Ross Esmond, Full-stack Developer in Minneapolis, MN, United States
Ross Esmond

Full-stack Developer in Minneapolis, MN, United States

Member since June 4, 2022
Ross is a passionate full-stack developer who has harbored an obsession with software since he was young. With strong communication skills and deep knowledge of web development, he has served as a lead developer at both large corporations and garage startups. Programming is part of his identity, and Ross strives at all times to deliver clean, accessible, intuitive, maintainable, well-tested, and well-documented software.
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  • Ameriprise Financial
    React, JavaScript, Redux, Continuous Integration (CI), DevOps, CSS, Front-end...
  • Applicadia
    JavaScript, C#, Continuous Integration (CI), .NET, DevOps, CSS, Front-end...



Minneapolis, MN, United States



Preferred Environment

React, Vue 2, Svelte, C#, ASP.NET, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Clojure, ClojureScript, AWS

The most amazing...

...accomplishment I've achieved was leading a project that was behind schedule, under-tested, and under-staffed to launch on time and with complete code coverage.


  • Lead Developer

    2017 - 2020
    Ameriprise Financial
    • Led the web access management team in charge of building the login component, multi-factor authentication modal, and registration page.
    • Designed a new and more-formulaic unit testing approach, transitioned the team to the React Testing Library, and managed the process of testing the backlog of components to go from 20% coverage to 80% coverage before launch.
    • Onboarded two new developers to the team, training them on our process and ensuring they could understand their role and our tech stack.
    • Redesigned our approach to constructing React applications without Redux, focusing on simplicity, efficiency, and ease of testing.
    • Refactored and rewrote the multi-factor authentication modal for accessibility and usability.
    • Reviewed mockups for accessibility and ease of construction and worked with our designer to fix issues before they were passed on to later stages of development.
    • Spearheaded the core components project, where scrum teams were encouraged to contribute with reusable components to a core, shared library.
    • Contributed to company-wide DevOps by reworking our merge and release process, writing scripts to automate important jobs, and providing insights on the monorepo transition.
    Technologies: React, JavaScript, Redux, Continuous Integration (CI), DevOps, CSS, Front-end, HTML, TypeScript, Front-end Development, Finance,, Web Accessibility, Test-driven Development (TDD), Git, Redux Thunk, Automated Testing, UI, UX, UI Animation, User Experience (UX), React Redux, Architecture, Software Design, Legacy Code, Legacy Software, Integration, API Integration, Web Development, Full-stack, Web Architecture, Authentication
  • Lead Applications Developer

    2011 - 2017
    • Onboarded and mentored junior developers during their first job after taking part in an associate's program.
    • Managed a cross-platform team of dedicated desktop, web, Android, and iOS developers.
    • Developed a JavaScript library to serve as a novel layout and animation platform for visualizing ontological graphs of medical knowledge.
    • Used the Roslyn open-source C# compiler to generate code that captured knowledge in medical informatics datasets such as CQL, Snomed, and ICD-10.
    • Wrote our C#, ASP.NET RESTful server to be secure and robust.
    • Designed and audited pages for usability and accessibility.
    Technologies: JavaScript, C#, Continuous Integration (CI), .NET, DevOps, CSS, Front-end, HTML, Node.js, SQL, Front-end Development,, Web Accessibility, jQuery, Parsers, Git, Automated Testing, UI, UX, UI Animation, User Experience (UX), Architecture, Software Design, Legacy Code, Legacy Software, APIs, Integration, API Integration, Healthcare, ASP.NET Core, Web Development, Full-stack, Databases, Web Architecture, Authentication


  • Spaced Math

    Spaced Math was my senior thesis for Latin Honors at the University of Minnesota. It was an anthropomorphic algebra system written in ClojureScript which could compute the derivatives of Calculus 1 problems and display the steps to solve them.

  • Personal Website and Tools

    I set up a personal wiki using Wiki.js, PostgreSQL, and AWS. The wiki backs up to git, which is built in AWS CodePipeline and deployed to an AWS S3 site. The site is built on Svelte and operates using continuous deployment. The build also processes my hand-drawn diagrams using ImageMagick to remove the grid background, crop the diagram, add transparency, and rerender at a higher scale.

  • Student-Run Discord Bot

    During the pandemic and while attending the University of Minnesota, I built a discord bot over the weekend to help manage a mathematics discord of a few hundred students. The bot now runs perpetually on AWS and operates a dozen servers for thousands of students.


  • Languages

    C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Clojure, HTML5, SQL, Go, Python
  • Frameworks

    Redux, ASP.NET, ClojureScript, Jest,, OAuth 2, .NET, ASP.NET Core, Svelte, Next.js
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, React Redux, Vue 2, Backbone.js, jQuery, Node.js, ImageMagick
  • Tools

    Git, Redux Thunk, ANTLR, Sequelize, Let's Encrypt, Amazon CloudFront CDN, CircleCI
  • Paradigms

    Web Architecture, Continuous Integration (CI), DevOps, Automated Testing, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Other

    Web Accessibility, Parsers, Front-end, Front-end Development, UI, UX, Software Design, Legacy Code, Legacy Software, APIs, Web Development, Full-stack, Technical Writing, AWS, AWS DevOps, Drag & Drop, Large-scale Projects, UI Animation, User Experience (UX), Architecture, Integration, API Integration, Authentication, AWS CodePipeline, Discord Bots, Constraint Solver, Wiki.js, AWS RDS, Finance, Chatbots, Live Chat
  • Platforms

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud), Docker
  • Storage

    Databases, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Amazon Aurora, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)
  • Industry Expertise



  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics
    2019 - 2022
    University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN, USA

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