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Ricardo Melo

Ricardo Melo

Dublin, Ireland
Member since January 29, 2015
Ricardo has worked in a wide range of software development roles from Linux server administration and large cluster setup to application development. He has special interest in PHP-related technologies and frameworks as well as automation, and prides himself on his ability to communicate well and deliver timely products.
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  • DRI
    PHP, Linux, MySQL, Hadoop, Java, NoSQL, ZeroMQ
  • DRI
    Linux, PHP, Bash, Apache, MySQL, Postfix, LVS
  • Semplicity
    SEO, SEM
  • Linux, 17 years
  • PHP, 15 years
  • MySQL, 15 years
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • Team Mentoring, 10 years
  • Zend Framework, 6 years
  • Agile Software Development, 5 years
  • Symfony 2, 3 years
Dublin, Ireland
Preferred Environment
OS X, PhpStorm, Git
The most amazing...
...thing I've developed is a social network monitoring platform that did real-time stream processing, data enrichment, and filtering based on user settings.
  • CTO
    2007 - 2015
    • Designed and developed complex (mostly) web-based solutions.
    • Managed the development, systems, and project manager team.
    • Aligned the technical direction of the company with the business requirements.
    • Implemented solutions mostly based on PHP or Linux.
    • Designed, implemented and supported the cloud hosting offer.
    Technologies: PHP, Linux, MySQL, Hadoop, Java, NoSQL, ZeroMQ
  • Head of Linux Department/Consultant
    2006 - 2012
    • Led the team for Linux area and other open source technologies.
    • Led the development of the MindTheBox platform, a terminal server platform based on Linux.
    • Consulted on small- to large-scale Linux projects.
    • Managed projects for both systems implementation and development of applications.
    • Developed software both for desktop/server and web applications.
    • Researched new products and solutions with special emphasis in those that use Linux and open-source technologies.
    • Trained and conducted exams for Red Hat operations.
    Technologies: Linux, PHP, Bash, Apache, MySQL, Postfix, LVS
  • Partner
    2006 - 2010
    • Developed branding on the web, traffic growth, website UI, and advertising revenue.
    • Developed brand strategy and statistics systems.
    • Did strategic consulting, including the business plan and sales strategy development.
    • Advised and researched on SEM and SEO.
    Technologies: SEO, SEM
  • Consultant/PHP Programer
    2004 - 2006
    • Develop PHP-based applications.
    • Responsible for the XIC software platform (LAMP-based content management platform).
    • Did pre-sales mostly in web-related projects.
    • Developed a C++ application using ATL and WMI to monitor windows workstation resources.
    • Maintained and evolved the company's Linux-based systems.
    Technologies: PHP, C++, MySQL, HTML, CSS
  • System and Network Administrator
    2001 - 2004
    Instituto Superior Técnico
    • Maintained and evolved the systems, such as email, Web, and DNS.
    • Administrated the network.
    • Expanded the existing network in size and capacity.
    • Responsible for the maintenance of the department website as well as various web applications.
    • Ran the helpdesk for the department users.
    Technologies: Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Qmail, Bind, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Java
  • Developer
    1999 - 2004
    • Developed a few websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL.
    • Built a desktop application for an insurance company using C++.
    • Created a hosting platform with the administration interface based on webmin for a hosting company.
    • Ran the helpdesk for both Windows and Linux systems.
    • Solved hardware problems and computer upgrades.
    Technologies: Windows, Linux, PHP, C++, Perl, HTML, CSS, MySQL
  • Social Media Monitoring Platform (Development)

    Designed and built a social monitoring platform. The platform collected messages from social networks and process it, adding information about gender, location, language, etc. After the data enrichment, messages were filtered based on the user settings and analytic information was generated so that the user could see the insights on a web-based console.

  • Languages
    PHP, JavaScript, Java, C, Python
  • Frameworks
    Zend Framework, Twig, PHPUnit, Symfony 2
  • Libraries/APIs
    Facebook API, Twitter API, LinkedIn API, Google API, ZeroMQ, Puppet.js, Node.js
  • Tools
    Apache, PhpStorm, Eclipse IDE, SugarCRM, JIRA, Postfix, RabbitMQ, Chef, Ansible
  • Paradigms
    Agile Software Development
  • Platforms
    Linux, Android
  • Storage
    MySQL, Redis, Memcached, MySQL daemon, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Other
    Team Mentoring
  • Licenciate (equivalent to a Bachelor of Science) degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering
    1997 - 2003
    Instituto Superior Técnico - Lisbon/Portugal
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