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Robert Botchek, PHP Developer in Brookfield, United States
Robert Botchek

PHP Developer in Brookfield, United States

Member since January 30, 2016
Rob is a proven entrepreneur and executive who remains a technologist at heart. He has founded and exited three successful startups. Over 35+ years, he has built wildly successful products spanning application, system and client-server software, web UI, back-end and APIs, databases, embedded systems, custom ICs, hardware, and large-scale FPGAs.
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  • APIs, 20 years
  • Architecture, 20 years
  • PHP, 10 years
  • Databases, 10 years
  • Ruby, 5 years
  • Git, 5 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 5 years
  • AngularJS, 2 years
Brookfield, United States



Preferred Environment

OS X, Ruby, RoR, JavaScript, Postgres, Git

The most amazing...

...startup I launched single-handedly brought in over $1 million in sales in its first year.


  • Web Developer

    2018 - PRESENT
    Engine Stores
    • Built a custom gateway to integrate the client's retail sales through Amazon with their existing Fuse5-based auto parts/sales infrastructure.
    • Integrated with Amazon MWS. The gateway receives orders from Amazon and forwards them to Fuse5.
    • Integrated with Fuse5 APIs. The system regularly queries Fuse5 for inventory updates and forwards that information to Amazon, taking into account pending orders so inventory can never be over-sold.
    • Built an automatic exception identification and reporting so the system never "quietly" eats/hides a customer problem.
    • Created and managed the VPS hosting environment, a DigitalOcean droplet.
    Technologies: RoR, Postgres, Git, Amazon MWS, Fuse5 APIs
  • Web Developer

    2017 - PRESENT
    Digital Intelligence
    • Developed a new website from scratch, including all front-end UI/UX/design and back-end/database.
    • Provided full eCommerce support with a highly customized version of Solidus (Spree), Stripe integration, and shipment/rating integration.
    • Created a bespoke ticketing system. Worked with all departments to identify needs, then built the system and workflows so the entire company now operates using this single, integrated ticket system.
    • Identified/analyzed and implemented a number of business process improvements (e.g., automated customer quoting system).
    • Provided back-end integration with the comany's existing accounting system.
    Technologies: RoR, Postgres, Git, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Consultant

    2014 - PRESENT
    Passware, Inc.
    • Architected and implemented database and processing to consolidate/normalize revenue reporting across multiple, international systems and sources.
    • Built the in-house web UI allowing employees to query and interact with data in the back-end.
    • Integrated data linkages with multiple APIs and services including Quandl, SmartyStreets, Xero, Freshbooks, Cleverbridge, Element5, and Digibuy.
    • Successfully managed communication and integration across a nine time zone gap with the client.
    Technologies: Ruby, RoR, Web APIs, VPS, Apache, Passenger, Postgres, PHP/MySQL
  • Member of the Board of Advisors

    2013 - PRESENT
    PIC Wire & Cable
    • Reviewed company financial performance, competitive position, and macro-economic factors.
    • Reviewed management progress on strategic initiatives (scorecard).
    • Advised the company on strategic business decisions including acquisitions and major new product development initiatives.
    Technologies: Board Member
  • Consultant

    2011 - PRESENT
    Hypothium, LLC
    • Built a web application for the management of competitive scholastic chess clubs including stats-based rating algorithms with models based on those used by the US Chess Federation.
    • Built a web application for the categorization and tracking of business acquisition targets for an aerospace and defense company.
    • Built tools and processes to migrate customer and accounting information between cloud services for a chain of fitness studios in Germany.
    Technologies: LAMP stack, Ruby/RoR, Digital Ocean VPS
  • Back-end Developer

    2016 - 2017
    Toptal Client
    • Worked with the client's back-end "payments" team on bug fixes and feature enhancements.
    • Came up to speed and was productive almost immediately even though the client's team described the code base as having "befuddled" and "confused" other engineers.
    • Implemented numerous and wide-ranging features with full test coverage.
    • Architected and implemented a larger enhancement creating the ability to view end customer accounts "longitudinally" (e.g., transactions and behavior over time).
    Technologies: RoR, Postgres, Git, GitHub, HTML, CSS
  • President/Architect and Technical Lead

    2003 - 2011
    Tableau, LLC
    • Founded and presided over Tableau from inception to the sale of the business in 2010. $12+ million exit.
    • Recruited all personnel, including engineering, sales and marketing, and operations.
    • Led architecture. Selected hardware/software architecture, components, and product/development strategies.
    • Spearheaded hands-on engineering spanning circuit design (schematic capture and PCB layout, FPGA development), ARM7 embedded firmware development, and C/C++/Visual Studio/Qt for host-side applications.
    • Architected and led the implementation of the company website using Apache/PHP/MySQL.
    • Enhanced the website for full I18n across six languages in support of international marketing/sales efforts. Quarterly I18n content refreshes.
    Technologies: ARM7, FPGA, Custom Hardware for High-speed I/O, C/C++, Visual Studio, Qt
  • Consultant

    1999 - 2003
    Granite Digital
    • Architected and implemented several generations of high-speed I/O "bridge boards" to enable the client to enter a new product segment.
    • Used ARM7 development tools to implement custom firmware.
    • Developed host-side firmware-update utilities on OS X and Windows platforms.
    • Developed OS X application to provide value-added functionality and differentiation for the hardware.
    • Built the in-house web application to enable software key generation for the above OS X application.
    Technologies: C/C++/Obj-C, OS X, Cocoa, Quartz, Visual Studio/C/C#, ARM7, Embedded Hardware
  • Consultant

    1999 - 2000
    Wind River Systems
    • Contracted to build the top-to-bottom, embedded USB driver stack for VxWorks.
    • Architected and documented system for sale/deployment to WindRiver customers.
    • Implemented ~40k lines of working, tested C code in ~10 months. Two months ahead of original project schedule. ~$300k fixed-fee engagement.
    Technologies: VxWorks, C, Embedded Systems
  • Consultant

    1994 - 1997
    Canon Information Systems
    • Led the architecture for Canon's Multipass (multi-function printer/scanner/fax) host software team.
    • Implemented Windows VxD and other driver-level components to enable communication with Canon MFD connected via IEEE 1284 interface.
    • Architected and implemented distributed client-server system to allow intra-office sharing of network-enabled Canon MFD systems.
    • Designed database back-end for a networked, client-server system.
    • Desiged reuable code model allowing common code to be shared across Win32, Netware, and embedded execution environments.
    Technologies: Micosoft C, Win32, Novell Netware, API
  • VP Engineering

    1984 - 1993
    Trantor Systems, Ltd.
    • Co-owned and served as VP Engineering until company sold in 1993. $10 million exit.
    • Provided hands-on leadership/management of the engineering organization developing custom hardware and hard disk and CD-ROM device drivers for DOS, Windows 95, OS2, AIX, etc.
    • Personally developed or oversaw the development of SCSI host adapters and related software with sales run rate of ~25ku/month in 1993.
    • Architected and successfully implemented 3 ASICs.
    • Oversaw most business development and contract negotiation with key customers and vendors.
    • Filed mMultiple patents. Listed as inventory on one granted patent.
    Technologies: C, x86 and Z80 Assembly Language, OrCAD Schematic Capture, Xilinx FPGA


  • H2O (Development)

    I love technology. As a hobby, I built a system to monitor the water level in our Christmas tree. A RoR application on my personal VPS accepts sample data from a Raspberry Pi-powered sensor. A small iOS application retrieves current sensor data from the server and displays it on my phone.


  • Other

    Architecture, APIs, Specs, Ruby Gems, AJAX, Embedded Systems, Device Drivers, SSH, FPGA, i18n, Freshbooks, ARM, Encryption, TCP/IP
  • Languages

    Regex, PHP, Bash, HTML, Verilog, XML, C++, Ruby, HTML5, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, Assembly
  • Frameworks

    AngularJS, Ruby on Rails (RoR), ASP.NET Web API
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, Devise, Google API
  • Tools

    QuickBooks, GitHub, RubyMine, Microsoft Excel, Bitbucket, RSpec, TextMate, Git, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, bzr, Xcode
  • Paradigms

  • Platforms

    Raspberry Pi, DigitalOcean, Mac OS, Firefox, iOS
  • Storage

    Databases, JSON, MySQL, PostgreSQL


  • Coursework towards a degree in EECS + Material Science
    1986 - 1987
    UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA
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