the development of selected large-scale Laravel applications.
    Technologies: Laravel, Team Leadership, Vue, MySQL
  • Chief Developer

    2017 - 2020
    BookAclassic Ltd.
    • Set direction and grew the remote development team in a quickly expanding business.
    • Pioneered the onboarding and daily management of a new development team in Eastern Europe.
    • Launched a major redesign and overhaul of the entire platform.
    • Scaled the platform to operate successfully in 35 countries, 18 languages, and 14 currencies.
    Technologies: Laravel, Agile Sprints, IT Project Management, Team Leadership, Vue, MySQL, Stripe Connect, Stripe
  • Full-stack Developer

    2015 - 2019
    Makeable Aps
    • Conceptualized, built, and shipped 5-10 greenfield client projects.
    • Promoted an open-source culture and authored 25+ public Laravel packages.
    • Authored a suite of Vue.js UI components used internally across projects.
    • Introduced domain-driven design (DDD) principles and test-driven development (TDD) best practices.
    • Organized the local Laravel meetup group and hosted several events as a keynote speaker.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Vue, Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Ionic 2, MySQL, Domain-driven Design (DDD), Test-driven Development (TDD), Ionic
  • Software Developer

    2014 - 2016
    • Transformed the original WordPress website into a modern Laravel solution.
    • Rebuilt the existing booking system from the ground up.
    • Prepared the platform for large-scale internationalization.
    Technologies: PHP, WordPress, Laravel, MySQL


  • Video Streaming Learning Platform for Medical Professionals

    A global learning platform for birth doctors and midwives across the world. It's like a Netflix for medical professionals, with the ability to stream videos on-demand, complete online courses, and earn certificates. Users from 150+ countries can have their membership paid by their employers or create a personal subscription.

    I was the lead architect and developer on the project. The platform was built as a single-page application in Vue.js powered by a Laravel back office and REST API that connects with the front end and native mobile apps. The native apps were built by a separate mobile team.

  • Project Management Application for Ergonomic Lighting Company

    A custom-built project management application for a company specializing in ergonomic lighting solutions for hospitals and nursing homes. I was the sole developer and point of contact on the project, which was built as a single-page application in Vue.js powered by a Laravel back office and REST API.

    • Sales staff create quotes powered by an algorithm that calculates the hardware necessary to power added inventory.
    • Account managers use built-in drawing tools to place rooms and inventory on a floor plan.
    • Future plans include deploying light configurations to on-site controllers that control light fixtures and switches at the facility.

  • Temp Service Platform that Connects Employers with Job Seekers

    A platform that's like a Tinder for temp jobs, connecting employers with a temp workforce. I was the lead developer on the Laravel application built in Vue.js with a REST API that connects with the native mobile apps.

    • Employees "swipe yes" to jobs in the iOS and Android app.
    • Employers select matched employees in the web app.
    • Employees register hours worked in the app and get paid monthly through the payroll system integration.

  • Online Peer-to-peer Marketplace for Used Textbooks

    During my studies, I launched an online marketplace for students to buy and sell second-hand textbooks. I built this as a vanilla PHP project between 2012-2014, and it still runs today as a side project.

    • It uses a crowdsourcing approach to build up curriculums based on the information students submit when putting up ads.
    • Ads can be submitted using the smartphone-optimized web app to take photos and scan barcodes. Photos are scanned and analyzed to match the book to the correct title and edition.
    • Books can be purchased online using a credit card. Funds are held in escrow and automatically paid to the seller once the shipment has arrived and the buyer approves the books.
    • Every aspect of the platform is automated to the highest degree, requiring minimal customer support.


  • Languages

    PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Solidity, Python
  • Frameworks

    Laravel, Tailwind CSS, AngularJS, Laravel Spark, Bootstrap 3, PHPUnit, Laravel Mix, Angular, Express.js, Ionic 2, Yii 2, Ionic
  • Libraries/APIs

    Vue, REST APIs, Stripe API, Stripe Connect, Node.js, Stripe, D3.js, Pusher, OpenCV
  • Paradigms

    Test-driven Development (TDD), REST
  • Storage

    MySQL, Cloud Firestore, Google Cloud, Google Cloud Storage, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Other

    Software Architecture, Laravel Forge, Team Leadership, Domain-driven Design (DDD), IT Project Management, Agile Sprints, Workshop Facilitation, iTerm2, Software Consulting, CI/CD Pipelines, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), GitHub Actions, WebSockets
  • Tools

    Laravel Echo, Webpack, PhpStorm, Git, Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI, Slack
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Docker, WordPress, Firebase, Algolia, Ubuntu Linux, MacOS, Ubuntu


  • Certified Laravel Developer
    Laravel Certification Program

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