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Rauan Maemirov

Rauan Maemirov

Almaty, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan
Member since October 9, 2014
Rauan is a software engineer with over 8 years of experience. Throughout his career, he has designed and implemented innovative software products, both in technical and leadership roles. His current interests lie in distributed systems and data engineering. As part of his growth plan, he's learning Scala (Akka, Play framework) and exploring Apache Spark.
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    PHP, Zend Framework, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Memcached, RabbitMQ, jQuery...
    PHP, Zend Framework, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Redis, C, Sphinx, Cassandra...
    PHP, Zend Framework, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Hadoop, Apache Pig
  • PHP, 8 years
  • PostgreSQL, 7 years
  • RabbitMQ, 4 years
  • Zend Framework, 3 years
  • Cassandra, 2 years
  • Elasticsearch, 2 years
  • Laravel, 1 year
Almaty, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan
Preferred Environment
OS X, Linux, IntelliJ IDEA, Git
The most amazing...
...project I've worked on is a scalable distributed video platform.
  • CTO, Co-founder
    2012 - 2014
    • Built an application on Zend Framework 2 to ease maintainability and the overall development process. Reduced codebase complexity.
    • Used Elasticsearch and its powerful features to provide stable and easy-to-use product information storage, full-text search, filters, and analytics related to sold products.
    • Used a Mustache rendering engine for both server-side and client-side to help keep view templates "dry". Enabled rapid building of a clean front-end.
    Technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Memcached, RabbitMQ, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Mustache, Require.js
  • Co-founder
    2009 - 2012
    • Scaled the product by moving the application from a monolithic to a distributed service-oriented architecture.
    • Rewrote a balancing daemon in C to resolve availability issues caused by video view requests and player embeds.
    • Improved overall performance by moving heavyweight and minor tasks to queues and performing batch processing offline.
    • Redesigned the data layer, tuned PostgreSQL, and implemented a write-thru cache layer, resulting in a huge gain in performance and request latency.
    • Moved related video and keyword searches into Sphinx to improve search quality and reduce main database load.
    • Designed a Cassandra data layer and used it as a main storage system for all platform activity feeds and usage statistics, which resulted in the ability to scale the application horizontally.
    Technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Redis, C, Sphinx, Cassandra, RabbitMQ
  • CTO and Co-founder
    2008 - 2001
    • Used MVC and other architecture patterns (such as Domain Model, Repository, and Service) to help keep the code clean and to develop Agile application components.
    • Designed and built stat gathering features and an offline processing workflow for unique visitors, as well as a page views analytics tool for internal top ratings with the help of Apache Pig and DataFu.
    Technologies: PHP, Zend Framework, PostgreSQL, Memcached, Hadoop, Apache Pig
  • (Development)

    Developed the largest blogging platform in Central Asia. Managed the development and product team.

  • (Development)

    Designed the architecture of a video hosting service and developed the product.

  • (Development)

    Developed an eCommerce platform, assembled the team, and executed the vision.

  • Languages
    PHP, JavaScript, Python, Scala
  • Frameworks
    Zend Framework, Laravel, Akka
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, Puppet.js, RequireJS, Backbone.js, Pandas, Raphaël, Scikit-learn, React
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, MapReduce, Domain-driven Design, SOLID Principles, Agile Software Development, Concurrent Programming
  • Storage
    Memcached, MySQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Cassandra
  • Tools
    Nginx, Vagrant, RabbitMQ, IPython Notebook
  • Platforms
    Linux, Android
  • Bachelor’s (completed) degree in Computer Systems and Software Engineering
    2008 - 2009
    Suleyman Demirel University - Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Bachelor's (started) degree in Computer Systems and Software Engineering
    2004 - 2008
    Kazakh-British Technical University - Almaty, Kazakhstan
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