Salih Kasım Benli, React Developer in London, United Kingdom
Salih Kasım Benli

React Developer in London, United Kingdom

Member since March 16, 2021
Salih is a developer with over five years of experience with JavaScript, Python, and the Serverless Framework on AWS. He's worked on several different projects, often involving multicultural teams for startups in fast-paced environments. Besides his technical expertise in a range of languages (JavaScript, Python 3), frameworks (React Native, Redux), and libraries/APIs (React, Node.js), and tools (Expo), Salih excels at taking the initiative to make a product better via proactive collaboration.
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  • Aflorithmic Labs
    JavaScript, React Native, Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway...
  • Self-employed
    JavaScript, Node.js, Python 3, React, React Native, Flask, Django, AWS...
  • Mana
    JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Vercel, Next.js, UX Testing, Segment, Mixpanel



London, United Kingdom



Preferred Environment

MacOS, JavaScript, Serverless

The most amazing...

...project I've developed is called miRNA Scanner which helps molecular biologist find the target genes in various databases in five minutes instead of four hours.


  • Software Engineer

    2019 - PRESENT
    Aflorithmic Labs
    • Developed three different React Native apps with and without Expo; also ejected some Expo apps to a bare workflow and connected JavaScript to the native modules.
    • Built scalable front-end apps with React and React Native for the web; used Redux, Redux Thunk, and Context APIs for advanced state management.
    • Constructed various back-end architectures with Node.js and Express.js; used DynamoDB, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL as databases.
    • Developed microservices with the Serverless Framework using Python and JavaScript then deployed them to the API gateway.
    • Developed GraphQL apps with AWS AppSync and used mapping templates, queries, and mutations.
    • Followed an infrastructure-as-code approach, designed well-formatted YAML files, and built multitenant apps. Used AWS API Gateway, S3, DynamoDB, EC2, EB, AppSync, Lambda, Amplify, SQS, SNS, and more.
    • Used CircleCI to automate testing and deployment for mobile, web, and server applications. Used Fastlane to automate mobile app deployments to the App Store and Play Store; also learned their internals.
    • Wrote various back-end and front-end tests including unit, integration, and end-to-end tests.
    • Used Cognito for authentication; also implemented Cognito groups, role-based authorization, and on-the-fly-created temporary AWS IAM policies and credentials. Developed Alexa skills and published them to Amazon.
    • Led a front-end team of four and defined clear goals at sprint planning; also carefully reviewed PRs to keep the code quality high and reported blockers and updates to other teams and the CTO. Mentored interns.
    Technologies: JavaScript, React Native, Amazon Cognito, Amazon API Gateway, Serverless Framework, AWS STS, AWS CloudFormation, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), React Native for Web, Expo
  • Software Development Consultant

    2016 - PRESENT
    • Developed several mobile applications for startups and corporates. They include MoovBuddy, Biryudumkitap, WWF, and many more.
    • Used Node.js and Python 2 and 3 for developing server applications.
    • Published apps to the Google Play Store and App Store and observed how they work in detail.
    • Built many web apps using React, jQuery, and HTML/CSS; added support for responsive design, mobile views, and PWAs.
    • Used many platforms and APIs including Stripe, Twilio, OneSignal, Amazon Alexa, and more.
    • Managed workflows using Expo in the development of React Native apps. Ejected projects to a bare workflow process and native library connections.
    • Implemented Flux-like (i.e., Redux) state management approaches in various platforms like React Native, React, and Electron.js.
    Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, Python 3, React, React Native, Flask, Django, AWS, Electron, React Native for Web
  • Software Engineer

    2021 - 2021
    • Worked three months (part-time) to develop a maintainable and scalable ground code at the early stages of a startup.
    • Used React, Next, and TypeScript for the front end; also deployed apps to Vercel and Amplify.
    • Developed the back end using Node.js, MySQL, and serverless; used Mixpanel and Segment for data collection.
    Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Vercel, Next.js, UX Testing, Segment, Mixpanel
  • Information Technology Intern

    2019 - 2020
    • Developed a front-end app that the company's developers could use to share their codes, comment, and suggest edits.
    • Supported that front-end app with a Ruby on Rails back-end with different user roles and authorization.
    • Upgraded an existing Django app's version to the latest one.
    • Competed against thousands of college students and was accepted into the Professional Experience Program (PEP), a well-known internship program Mercedes-Benz offers.
    Technologies: Django, JavaScript, Python 3, React, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Junior Software Engineer

    2019 - 2019
    Corvisio OKR
    • Built a RESTful API with Ruby on Rails and integrated it into the existing MVC.
    • Developed a cross-platform CRM app with React Native.
    • Published it to Google Play Store and learned its internal processes/interactions.
    • Delivered OTA updates for the app and solved user bugs immediately.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails (RoR), React Native, REST


  • miRNA Target Scanner

    I built a Python app that searches for the miRNA names in the databases. IT normalizes the targeting value if needed and compares and finds the intersection of scanned databases. Basically, it accelerates the work of molecular biologists.

  • StructPedia

    I created a portal whose members consist of engineering students from the best universities in Turkey (Bogazici University, Istanbul Technical University, Mimar Sinan Fine Art University, Middle East Technical University, Yildiz Technical University, and Middle East Technical University). It also had a daily updated blog site, agreements with engineering students' clubs, and a cross-platform mobile application to subscribe events about civil engineering and architecture industries.

  • Instagram Clone App

    A React Native app with lots of performance optimizations included with React, React Native, and several native libraries. It is a functional clone of Instagram with Redux, Redux Thunk, and ESLint used.

  • React Native Expo Starter Template

    This is a template for ejected Expo apps with many useful packages added and set up. It also has commonly used components including typography, buttons, containers with and without keyboard support, and a splash screen. Redux and Redux Thunk were also installed.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, Python 3, Python, PHP, TypeScript
  • Frameworks

    React Native, Redux, Serverless Framework, Express.js, Flask, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Django, Electron, Next.js
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, React Native for Web, React Navigation, WordPress API
  • Tools

    Expo, Amazon Cognito, Redux Thunk, AWS CloudFormation
  • Other

    Web Programming, Mobile App Development, Serverless, AWS, Amazon API Gateway, ESLint, UX, Vercel, UX Testing, Segment, APIs
  • Paradigms

  • Platforms

    AWS STS, WordPress, Mixpanel
  • Storage

    Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), MongoDB, Databases


  • Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering
    2015 - 2020
    Boğaziçi University - Istanbul, Turkey
  • Certification in Information Technology
    2017 - 2018
    METU | Middle East Technical University - Ankara, Turkey


  • Advanced React Component Patterns
  • Server-side Development with Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB
  • React Native: Advanced Concepts
    APRIL 2019 - PRESENT
  • React Native, Redux, Advanced Concepts, and Practical Guides
    JUNE 2018 - PRESENT
  • Python Specialization

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