Ricardo José Fonseca de Oliveira Paulo, RESTful Microservices Developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ricardo José Fonseca de Oliveira Paulo

RESTful Microservices Developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Member since January 18, 2020
Ricardo is a software developer focused on Java frameworks with an increasing interest in JavaScript and functional programming. He graduated with a degree in software engineering from the University of Porto (Portugal). He's passionate about software architecture and the management of digital products. He's held positions in C++ development, Java and JavaScript web development, and as a digital product manager.
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Preferred Environment

MongoDB, SQL, React, JavaScript, Spring, Java

The most amazing...

...thing I have developed is a diagraming tool to correlate events of electrical networks.


  • Lead Full-stack Developer (Consultant)

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Provided a study on state-of-the-art human-machine interfaces applied to SCADA dashboards.
    • Designed and developed an Android/Xamarin prototype for a SCADA dashboard, integrated with real-time data using REST web-services.
    • Designed and developed an augmented reality module for Android that provides a georadar to locate electrical equipment integrated with Google Maps.
    • Designed and developed a generator and visualizer of diagrams of electrical networks using JointJS/JavaScript, integrated with a real-time environment through REST Services.
    • Developed a PL/SQL module to perform a long term load forecast of electrical equipment. The module uses the data of the previous years and exponential formulas to provide estimates of the required capacity for the following years.
    • Prototyped a weather forecast module to be integrated into geographic maps of electrical networks using Open Weather Map and OpenLayers (JavaScript).
    • Designed and developed a module to correlate real-time electrical equipment events using Kafka integrated with Apache Storm and a JavaScript diagramming front-end.
    • Developed a proof of concept using Java/Spring and Javascript/React for a tool to monitor the daily intake of calories.
    • Implemented web services to generate and collect data to be used in wine trading events, using a Node.js/JavaScript back end.
    Technologies: React, Node.js, Xamarin, SQL, Storm, Apache Kafka, JavaScript, Java
  • Technical Product Manager (Web and Mobile)

    2018 - 2020
    Seera (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
    • Designed a content management system to maintain holiday packages.
    • Conducted Scrum events, coached agile teams, maintained agile boards, and prioritized backlogs.
    • Managed the development and maintenance of native mobile applications (iOS and Android).
    • Created user stories of features on several platforms, including web and native mobile applications.
    • Defined KPIs, measured the impact of features and provided hypotheses to maximize the conversion rate (increase sales).
    • Elaborated multiple A/B tests to maximize the user experience and conversion rate using both web and mobile tools.
    • Created and analyzed conversion funnels aiming to maximize the sales.
    Technologies: Microservices, eCommerce, Web, Android, iOS
  • Technical Architect | Product Owner

    2014 - 2017
    Accenture (Bratislava, Slovakia)
    • Identified new requirements based on regular discussions with the clients.
    • Specified, refined, and documented multiple user stories.
    • Defined the high-level architecture of multiple web services to be consumed by third-parties.
    • Managed and prioritized the backlog items in the context of an Agile Scrum team.
    • Attended multiple scrum-based events with the development, maintenance, and test teams, providing them an explanation of the items and assisted them to estimate and refine the product backlog.
    • Reviewed, analyzed, and prioritized multiple production incidents.
    • Maintained both the functional and technical documentation of the projects.
    • Assisted the team during the development process to build the features as per client requirements, timely, and following high technical standards.
    • Drove the team to accomplish important KPIs, including having less than four "Priority-one Incidents" per year.
    Technologies: Web Services, TFS, Spring, SQL, Java
  • Lead Full-stack Developer

    2011 - 2013
    Accenture (Bratislava, Slovakia)
    • Developed multiple Java web applications for banking and telco industries most of them with a customer base in the order of hundreds of thousands.
    • Created multiple SOAP web-services to be consumed internally or by third-parties.
    • Defined multiple tables, views, and procedures of large scale Oracle databases in the context of an order management system of an internet service provider.
    • Supervised junior developers, performed code reviews, and solved countless bugs and incidents.
    • Created deployment plans for large installations (following the Waterfall model).
    Technologies: Liferay, Hibernate, SQL, JSP, Spring, SOAP, Web Services, Java
  • C++/Java Developer

    2010 - 2011
    Efacec (Portugal)
    • Created a complex heuristic, inspired on previously researched algorithms to allow the automatic generation of schematic diagrams of electrical networks.
    • Developed several Java (Swing) and C++ graphical components to represent diagrams, maps, and schematics of electrical networks.
    • Delivered a study to improve the user interaction intending to facilitate the drawing of diagrams of electrical networks.
    Technologies: Swing, Java, C++


  • Visualizer of Diagrams of Electrical and Water Networks

    A C++ based application to display geographic and schematic diagrams of electrical and water networks.

    It consists of a standalone windows application that provides a powerful tool to manage large scale electrical or water networks.

  • Customer Self-Service (Internet Service Provider)

    A Java-based web-application for consumers to consult, purchase and upgrade their products (internet, TV, and voice).
    The application contained multiple tools to engage the client, prevent churn, increase customer satisfaction and maximize operational efficiency.

  • Order Management System (Internet Service Provider)

    A PHP/Perl back-office application to support the helpdesk and customer services to deliver products to the client, including automated and manual processes.

    The tool consisted of an OMS with multiple queued processes, including automated tasks (such as activate phone lines or auto-request a mechanic) and manually performed steps (as approvals or contracts).

  • Tool to Correlate Events of Electrical Networks

    A Javascript front-end (JointJS) to define behaviors using diagrams, integrated with a powerful big data component using Kafka and Apache Storm.

    The tool allows operators of electrical networks to determine what should occur under certain circumstances. It can generate alarms or trigger actions in the event of certain conditions met, as defined in the diagrams.

    Ultimately, it aims to provide a tool that reacts quickly and efficiently to situations of danger or low efficiency in the network.


  • Languages

    Java, JavaScript, SQL, C++, Stored Procedure
  • Paradigms

    REST, Microservices
  • Storage

    Databases, MongoDB, Oracle PL/SQL, InfluxDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Stored Procedures
  • Other

    Graphs, Directed Acrylic Graphs (DAG), Web Services, RESTful Microservices, AWS, eCommerce, SOAP, Liferay
  • Frameworks

    Spring, Storm, JSP, Hibernate, Swing, PrimeFaces
  • Libraries/APIs

    Node.js, React, jQuery, RESTEasy, ODBC
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), iOS, Android, Web, Xamarin, Apache Kafka, Oracle, Microsoft
  • Tools

    TFS, Apache Tomcat, WildFly, Microsoft Visual C++


  • Master's Degree in Computer Sciences and Information Systems
    2005 - 2010
    University of Porto - Porto, Portugal


  • ENCE607.4x: Agile Leadership Principles
    University of Maryland

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