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Robert Pardela

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Blockchain and Full-stack Developer

Warsaw, Poland
Toptal Member Since
October 7, 2022

Robert is an entrepreneur, IT manager, and developer specializing in blockchain. He has spearheaded dozens of large-scale projects, teams of over 40, and a budget of $30 million to deliver nationwide systems. Blockchain inspired him and changed the way he looked at IT systems. Robert is known for his innovation and strong ability to take a project from idea to successful implementation. He enjoys creating IoT solutions on Raspberry Pi and Arduino as a hobby.


Bchain Partner
JavaScript, Solidity, Node.js, Blockchain, Ethereum, Web3.js, APIs, REST APIs...
JavaScript, Solidity, Angular, Node.js, Xamarin, IPFS, Ethereum...
JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular, Node.js, Apache Spark, Elastic...




Preferred Environment

MacOS, Git, Xamarin, Hardhat, Jest, Ethereum, Node.js, Blockchain, Linux, Mocha

The most amazing...

...project I've overseen and implemented was the Emergency Notification System in Poland and the Command Support System of the National Medical Rescue Service.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Developer | CTO

2019 - PRESENT
Bchain Partner
  • Designed and developed a complete Blockchain platform from scratch. It has high performance and provides the highest level of security required in Enterprise-class solutions. It is designed to store large volumes of data.
  • Created REST APIs and WebSockets. Used the technology stack: Blockchain (Ethereum and Polygon), Solidity, Node.js, Bootstrap, LevelDB, Infura, Alchemy, and Tatum.
  • Defined requirements for the system as the product owner.
  • Conducted quality control of source code using Atlassian tools. Oversaw software by team members.
  • Defined tasks and work for team members using Atlassian tools.
  • Created iOS and Android apps in Xamarin. Experienced with Xamarin. Forms, XAML, and renderers to handle native operating system features. Handled push notifications, created communication via REST API, and prepared the library to generate charts.
Technologies: JavaScript, Solidity, Node.js, Blockchain, Ethereum, Web3.js, APIs, REST APIs, LevelDB, WebSockets, Software Architecture, Crypto, Web Applications, Web Development, Jest, WebStorm, Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, CTO


2000 - PRESENT
  • Developed software for a so-called durable medium using Ethereum and IPFS. Built the back end using Node.js.
  • Created smart contracts (Solidity) for mass document handling and user authentication.
  • Delivered mobile applications for clients, e.g., InTrack Mobile and EnergyLogServer Mobile using the Xamarin platform.
  • Developed software using the Angular and React frameworks.
  • Created NFT tokens that allow, among other things, verification of the originality of products. The token runs on the Polygon platform. The smart contract was extended and complies with the ERC721 standard.
  • Became familiar with data structures such as directed acyclic graphs (DAG) like Merkle.
Technologies: JavaScript, Solidity, Angular, Node.js, Xamarin, IPFS, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Ethers.js, Blockchain, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), jQuery, REST APIs, Hardhat, Web3.js, MetaMask, Directed Acrylic Graphs (DAG), gRPC, React

Senior Full-stack Developer

2017 - 2021
  • Developed software for ElasticStack with extra plugins for incident management and intelligence (machine learning module).
  • Prepared software for ESG scoring using Angular2+.
  • Created a library with Xamarin that allows the drawing of charts in mobile applications.
Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, Angular, Node.js, Apache Spark, Elastic, Machine Learning, Plugins, jQuery, Web Applications, Web Development, WebStorm, Team Leadership, Technical Leadership

Software Development Director

2015 - 2017
  • Served as team leader, designer, and front-end developer. Designed and developed software to manage medical facilities.
  • Created complex user screens with scheduling components.
  • Conducted code quality check with Mantis issue tracker and SonarQube.
Technologies: JavaScript, Git, jQuery, Bootstrap, Microsoft SQL Server, SonarQube, Software Architecture, IT Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), Team Leadership, Technical Leadership

Program Manager

2013 - 2015
Center for Information Technology Projects at the Ministry of Administration and Digitization
  • Managed the launch and implementation of the emergency notification system and the command support system for state emergency medical services nationwide.
  • Spearheaded over a dozen projects under the program, a team of more than 40 people, and a budget of $30 million.
  • Coordinated the work of many external suppliers and internal teams.
  • Evaluated and provided opinions on the technological solutions being implemented.
Technologies: IT Projects, IT Management, Program Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), Team Leadership

TOPASS tokens provide a unique safeguard against the possibility of counterfeit goods with single-package accuracy. The consumer will be able to verify the originality of the product immediately after purchase.

Security with TOPASS tokens prevents copying and multiplication of security features on counterfeit products, which is possible with hologram security features. There are many other uses for TOPASS tokens, which are described on the website.

The TOPASS smart contract runs on a public blockchain platform. We use the efficient L2 Polygon platform for this purpose. It guarantees high performance and low transaction fees. We can run our smart contract on another Ethereum-compatible platform upon your request.

I was in charge of implementing NFT tokens and modifying them for client requirements. I also programmed a middleware server using Node.js and Express.js, which provided a REST API to enable the client systems to use the tokens.

The S3DOC information system is a new generation of a durable medium with digital signature (eIDAS), the so-called softWORM, in which durability features are guaranteed by applying the best world practices and standards in the area of algorithms and cryptographic methods implemented in the software. S3DOC is an innovative EU-wide information system with the characteristics of a durable medium.

I designed and developed the S3DOC durable medium based on Ethereum and IPFS. I created complex smart contracts, e.g., data storage, user management (user register, personal data, authentication), and document management (document register, document metadata). I built decentralized software that stores documents on IPFS and their metadata on Ethereum. In the second version of the system, I moved all the software to a new blockchain platform written in Node.js, achieving much better performance and security compared to Ethereum and IPFS.

A proprietary blockchain platform designed for enterprise corporations. The platform provides the highest level of security and performance. It is designed to store large volumes of data, run smart contracts, create performance and reliability clusters, and use zero-knowledge-proof procedures to secure data. The platform is written in JavaScript and runs in the Node.js environment. It has a modular design, where each module is responsible for its technological features, e.g., the P2P module manages communication between nodes of the blockchain network.

Seeing the limitations of the Ethereum platform in enterprise applications, I proposed to create a new blockchain platform from scratch with the high performance and security levels required by large financial institutions. I designed the architecture and developed the core modules of the platform.

A micropayment platform that enables pay-per-content billing. The user creates a prepaid account and buys tokens to pay for access to digital content such as portals, newspaper articles, movies, and blogs. PENNYCUT operates on a blockchain platform.

Unit-test-script-generator is a tool that allows developers to quickly prepare scripts for unit tests running on popular frameworks such as Jest and Mocha. The package is available on the npm platform and is entirely prepared in Node.js and JavaScript. The package can be used to test smart contracts.

Developing software that runs on the blockchain platform usually requires the creation of a smart contract and a back-end program to interact with it. This package allows users to generate an API library based on their ABI configuration for the smart contract. After calling the generator, users will get a complete library to interact with all the functions in the smart contract. The generator was written in TypeScript and is available in the npm repository.

S3DOC Mobile
A mobile application dedicated to S3DOC users. The app allows you to access documents stored on persistent media, view them, and review the history of events. The application supports push notifications about new documents and also supports biometric login. It works on Android and iOS platforms.

Renderers are used to support the unique properties of the operating systems.

The application supports a secure REST API.

Intrack Mobile
An application that allows access to the Intrack system data. It is characterized by an advanced UI and many charts. A .NET library was created specifically for this project to draw animated charts.

The application runs on Android and iOS. Renderers are used to support the unique properties of the operating systems.

The application supports a secure REST API.
2006 - 2008

Master's Degree in MBA IT

Kozminski University - Warsaw, Poland

2000 - 2001

Postgraduate Studies in Computer Science

SGH Warsaw School of Economics - Warsaw, Poland


Node.js, REST APIs, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, jQuery, JSON-RPC, Web3.js, React


WebStorm, Git, Elastic, MetaMask, SonarQube, Mocha, NPM


JavaScript, Solidity, XAML, TypeScript, CSS, HTML


Xamarin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Mobile, MacOS, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Linux, Docker


REST, Unit Testing, Testing


LevelDB, Microsoft SQL Server


Angular, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Jest, Apache Spark, Hardhat, gRPC


Software Development, Smart Contracts, Ethereum Smart Contracts, Ethers.js, Software Architecture, Web Applications, Web Development, Application Binary Interface (ABI), Digital Signatures, Xamarin.Forms, Decentralized Systems, Decentralized Applications, Back-end, Front-end, Full-stack, Full-stack Development, CTO, Portfolio Management, IT Management, IPFS, Management Information Systems (MIS), Program Management, WebSockets, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Crypto, Charts, Web 3.0, Team Leadership, Technical Leadership, Global Project Management, IT Projects, Software Design, Machine Learning, Plugins, APIs, Directed Acrylic Graphs (DAG)

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