Ron Muth, Software Developer in Glen Cove, United States
Ron Muth

Software Developer in Glen Cove, United States

Member since August 22, 2022
Ron is a software developer specializing in back-end and database development. For the last 25 years, he has architected some of the biggest applications in terms of functionality and user size. He has fixed scaling issues, mostly bottlenecked by tier 2 systems, moving them over to distributed enterprise designs and changing the supply chain management and continuous integration nature of their development environments. Ron also mentors anyone interested in learning, sharing his experiences.
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Glen Cove, United States



Preferred Environment

Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, RabbitMQ

The most amazing...

...program I've made is a distance search in the 90s that understood natural barriers; a radius-based search on Long Island would get results in CT; mine wouldn't.


  • Full-stack Developer/Architect

    1996 - PRESENT
    Integrated Solutions, Inc.
    • Broke down a huge monolithic architecture into a microservices-based architecture for ICS.
    • Refactored all their systems to use a CMS, including web-based UIs, their interactive voice response telephony system, and all documents and email generation.
    • Reorganized software development procedures and practices to allow for company growth, including setting up supply chain management and introducing proper testing platforms, such as fully replicating the production environment in test and QA.
    • Implemented source control, ticket-based issue handling, and continuous integration services for Equinox.
    • Redesigned their web platform to use web services provided by IBM's WebSphere. This included retooling all application tiers and adding unit tests, mocking, and logging/tracing to all functionalities.
    • Wrote code and processed them to horizontally scale across multiple clusters in multiple data centers.
    • Moved the front end for an extremely expensive SunTech to ASP.NET, with an SQL Server at the back end for
    • Migrated from Microsoft Access to Web UI, with SQL Server at the back end.
    Technologies: C#, SQL Server DBA, IIS, RabbitMQ, Docker, Azure, AWS, MassTransit, SOAP, REST, Jenkins, NuGet, ASP.NET MVC 6, Twilio, IVR, jQuery, jQuery UI
  • Systems Manager

    1991 - 1996
    Merion Publications Inc.
    • Developed a contact management system to serve over 70 salespeople.
    • Oversaw all internal information technology needs for the company.
    • Created a subscription tracking package for tracking over 700,000 subscribers.
    • Built a mail managing system to automate the sorting and printing of the mailing labels according to USPS specs and reduce the postage cost to the absolute minimum.
    • Managed the company's IT support and development staff.
    Technologies: VB, Networking, MacOS, Windows, IIS, ASP


  • Migration from Monolith to a Distributed Microservices Architecture for ICS

    Moved a massive centralized monolithic application over to a distributed microservices architecture. The new architecture has dramatically improved the responsiveness of all application pieces, especially the web-based UI, and we've had customers calling in praising us for the changes.


  • Frameworks

  • Tools

    NuGet, Visual Studio, RabbitMQ, Jenkins
  • Paradigms

  • Platforms

    Twilio, Windows, MacOS, Docker, Azure
  • Other

    Information Science, IIS, MassTransit, SOAP, GUI, Networking, IVR, Information Systems, AWS
  • Languages

    SQL, VB, C#
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, jQuery UI
  • Storage

    SQL Server DBA, Microsoft SQL Server


  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Studies
    1985 - 1990
    Drexel University - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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