Richard Garand

Richard Garand

Calgary, AB, Canada
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Richard Garand

Richard Garand

Calgary, AB, Canada
Member since October 22, 2013
Richard specializes in performance and scalability. He has helped to design, implement, and maintain server systems handling millions of users per month. When you need a 10x or 100x improvement in performance, he is ready to step in. Throughout his work, he aims to teach both managers and other developers exactly what's going on and how they can think about it in a more effective way. His experience primarily covers Linux, MySQL, and PHP.
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  • JavaScript, 15 years
  • MySQL, 15 years
  • PHP, 15 years
  • Linux, 14 years
  • CakePHP, 7 years
  • Drupal, 5 years
  • MongoDB, 2 years
  • Laravel, 1 year
Calgary, AB, Canada
Preferred Environment
PhpStorm on Windows + Linux/Nginx server
The most amazing...
...change I've seen is an 8x improvement in performance after updating a few lines of code.
  • Founder, Lead Developer
    Garand Webtech Inc
    2006 - PRESENT
    • Created PHP/JavaScript applications.
    • Helped clients translate general ideas into specific, prioritized requirements.
    • Led development teams.
    • Planned architecture for scalable, high-performance systems.
    • Integrated workflow planning with external designers' work to create an attractive and usable end result.
    • Managed projects (including internal team, clients' tasks, and external partners) to avoid overruns.
    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, Drupal
  • Using Memcached and Varnish to Speed Up Your Linux Web App (Other amazing things)

    A video course produced for Pluralsight, teaching developers and system administrators how they can use simple caching tools and techniques to massively increase scalability and performance of any application or website.

  • Dental Practice Pro (Development)

    Set up back-end and database systems for a SaaS application serving large dental offices. Led changes to the data architecture and complex daily data loading operations to increase performance and scalability, allowing the application to grow from the initial prototype to serving hundreds of offices without performance issues.

  • Brock University (Development)

    A Drupal installation with deep customizations to support special editing requirements at a large university. Also managed performance testing and initial server configuration for 10M monthly visitors.

  • Confederation College (Development)

    Managed deployment of a large-scale Drupal site covering all web needs for a college. Set up Varnish-based caching to increase scalability for millions of visits per month.

  • Modern Guild (Development)

    An online platform based on Drupal where college students can purchase access, take assignments, have them reviewed, schedule meetings, and have video conferences with experienced mentors in their chosen industries.

  • Enrollment Analytics Research System (Development)

    Created an integrated survey and reporting system. The survey part includes customized functionality required to do national-level market research (tuned to allow inviting 30-50,000 respondents in one batch). The interface is set up to be very visual and easy to use, so that external users can create surveys as part of future plans. The reporting system allows the results of these surveys to be accessed in real-time with user-created reports, allowing clients to get immediate access to their data. This required translating databases in the tens of millions of rows into a suitable format for quickly generating any report you can imagine.

  • Languages
    PHP, SQL, JavaScript
  • Platforms
    Drupal, Linux, Windows
  • Storage
    MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached
  • Frameworks
    CakePHP, Laravel
  • Misc
    Web Scalability, Performance Tuning, Back-end Performance, Caching
  • Libraries/APIs
  • Tools
  • Bachelor's of Science with Distinction degree in Computer Science
    University of Regina - Regina, SK, Canada
    2002 - 2006
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