Richard Krajcoviech, Optimization Developer in Bratislava, Slovakia
Richard Krajcoviech

Optimization Developer in Bratislava, Slovakia

Member since January 16, 2018
Richard has a Ph.D. in Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence and distributed processing. He is excellent in designing and optimizing complex algorithms. Throughout his career, he has applied his algorithm and optimization skills in different IT and non-IT areas. Richard is customer oriented with very good business sense and effective communication. He combines 15 years of experience in global corporations with a scientific background.
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Bratislava, Slovakia



Preferred Environment

Code::Blocks, GCC, Visual Studio

The most amazing...

...think I've worked on was a new algorithm for solving NP complete problems.


  • C++ developer

    2018 - 2018
    • Participated in the development of a multi-platform static library for a client application in C++.
    • Created API requests and processing of responses in JSON.
    • Tested the library using Google test framework. Each implementation was accompanied with the appropriate tests immediately.
    Technologies: GCC, Data Structures, Visual Studio, Linux, Agile, C, Algorithms, User Requirements, VPN, JSON, Google Test (GTest), C++
  • Product owner / Leader of developers

    2015 - 2017
    Zurich Insurance
    • Acted as the product owner for a BI project. The project was about development of a system for collection of data from all business units worldwide, assurance of their quality, consolidation into single data warehouse, calculation of data marts and presentation fo charts and dashboards to the users.
    • Closely collaborated with the developers on the architecture of the system and optimal solutions of the user requirements.
    • Analyzed user requirements and prepared specifications for the developers in agile way (user stories).
    • Managed product backlog to balance delivered business value and the development effort. As result, a well defined core has been implemented first, with possibility to expand as needed.
    • Performed user testing of developed system units, when a user story has been implemented.
    • Led a team of Java developers working on a Hadoop solution for processing big data generated by the corporation worldwide into business insights presented in charts and dashboards.
    Technologies: Data Structures, Workflows, Optimization, Agile, SQL, Certified Scrum Master, Scrum, User Requirements, Hadoop, Java, Informatica PowerCenter, MicroStrategy, IBM DB2, Jira
  • Head of Compliance and AML Officer (MLRO) with International Oversight

    2014 - 2015
    VUB Asset Management (Intesa Sanpaolo group)
    • Role of compliance is to support business with a bottom-line enhancement to profitability and long-term sustainability by risk-based assessing of and advice on compliance and reputation risks. Any material emerging risk and corrective actions should be solved with as little escalation as possible.

I was accountable for Compliance, AML and Data protection areas (GDPR) in the VUB Asset Management, which is a HUB of Eurizone asset management companies in Central and Eastern Europe and I oversee and guide my colleagues in the same role in the subsidiaries.

    • The total Assets under Management are over EUR 2,5 billion and growing, including EUR 1,3 billion managed by the subsidiaries. The companies manage both UCITS and alternative investment funds.

    • Responsible for identification, evaluation, management and effective reduction (not avoidance) of compliance risks, monitoring of new legislation, evaluation of new products and processes, advising of corporate bodies, compliance testing and monitoring, proposing measures for prevention of regulatory sanctions, communication with regulators.
    • Responsible for the AML processes and measures in the company.
Oversight of the above for the subsidiaries and distributors in the other countries.
    Technologies: Microsoft Excel, Workflows, BPM, Data Protection, AML, GDPR
  • Re-engineering

    1999 - 2008
    Alico AIG Life
    • Improved operational efficiency of all departments in the insurance company in cooperation with the future users by identification of excel reporting most suitable and beneficial for automated reporting generated from production data, The focus was on simple system with big efficiency impact.
    • Improved operation efficiency in cooperation with the future users by design and implementation of new system for semi-automatic producing administrative letters to customers. The focus was on simple system with big efficiency impact.
    • Managed a project of change from former local currency to Euro. This was an important business-critical project with legally defined deadline: late delivery was simply not an option. The project team consisted of 21 department heads and most of them had a couple of specialists participating in the project. The project affected all 200 employees, 400,000 clients, 600 captive agents, 60 independent agents, and all vendors. The scope of the project covered all phases from analysis of the legislation and participation in National Bank committee for insurance through impacts analysis, scope definition, solution design, development, testing, and deployment up to regular usage. As a project manager, beside compliance tasks I did all management tasks, including scope definition,.
    • Managed project of Document management system implementation in three countries. The system improved operational efficiency and improved company disaster recovery plan by allowing simple backup of all document. This project took 3 years. Management of the project covered scope definition, project plan, establishing of project requirements, priorities and deadlines, project monitoring, issue resolution, risk mitigation, management of involved teams, regular status meetings and status reporting. Scope of the project included getting approval from local, regional and US management, business case preparation, submission and approval, user requirements analysis, RfP preparation, vendor selection and vendor negotiations, development, testing and deployment. The system is still used without adjustments and is core to company operations.
    Technologies: Microsoft Excel, AS/400, Data Structures, Workflows, BPM, Optimization, IBM DB2, User Requirements, SQL
  • Researcher

    1992 - 1999
    Slovak University of Technology
    • Developed a novel optimization of NP complete algorithms, specifically graph 3-coloring algorithm. The results have been published in the Artificial Intelligence Journal of Elsevier Science and on US biannual artificial intelligence conference in Fort Lauderdale..
    • Analyzed and summarized state of the art in the are of solving NP-complete problems (genetic algorithms, other randomized algorithms, taboo search, etc.).
    • Researched and analyzed various algorithms for solving of the NP complete problems and their efficiency.
    • Performed extensive performance evaluation of the designed algorithm, (thousands of runs with different parameters), statistical processing of the results and visual presentation of them.
    • Wrote a scientific paper and prepared presentations describing the algorithm.
    Technologies: Microsoft Excel, GCC, Genetic Algorithms, Data Structures, Optimization, Agile, Algorithms, Optimization Algorithms, NP-complete Problems, C++, C


  • Invention of new Algorithm for Solving NP-complete Problems (Development)

    Design and development of new algorithm for solving NP-complete problems. The new algorithm has been published in the Artificial Intelligence Journal of Elsevier Science and presented on 5th International Symposium on
    Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics.

  • Optimization of Screen Resolution Transformation for ATARI Computer (Development)

    Design and development of driver that allowed displaying of virtual black&white screen with higher resolution on lower resolution color monitor by real-time transformation of the B&W image to grade of shade. Significant challenge was limited computing power of Motorola 68k processor (no BITBLT included), so the driver had to be extremely efficient and sophisticated, to not affect performance of actual programs running on the computer.

  • C++ Multiplatform Library for Client Communication With Server (Development)

    The project was developing a static library in C++ and using GTest. The library was intended for client applications on many platforms to allow communication with the server using API and JSON. I was in the role of developer. The design was used was focused on clean, lightweight objects with callbacks.


  • Languages

    C, C++, SQL, Python, Lisp, R, Prolog
  • Tools

    Microsoft Excel, Visual Studio, GCC, Informatica PowerCenter, Jira, Code::Blocks
  • Paradigms

    Scrum, Agile, Waterfall Development
  • Other

    BPM, Workflows, User Requirements, Algorithms, Optimization, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Scrum Master, Optimization Algorithms, MicroStrategy, GDPR, AML, Data Protection, Data Structures, Genetic Algorithms, Parsers, NP-complete Problems
  • Frameworks

    Hadoop, Google Test (GTest)
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Platforms

    AS/400, Linux
  • Storage



  • Ph.D. in Computer Science
    1992 - 2000
    Slovak University of Technology - Bratislava, Slovakia


  • Product owner
    JULY 2015 - PRESENT
    Internal Zurich Insurance Company
  • Scrum master
    MAY 2015 - PRESENT
    Interanl to Zurich Insurance Company

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