Robert Lujo, Ajax Developer in Croatia
Robert Lujo

Ajax Developer in Croatia

Member since October 3, 2013
Robert has worked as a freelancer since 1997. He has completed numerous projects of various sizes in a variety of domains. He has found success in many roles including lead developer, architect, project manager, and DB admin. He values proactivity, a thorough understanding, and solid solutions.
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Preferred Environment

Bash, Git, Vim Text Editor, OS X

The most amazing...

...thing I've ever created is a morphological, inflectional, and lemmatization engine for the Croatian language.


  • Co-owner, Director

    2011 - PRESENT
    Lujo & Lujo d.o.o.
    • Managed the entire software product delivery process from sales to product support.
    • Created a specialized application for the monitoring, remote configuring, and upgrading of smart house systems.
    • Developed web services for an insurance company for integration with other legacy systems in their trusted network.
    • Built a public social web application featuring a registry of famous people, including names and surnames.
    Technologies: Python, Django
  • Senior Software Engineer, Project Manager

    2011 - 2013
    Adacta d.o.o.
    • Worked as a freelancer on two software products for insurance businesses that were installed in several insurance companies. Adapted and extended the products.
    • Designed and implemented the core of a commission system for a big insurance company. Directed further development of the system.
    • Established a new development system, greatly increasing the productivity of the team. Improved all phases, including initial setup, build, merge, automatic deployment, and DB migration.
    • Worked as project manager for the implementation of a product for an insurance company.
    • Established and served as admin for a code review system featuring CI with unit testing and integration with the deployment system.
    Technologies: SQL, Java, Python, C#
  • Head of Development, Project Manager

    2002 - 2011
    Eu Informatika d.o.o.
    • Built a team of engineers.
    • Created a software project management system.
    • Implemented a quality assurance system.
    • Created a web framework for pluggable applications using Django.
    • Created a mini-OLAP reporting web application.
    • Implemented a message broker web system.
    • Created a web application for multimedia mobile marketing.
    • Implemented a management web application for distributed long running processes.
    • Implemented a public web application for tracking work time.
    • Migrated an existing enterprise application product to a new development platform which involved the creation of a Django model generator for all enterprise application database tables.
    Technologies: Visual Basic 6 (VB6), SQL, C, Django, Python
  • Developer

    2001 - 2002
    Combis d.o.o.
    • Led training on "Security in Public Network" including secured protocols, SSL, HTTPS, SSH, cryptography, signing, encryption, authentification, PK infrastructure (CA, certificates), etc.
    • Created a VoIP pilot application using Cisco VoIP phones and Java.
    • Developed using the Java stack, including web, JEE (JEE, EJB, IBM WebSphere app. server, etc.), standard edition, Swing, RPC, JMS, and more.
    • Created a light ORM for unit test mocking with an API compatible with EJB.
    Technologies: Java
  • Lead Developer

    1998 - 2000
    Sunce Osiguranje d.d.
    • Implemented a new enterprise information system in the company. Promoted to technical project leader. Brought the system to production, working with all aspects of the system.
    • Customized the enterprise system, developed specialized applications, and reported on the demand of other company departments.
    • Promoted to lead engineer after the IT department was joined by new members. Was responsible for problem analysis, solution design, project management, testing, and deployment. Introduced new team members to the system, including training and mentoring.
    • Performed IBM DB2 database administration.
    Technologies: AWK, SQL, Excel VBA, C++, C
  • Developer

    1997 - 1998
    Koncar - INEM d.d.
    • Performed basic system administration.
    • Handled technical analysis and documenting.
    • Developed specialized applications.
    Technologies: Clarion
  • Student

    1996 - 1997
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
    • Volunteered in the Department of Computer Systems and Processes (RASIP). Worked on various projects mainly related to designing and analyzing embeddable digital components (microprocessors, programmable logic devices, printed circuit boards) and low-level system programming.
    • Created a video digitizer ISA card and software GUI application (input - analog B/W video signal, output - digitalized picture in levels of gray).
    Technologies: Assembler, C
  • student

    1992 - 1993
    Dubrovnik High School, Croatia
    • Developed a simple student information system (volunteered) first released in Pascal and later rewritten in Clipper.
    Technologies: dBASE, Clipper, Pascal


  • text-hr - Morphological/Inflection/Lemmatization Engine for Croatian language

    "text-hr" is a Morphological, Inflectional, and Lemmatization engine for Croatian language written in Python. It includes a Part-Of-Speech tagging engine (POS tagging) based on an inverse inflection algorithm for detection and a list of stop-words.

  • text-sentence - text segmentation library (word, sentence)

    A text segmentation library featuring a tokenizer, sentence splitter, etc.

    Input: text, list of known names and abbreviations. Output: list of tokens. Each token has a type as well as other attributes (i.e. is word, is number, is roman number, is sentence end, is abbreviation, is name, is contraction, is end of chapter, etc.).

  • permset - simple utility script to manage \*nix file and directory permissions

    Simple standalone utility script to manage \*nix permissions on file and directory trees based on patterns.

    Common workflow:
    1. Calculate permission patterns (permset), save them to root/.permset (permset --save).
    2. Compare current permissions with saved patterns (permset), if any difference found, apply patterns (permset --set) or overwrite existing patterns with new ones (permset --save).

  • Mobile Interaction System (MIS)

    An integrated system for mobile marketing. Unifies messaging and campaigning functionality.

  • System for running and monitoring long running processes

    A solution we developed because we couldn't find an adequate existing solution.

  • System for messaging and alerting

    An application for centralized monitoring and alert-notification in IT Environment. I maintained and controlled all necessary aspects of notification delivery. The system is comparable to Sentry ( but is simpler, less robust, and a few years older.

  • Public web application for work time tracking

    An application for work time tracking featuring free registration and a focus on usability and simplicity.

  • Management application for remote configuring of smart house systems

    A specialized application for monitoring, remote configuration, and upgrading of smart house systems. It was written in Python, Django, and partly in Adobe Flex.

  • Reached top 200 on

    I have been learning Clojure in my spare time. In July of 2013, I reached the top 200 list on

  • StackOverflow - collected over 1000 reputation points in short period of time

    Answered questions on StackOverflow and acquired over 1000 reputation points in approximately 4 days.

  • Creating ORM systems and contributing adapters for Python/* ->IBM DB2

    Several ORMs that I have implemented, with the last two inspired by Django ORM. I created a DB2 SQLAlchemy adapter, Django adapter, and updated an OSS Python DB2 adapter to allow me to work with Python/Django/SQLAlchemy despite lack of support from IBM DB2. IBM later invited me to join a development team working to create official adapters for the three technologies.

    - SQLAlchemy adapter for DB2:
    - Django adapter for DB2:
    - Contribution to South:
    - Contribution to official IBM DB2 Python, Django, SQLAlchemy adapters:
    - Contribution to unofficial pPython db2 adapter:


  • Languages

    Python, C, SQL, CSS, Bash, Visual Basic, AWK, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6 (VB6), Excel VBA, Clarion, Assembler, Pascal, Clipper, dBASE, C#, Java, Ruby, Go, Clojure, C++
  • Frameworks

    Django, Adobe Flex, Bootstrap, Flask
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, wxWidgets, SQLAlchemy
  • Tools

    Subversion (SVN), Trac, Git, Crucible, Vim Text Editor, Mercurial, Jira, Jenkins, GIS
  • Paradigms

    Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Evolutionary Database Design, Test-driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Agile Software Development, REST, Functional Programming, Distributed Programming
  • Platforms

    Windows, MacOS, Linux, OS X, Android, Google App Engine
  • Storage

    IBM Db2, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Regular Expressions, Ajax, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Encryption
  • Industry Expertise



  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Computer Science
    1999 - 2010
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb, Croatia
  • Master of Electrical Engineering and Computing (Mag.Ing.) Degree in Computer Engineering
    1993 - 1997
    University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Zagreb, Croatia

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