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Ryan McDevitt

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Spring City, PA, United States
Toptal Member Since
October 18, 2023

Ryan is a self-taught software engineer keen on leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve business problems and deliver maximum customer value. Passionate about programming language design, he spent most of his career curating patterns from various languages like Python, JavaScript, Scala, Haskell, Rust, Go, Elm, Racket, Lua, and Ruby on Rails. Ryan's experience spans mom-and-pop shops, small and medium startups, and large corporate organizations like Comcast and Facebook.


TypeScript, Node.js, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Rust, WebAssembly, React...
JavaScript, Hack, Graph Databases, GraphQL, React, Python, HTML, CSS...
Verisk (formerly Jornaya)
PHP, Python, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Scala, Lua, Elm...




Preferred Environment

Python, TypeScript, Elm, Node.js, Rust, Full-stack Development, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Full-stack

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is the Creator Monetization tool suite for Bulletin, the Facebook's platform for journalists to monetize their audience.

Work Experience

Senior Full-stack Software Engineer

2022 - 2023
  • Integrated the supply chain management team and helped engineering solutions to efficiently route thousands of daily dental orders to the most effective designers and the best manufacturing labs.
  • Collaborated with product specialists and subject matter experts (SMEs) from dental design labs and manufacturers to gather requirements and build a system that efficiently matches orders with the available resources.
  • Built and maintained an in-browser 3D design tool tailored for dental lab designers, increasing the speed of their work.
Technologies: TypeScript, Node.js, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Rust, WebAssembly, React, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, Full-stack Development, APIs, Technical Leadership, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud, Full-stack, Architecture, Front-end, Back-end, NoSQL, Web Development, Microservices

Senior Software Engineer (E5)

2021 - 2022
  • Led a team dedicated to building the Creator Monetization tool for Bulletin, a new platform for journalists to monetize their audience independently of advertisers.
  • Articulated with the product, design, and creator teams to build a monetization portal for Bulletin in the Meta Business Suite, allowing users to set subscription rates, run discounts and promotions, and attach premium subscriber benefits.
  • Onboarded 50 creators into premium monetization programs and guided five of them to make over $1,000 monthly in subscriber revenue.
  • Spearheaded the effort for building out creator onboarding onto monetization tools and the Meta Business Suite.
Technologies: JavaScript, Hack, Graph Databases, GraphQL, React, Python, HTML, CSS, Full-stack Development, APIs, Technical Leadership, MySQL, Full-stack, Architecture, Front-end, Back-end, NoSQL, Web Development, Microservices

Engineering Tech Lead

2016 - 2021
Verisk (formerly Jornaya)
  • Led the engineering department, setting standards and processes and spearheading new architectural efforts.
  • Built and maintained a set of common utility libraries to standardize access, share code between the data science and engineering teams, and empower junior developers to have a greater impact.
  • Spearheaded a project to replace a legacy machine learning API with modern serverless technologies. It helped reduce costs, increase developer productivity, and eradicate substantial technical debt within the company.
  • Led a project to create a cutting-edge customer portal for new flagship products. Implemented a WebAssembly file validation and ingest system that reduced customer time-to-value from weeks to minutes.
  • Managed the engineering department until the company's successful sale to Verisk in December 2020.
  • Took the lead in developing a prototype product, which became our flagship product. Built tools to explore our existing dataset and identify new ways to extract value from it.
  • Worked with the customer support to build a suite of tools to better serve our customers by giving them faster access to required data, automating specific processes and reports, and standardizing the tooling for debugging problems.
  • Led the cloud migration of over 700TB of data from Azure to AWS and reduced operational storage costs by 40%. Built a dynamic cooling mechanism to move less used data into colder storage, leading to substantial savings on storage expenses.
Technologies: PHP, Python, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Scala, Lua, Elm, Serverless Architecture, HTML, CSS, Full-stack Development, APIs, Technical Leadership, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Azure, REST APIs, Full-stack, Architecture, Front-end, Django REST Framework, Back-end, NoSQL, Web Development, Microservices

Senior Software Engineer

2014 - 2016
  • Worked on Xfinity TV Go web, Cloud TV, Comcast welcome experience, myAccount, and omnichannel initiatives.
  • Collaborated with product and UI/UX specialists to rebuild the myAccount Xfinity application, enabling customers to pay their bills, manage their account preferences, and set up parental controls easily.
  • Built and maintained a largely automated test framework to test multimedia applications across many devices, operating systems, browsers, and screen sizes to prevent regressions during release cycles.
Technologies: JavaScript, Ruby, Elixir, AngularJS, Polymer, HTML, CSS, Full-stack Development, APIs, Technical Leadership, REST APIs, Full-stack, Architecture, Front-end, Back-end, NoSQL, Web Development, Microservices

Front-end Software Engineer

2013 - 2014
  • Built user interfaces on top of Nuix's proprietary exabyte-scale, unstructured data search engine, leveraging my UI/UX engineer expertise.
  • Interacted with the design team, conducted user interviews, and used a sizeable unstructured search engine for legal discovery in lawsuits to create specific products for legal and compliance applications.
  • Conducted user interviews and worked closely with the design team to build tailored products for law enforcement, leveraging search capabilities to identify evidence of crimes on seized assets.
Technologies: JavaScript, Backbone.js, CSS3, HTML, CSS, APIs, REST APIs, Front-end, Web Development

Software Engineer

2013 - 2013
Encompass Elements
  • Built a customized internal ticket manager to handle engineering, IT, and fulfillment projects. It enabled custom attachments, message threads, quality and issue tracking, complex search, and running reports for delivery and velocity.
  • Gathered requirements to rebuild a large-scale medical warehouse software to manage a 500,000-square-foot warehouse storing pharmaceutical samples and copies.
  • Built the abovementioned medical warehouse software solution, enabling location management, order picking, and rotation to prevent product wastage caused by expiration dates.
  • Migrated a client application for pharmaceutical representatives from ClassicASP to Python. It was the backbone of an iPad app that facilitated ordering drug samples and marketing materials to be delivered to doctors before sales meetings.
Technologies: JavaScript, Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Full-stack Development, APIs, MySQL, PostgreSQL, REST APIs, Full-stack, Architecture, Front-end, Django REST Framework, Back-end, Web Development

Director of Research and Development

2009 - 2013
Fox Group
  • Advanced the company's technological landscape, streamlining business practices and processes and introducing innovative technology applications within the industrial setting.
  • Collaborated with department heads to build customized job management and scheduling software to enhance the management of 300+ industrial machines across three locations.
  • Enabled streamlined communication channels for the hundreds of open, ongoing jobs, providing real-time updates on status, issues, costs, and delivery.
  • Built an RFID material tracking system to effectively monitor the location of products in different rooms and places within the company, preventing downtime due to misplaced or lost material.
  • Established a data and imaging department to standardize mail-files processing within the organization, enhancing efficiency in handling mailing lists and executing tasks on variable imaging machines.
  • Pioneered the use of 3D printing technology for repairing industrial equipment and building handwork jigs.
Technologies: PHP, Python, Django, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Full-stack Development, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Full-stack, Architecture, Front-end, Django REST Framework, Back-end, Web Development

Genetic Baseball Lineup Optimization

Built a web-based optimizer for baseball lineups. It uses Rust and WebAssembly, dynamic programming, Web Workers, and genetic algorithms. By leveraging these advanced techniques, the optimizer efficiently searched through an extensive search space (typically nine) to identify the most optimal lineup configurations.

Jornaya Client Portal

Spearheaded the development of the comprehensive onboarding and management application for Jornaya's industry-leading data products. This involved working on the application's back and front end. The front end was built using Elm, while WebAssembly Workers running in Rust were utilized for efficient file processing. By implementing this solution, we successfully transformed the client onboarding process from taking weeks to mere minutes, seamlessly integrating it into the data platform.


Meta's (formerly Facebook) Creator Monetization play for the journalism space is designed to allow journalists to monetize their audiences without being beheld by their advertisers. It enables journalists to create content streams with premium subscriptions, set perks, discounts, and paywalls, and set advertising distribution and outreach.

I led the Creator Monetization side of the team, building the tools for creators to set up monetization, subscription plans, benefits, discounts, payments, payouts, and perks.

SHERLOC Police Intelligence Database

I built a web application to allow police departments to do data analysis on their existing public service data. It brought the power of machine learning to allow police departments to optimize their budget spend and patrol routes.
I provided heat-map reports, cyclic pattern reports, and seasonality reports. I also implemented an advanced search to allow similar cases to find relevant suspects and a network graph analysis to help combat gang activity.

Dandy Design and Manufacturing Router

I led the team responsible for routing each of Dandy's 3-5000 orders per day to the best-matched designer based on job requirements and then to the most cost-effective manufacturer based on job cost, location, and schedule availability.

The router was written in Node.js and TypeScript on top of Kubernetes on GCP. I also used BullMQ queues to allow efficient scaling and prevent bottlenecks on complex scheduling calculations.

Family Health Center Patient Operating System

I built a patient management system with a patient portal for a local holistic healing center. I allowed the doctors to do data analysis on their different treatment packages to measure effectiveness for different types of cases. It allowed patients to access their care packages, as well as history of test results and treatment courses, contact the doctors, and schedule appointments.
I maintained HIPAA compliance and encrypted all of the data at rest, as well as allowed for anonymized and blinded reports to allow submissions of treatment packages for recommendation to the FDA.


TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Elm, CSS3, HTML, CSS, Rust, GraphQL, Hack, Scala, Ruby, Lua, Elixir, C++


Django, Django REST Framework, AngularJS, Material UI


React, HTML5 Web Workers, REST APIs, Node.js, Polymer, Backbone.js


Serverless Architecture, Microservices


Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Docker, Azure, Kubernetes, Amazon EC2


Amazon DynamoDB, NoSQL, Graph Databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Databases, Google Cloud, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)


Full-stack Development, APIs, Full-stack, Architecture, Front-end, Back-end, Web Development, WebAssembly, Technical Leadership, Genetic Algorithms, Robotics, Amazon RDS, Message Queues

2011 - 2013

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering

Stevens Institute of Technology - Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

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