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Richard Peter Lewis

Richard Peter Lewis

Swansea, United Kingdom
Member since January 29, 2014
Richard has twenty years' experience writing software for both commercial (consultancy) clients and for research projects aligned with his current employment as a researcher at Swansea University. He recently completed a PhD in energy metering systems, and is looking for potential avenues to apply a wide variety of skills.
Richard is now available for hire
  • Visual Basic, 16 years
  • C, 10 years
  • Linux, 10 years
  • C#, 8 years
  • Java, 5 years
Swansea, United Kingdom
Preferred Environment
Linux, Windows, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Subversion
The most amazing...
...project I've delivered was a responsive floor that identifies people by the pressure under their feet.
  • Senior Technology Transfer Fellow
    2006 - PRESENT
    Swansea University
    • Researched, designed, and developed electronic and electrical systems for power conversion.
    • Created an industrial power metering network connected to a cloud data store.
    • Built an Android application framework to interface directly with medical research equipment.
    • Developed research-grade platforms for data collection and analysis in real time.
    • Programmed web services for distribution of segmented datasets from large 100M+ record databases.
    • Designed and developed a system for the collection of environmental conditions from multiple remote sites using C# client software and web services.
    Technologies: Electronic Systems, Linux, C, Embedded C, C#, C++, SQL, VBA, Java, PHP
  • Hardware and Software Engineer
    2008 - 2017
    Twisted Spring Design
    • Created MS Windows service applications to upload filtered data from MS Office and other documents to PHP-based web services.
    Technologies: Electronic design through to web services, PCB, RISC, x86, MODBUS, PHP. C#
  • Technical Director
    2009 - 2012
    MyWebEdge, Ltd.
    • Developed an automated site creation tool for the web development team to produce entire web applications from Subversion repositories of template sites.
    • Built multiple virtualization platforms for hosting of web services within multiple data centers in the USA and Europe.
    • Created front-end JavaScript/AJAX-driven web components for interaction design of clients' products on their public-facing websites.
    • Programmed Windows service applications to extract data from MS Office documents on network file systems and push the data to web services to display stock information on websites.
    • Managed 100+ domains for clients including email, cloud storage, and web services.
    Technologies: Dedicated Server Provisioning, PHP, C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Database Systems Developer
    2005 - 2005
    Pitney Bowes, Inc.
    • Created an application using VBA within MS Access to extract data from multiple corporate intranet websites where direct access to the underlying databases were not available.
    • Built a VBA harness to use COM access to MS Internet Explorer as a dynamic help viewer based on generated HTML from MS Access tables.
    • Performed a full software audit of 4000+ corporate Windows workstations using WMI to extract installed applications.
    • Developed automated schedulers to track movement of portable corporate workstations by using installed client software as a unique identifier.
    • Supported multiple groups within the enterprise to facilitate gathering of licencing requirements for the entire corporate envelope.
    Technologies: VBA, SQL, WMI, COM, HTML
  • Languages
    C#, SQL, Java, C, Embedded C, WSDL, C++, Python, PHP, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), SAS, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Prolog, Machine Code, Perl, VHDL
  • Paradigms
    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Data-driven Programming, Dataflow Programming
  • Platforms
    Linux, Windows Server, Android, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu, Windows 7, Joomla
  • Storage
    MySQL, FlatFile, InnoDB, JavaDB, LVM, Microsoft SQL Server, MyISAM, Database Performance, MariaDB
  • Frameworks
    ASM, .NET, Symfony, CakePHP, Linux OpenSuSe
  • Tools
    MATLAB, LaTeX, Autodesk Inventor, Blender, Adobe Illustrator
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, MooTools, SharePoint API, Windows API
  • PhD degree in Engineering
    2008 - 2012
    Swansea University - Swansea
  • Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science Joint Degree
    2001 - 2006
    Swansea University - Swansea, UK
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