Samir Uzunovic, Developer in Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Samir Uzunovic

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Toptal Member Since
November 25, 2015

Samir is a highly skilled and talented developer with over 11 years of professional programming experience. For the last eight years, he has worked on various projects in multiple architectures and different programming languages, notably Java for the back end and Kotlin for Android. A strong team player with an open mind, he helps fellow team members. Samir's an easy-going person who copes well with change and has constructive ideas, with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, Spring Boot, IntelliJ IDEA
Hartree Works LTD
Android, Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Android Studio, Mobile APIs, Jetpack Compose
SPay, Inc. (DBA Stack Sports)
Kotlin, LiveStream, Video Livestreaming, Android, SDKs, Apps




Preferred Environment

Windows, Android, Git, Agile Software Development, Android SDK, Back-end, Java, Mobile, Kotlin

The most amazing...

...thing I've coded is an Android app for the Pepper robot, which enables it to understand information and take action based on the given input.

Work Experience

Senior Developer

2024 - 2024
  • Created a service for managing the images and videos during the movie pre-production, developed in Java and AWS.
  • Configured an AWS environment to run the service on it. Also configured EC2 instances, auto scaling, and EFS.
  • Added AWS CloudWatch to track AWS services and app metrics.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, Spring Boot, IntelliJ IDEA

Android Developer

2024 - 2024
Hartree Works LTD
  • Developed a POC to start the kiosk app, which begins once the user unlocks the phone and will close after 15 seconds. At that time, the user will not be able to interact with the app or use the phone.
  • Tested the application and improved its user experience.
  • Documented the application usage and communicated it with the client.
Technologies: Android, Java, Kotlin, Android SDK, Android Studio, Mobile APIs, Jetpack Compose

Expert Android Developer

2023 - 2024
SPay, Inc. (DBA Stack Sports)
  • Implemented SSO login logic from Android application to server, using tokens to access broadcast service.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Jira as a reporting tool. Improved UI and workflow and fixed reported bugs by QA.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs using Firebase as a reporting tool.
Technologies: Kotlin, LiveStream, Video Livestreaming, Android, SDKs, Apps

Android Embedded Developer

2023 - 2023
Drover, Inc.
  • Developed the Scooter appfrom scratch. It records the environment with the camera, provides an image to an AI model, and gets info about environment objects a scooter interacts with, like the sidewalk and crosswalk.
  • Added the support to AWS IoT to send telemetry data to AWS server from the app.
  • Defined and wrote features that needed to be developed and used Jira.
  • Involved in customizing the operating system to support our app for the CM6125 Qualcomm chip, along with the Thundercomm/Qualcomm support team.
Technologies: Android, Kotlin, Android Camera App, Embedded Hardware, Java, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Python, Android SDK, Internet of Things (IoT)

Senior Back-end Developer

2022 - 2023
HP Inc
  • Developed the service endpoint to get parts that the customer needs to repair, like a hard disk drive (HDD).
  • Wrote endpoints in Java with Spring framework, deployed Dockerized service, and allowed endpoint on the API gateway.
  • Run a 3rd-party service on the company Docker servers.
  • Created the Salesforce API to generate the customer case, but the endpoint that calls the Salesforce URL was the Java REST service endpoint.
Technologies: Java 8, Java 11, Groovy Scripting, Spring, Jenkins, Docker, H2 Database, Liquibase, API Gateways, Salesforce, Spring Boot, Agile Software Development, SQL, Shell Scripting, Springbot, Java

Android Developer

2022 - 2023
James Patterson
  • Investigated the Signal open-source app so that we could integrate it into our custom application.
  • Set up the server with the home server (Synapse) and PostgreSQL database so we could use the server in the Android app.
  • Set up a matrix bridge for the Signal app installed locally on an already set private server.
Technologies: Android, Data Privacy, Messaging, Open Source

Senior Android Developer

2021 - 2022
Spotify - Main
  • Developed an app where you can create or join a virtual room to talk about various topics, such as music, sport, etc. Users can join groups and get notified when somebody talks about their favorite topic.
  • Created upcoming room list, rooms that will become live in the future.
  • Created warm-up room, the room that will become live soon.
  • Updated GraphQL to use mutation to get rooms list, live rooms, upcoming, or mutation to become live from the warm-up room.
  • Fixed bugs in the application, improving the app. Tracked GitHub issues and created new tickets.
  • Added chat feature, listening to sockets from other users, to display or send chat for users in the room.
  • Created a media notification player and added it when the user entered the room.
  • Created Firebase events to track various events. Also used branch SDK for notifications management.
Technologies: Kotlin, Android, Android SDK, Firebase, Figma, GraphQL, Sockets, Coroutines

Full-stack Developer

2020 - 2022
HP Inc
  • Worked on developing a portal for searching documents and videos and getting and updating video details.
  • Searched and presented only the top five related products to the given product.
  • Worked on the admin part of the portal on uploading and working with PDF documents only. Developed the UI and the logic.
  • Developed the UI and logic for managing unmanaged documents on the portal.
  • Created a sandbox that will replicate a real server and could be used as an inner testing device.
  • Worked on developing API, endpoint logic, database connection, and Kong Gateway onboarding.
Technologies: Java 8, React, IntelliJ IDEA, Kibana, Agile Software Development, Spring, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Databases, Kong, Back-end, Spring Microservice, Microservices, Spring Boot, REST APIs, Springbot, Java, Full-stack Development

Senior Android Developer

2020 - 2021
Spotify (Betty Labs, Inc.)
  • Developed an app where you can create or join the virtual room where you can talk about various, primarily sports, topics, and other subjects. Users can join groups and get notified when somebody talks about their favorite topic.
  • Implemented the application from scratch and initialized the project.
  • Connected the application to Firebase, so we could observe crashes and implemented a connection to the server so that the app could execute various endpoints regarding chat rooms and room control.
  • Set up the signup and login flow of the app by creating a room and handling current users, such as editing the current user, logging out, joining groups, etc.
  • Added and configured Agora SDK so that users could talk in the room and made a socket connection to handle in-room activities and options so that users could chat with others.
  • Created and worked on GitHub tickets regarding bugs and improvements of the app.
  • Implemented a connection to the GraphQL server so the app can run room and user queries; also set up a small local database.
Technologies: Android, Kotlin, RxKotlin, RxJava 2, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Agile, SQL, Gradle, Firebase Android SDK, Coroutines

Android Developer

2020 - 2020
  • Developed an app to collect testimonials and worked on the business logic of getting and posting data to the server.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs with the Jira tracking tool and tested those tickets.
  • Created the UI with constraint layouts to collect testimonials and followed Figma designs.
  • Developed a feature that decides if the organization wants to collect testimonials before the testimonial collection feature runs.
Technologies: Figma, Jira, Android SDK, Android Studio, Kodein, MVC Design, Kotlin, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Agile, Test-driven Development (TDD), Gradle, Coroutines

Android Developer

2020 - 2020
Airmiz AB
  • Added unit and integration tests for both new and existing features using Kotlin.
  • Refactored app directories so that they were driven by project features.
  • Converted Java code to Kotlin in the refactoring process.
  • Implemented Airmee Optimizer Controller to get optimized missions from the server.
  • Collaborated on improvements and accelerating mission details; worked with the barcode scanner and fixed app bugs.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Android Testing, Git, Android, Android Emulators, Firebase, Retrofit 2, Android Studio, Bitrise, Kotlin, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile, Test-driven Development (TDD), Gradle, Coroutines

Android Developer

2019 - 2020
WynTekk GmbH
  • Added support to Firebase cloud messaging and message processing in the app.
  • Supported login and registration to reuse web app authentication on the Android app.
  • Added Beacon functionality in the application and set up the library.
Technologies: Push Notifications, Android API, Android SDK, Git, Android, Android Emulators, Retrofit 2, Firebase, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Beacon, Android Studio, Kotlin, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile, Gradle, Firebase Android SDK

Software Developer

2018 - 2020
  • Implemented the vSphere single disk restore integration to a Hycu backup solution.
  • Actualized the disaster recovery strategy for the Hycu backup controller.
  • Added the backup and restore feature from Snapshot on the vSphere environment and on Nutanix.
  • Developed the function to archive data from Snapshot for Nutanix and vSphere solutions.
  • Configured Maven to use Java 8 and fixed a warning from the Java 7 upgrade.
Technologies: Git, VMware, Windows, Spring, IntelliJ IDEA, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Agile, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IDEA IDE, Back-end, REST APIs

Android Developer

2019 - 2019
Basic, Inc.
  • Created a weather application for a specific small device.
  • Extracted weather data using Dark Sky API and implemented the API's results in the app.
  • Got a weather map from OpenWeatherMap API and implemented that in the application.
  • Supported tab changes and scrolling with a hardware keyboard.
  • Added room persistence library for storing offline data.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Git, Android, Android Emulators, Mapbox, Android Studio, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Agile, Google Maps API, Gradle, Geolocation

Android Studio Expert

2019 - 2019
Eamonn O'Doherty
  • Created and designed a fully responsible robot which can communicate with humans.
  • Created animations that mimic animals or human activities which Pepper can execute.
  • Implemented the capability for Pepper to move forward and backward.
  • Implemented actions for Pepper robot to follow humans.
  • Implemented a human recognition list, where Pepper can find humans around him and save them to a list displayed on a tablet.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Git, Android, Java, Android Studio, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)

Android Developer

2019 - 2019
Mile One, LLC
  • Fixed several critical bugs that users had to improve app stability.
  • Tracked and fixed bugs that were tracked with the Jira tool.
  • Added unit test to cover and test out fixes made to the app.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Git, Android, Android Emulators, Android Studio, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Google Maps API, Gradle, Firebase Android SDK

Elite Android Developer

2019 - 2019
Progress Distribution, Ltd.
  • Created sign-in, sign-out, and registration integrations to the company server from the mobile app.
  • Created dynamic menus from online data, parsing JSON server response to create these menus.
  • Created an SQLite database to hold notification data.
  • Implemented Firebase cloud messaging service into the mobile app.
  • Created a table of app users in the Firebase real-time database.
  • Created a testing environment. Add JUnit and system integration tests to the app.
  • Helped in the process of publishing the app to the Google Play Store.
Technologies: Push Notifications, Android API, Android SDK, Android Testing, Git, Android, Android Emulators, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Room, REST APIs, Messaging, Firebase, Android Studio, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Gradle, Firebase Android SDK

Android Developer

2019 - 2019
Peopleppl, LLC, dba Sonarcloud
  • Developed the app to run on startup and maintain always-running status.
  • Created a socket to listen to the server, which sends JSON payloads back and forth.
  • Programmed command communication from the server to receive audio files and get audio files from the server.
  • Created functionality to receive the audio scheduler from the server and play audio when it is scheduled.
  • Saved data to the database and added support to the Room database tool.
  • Supported Opus SDK with NDK, inserting opus SDK functions within NDK in the app.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Android NDK, Git, Android, Android Emulators, C++, Java, Android Studio, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), SQL, Gradle, Firebase Android SDK

Android Developer

2018 - 2018
Life on Queen, Inc.
  • Fixed bugs involving Bluetooth and GPS search to search users that use the app.
  • Changed some REST API calls to delete the user from the server.
  • Tracked bugs on Jira tools and fixed them to improve app stability.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Git, Android, Android Emulators, RxKotlin, Kotlin, Android Studio, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), SQL, Google Maps API, Gradle

Android SDK Engineer

2018 - 2018
Xendit (via Toptal)
  • Implemented sentry support in the development of the Xendit library.
  • Implemented unit tests in an Android library and ran tests to test out the app.
  • Implemented Android instruments for Android sample app and libraries.
  • Added and implemented a "Logger" class to send logs to a LogDNA server.
  • Collected device, location, and wifi info and sent data to the server.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Git, Android, Android Emulators, Retrofit 2, Unit Testing, Android Studio, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Gradle

Senior Android Developer

2018 - 2018
Atomic One CC
  • Created dynamic workflow in Android application with JSON data.
  • Added support to the room database so that the app uses an in-app database.
  • Created Android unit tests for dynamic workflow and ran tests.
  • Worked on enrollment and login with parsed JSON Web Token.
  • Improved existing code in the application. Fixed bugs that were tracked with Jira.
  • Added internationalization to the Android application.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Android Testing, Git, Android, Android Emulators, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Android Studio, Java, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Gradle

Software Developer

2017 - 2018
Wokati Technologies, Ltd.
  • Developed my own custom Android ROM, checked out the 4.4.2 Android operating system, and reused it to create custom AOSP.
  • Created a build environment for building Android from the source.
  • Customized Android operating system for an embedded device named Wokati Box.
  • Created a build environment for building Ubuntu 16.04 for the ARM architecture.
  • Developed and customized my own Ubuntu 16.04 operating system for ARM devices and Wokati Box.
  • Customized U-boot as a boot option for Wokati Box.
  • Investigated and worked with SolidRun HummingBoard imx6 devices, building a custom Android operating system for this device.
Technologies: Android API, Android SDK, Git, Android, Java, Shell Scripting, C++, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Gradle, AOSP, GNU

Freelance Back-end Developer

2017 - 2018
OfferDotCom SRL
  • Fixed bugs of the back end of an app on Windows in Visual Studio.
  • Track and fix back-end bugs for macOS using Xcode IDE.
  • Tracked and fixed Flex-related bugs that were experienced while using the application.
  • Updated Flex SDK to be used inside of the application.
Technologies: Git, Xcode, Visual Studio, C++, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, MacOS, Linux

Software Developer

2012 - 2018
HP Inc
  • Created a tool for adding new hosts to DNSs. Hosts were assigned the first available IP address. Developed this tool with Windows APIs.
  • Created a tool for enumerating and configuring network adapters on Windows operating systems.
  • Worked in a team that built a variety of functionalities for HP, including the data protector module, disaster recovery support backup, and recovery of Windows 8/Windows 12 storage spaces.
  • Worked as the product engineer of the disaster recovery module of the data protector solution for Hewlett Packard. This module was responsible for the backup and recovery of Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Created a tool for local mounting of VMware virtual disks on a Linux-based system using VixDiskLib API and VixMnt API.
  • Worked as the product engineer of the virtualization protection agent module of the data protector solution for Hewlett Packard. This module was responsible for the backup and restoration of virtualization software technologies such as VMware and Hyper-V.
  • Worked with various clients from every corner of the world.
  • Mentored and onboarded an employee to the project and to release process.
Technologies: Unix/Linux Virtualization, Visual Studio 2008, Git, Windows API, VMware, Windows, Visual Studio 2010, Shell Scripting, TortoiseSVN, Perl, Boost, C++, C, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Hyper-V, Agile Software Development, Red Hat Linux, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Senior Android Developer

2017 - 2017
Arriving In High Heels
  • Localized the application into 40 languages to make the application usable in different languages.
  • Built social sign-on and integrated Google sign-on.
  • Automated screenshot generation, adding Screengrab and Fastlane in order to achieve this task.
  • Added a memory cache and disk cache for caching TileView images.
  • Created a CASL activity to prompt for Canada's Anti-Spam Law to Canadian users.
  • Stabilized the app, improving and fixing major and minor bugs.
Technologies: Android API, Android Testing, Git, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Android Studio, Java, Android, Google Maps API, Gradle, Geolocation

Freelance Android Developer

2016 - 2016
  • Implemented an Android library for grabbing OpenGL framebuffers.
  • Created an OpenGL ES application for Android devices.
  • Called C functions from Java code to optimize the app, using NDK.
  • Implemented PBO to optimize the rendering of the application.
  • Implemented faster screenshot capture for the OpenGL surface with PBO and calling of native functions.
Technologies: Android API, Android NDK, Git, Java, OpenGL ES, Android Studio, NDK, C, Android

Freelance Software Developer

2016 - 2016
  • Supported a Python executable with a C# application.
  • Wrote an installation script that works on Win XP, 7, 8 and 10, with Inno setup, written in Pascal scripting language and Visual Basic scripting.
  • Implemented license trial support for an application, written in C#. Wrote data to the registry.
  • Wrote a script in NSIS and PowerShell to deploy application on Windows operating system.
  • Developed the application on Visual Studio 2013 and transferred it to Visual Studio 2015.
Technologies: Git, Windows API, Windows, Scripting, Visual Basic, Pascal, VBScript, Windows PowerShell, NSIS, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2013, Inno Setup, Tesseract, Python, C#

XNA Game

I developed this game in C# and the XNA framework. It is a simple shooting game where users control a burger with the keyboard and shoot french fries at cabbages with a mouse click. This is a test project to reuse the XNA framework in the gaming industry.

Hewlett-Packard Data Protector Disaster Recovery

I worked on the disaster recovery module as the product engineer. This module is responsible for the backup and recovery of Windows and Linux operating systems. We recovered from disaster Windows and Linux operating systems using backed-up data.

Wokati ARM Ubuntu

I customized and developed Ubuntu 16.04 for ARM devices for Wokati Technologies, Ltd. This was done as part of the project of Wokati industries. Ubuntu was the first operating system for their ARM device, which needed to be connected to the cloud server.

Atomic One 60Hertz App

An Android app that helps manage remote power plant resources. The app should be able to create dynamic menus generated daily from a remote server. The app user will be a power plant engineer who will track power plants and brief managers about the state of power plants with the app.

Hewlett-Packard Data Protector Virtualization Agent Protection

I worked as the product engineer on the virtualization agent protection module. This module is responsible for the backup and restoration of virtualization software such as VMware and Hyper-V for the HP DataProtector app.

HP Data Protector Disaster Recovery Windows 8 Support

I worked as part of a team on the HP Data Protector module for disaster recovery support backup and recovery of Windows 8/Windows 2012 storage spaces. This module was an enhancement of the HP Data Protector app.

Algorithms for Multi-dimensional Search on Computer Geometry Problems

I ranged and segmented tree structures, implemented them, and applied them in programs to graphically detect whether given segments lie within given windows. This project was part of getting a master's degree at the university.

Business in Progress Android App

A mobile application that provides progress distribution with the means to broadcast notifications to its partners, informing them about important events. The app used JWT in login/registration procedures and Firebase for database storage.

Android Task List
ToDoS is an application for managing to-do tasks, creating tasks, giving them priority, and setting the end date and time. This application is connected to an SQLite database for persistent storage. Minimum requirements include Android 2.2 with API Level 8.

An example of the Asteroids game developed in Python. This is a simple game where you control a ship and try to defeat various enemies. A 2D game developed for computers developed for fun and noncommercialized, making it a nonprofit game.

Android SelfieApp
A mobile application for Android devices that reminds the user to take a selfie every day. Over time, the user will capture many selfies and will be able to see their face change with the passage of time. This is non-profit app developed only for Android users.

iOS Selfie
In this project, I created a user-friendly iPhone selfie application that aims to encourage users to capture and save daily selfies. Developed using the Swift 2 programming language, this simple app serves as a handy reminder tool.

iOS – Filterer
An iOS iPhone application that enables the user to apply different filters on images that can be found on the device, or to take new pictures and apply filters on those. Also, the user will be able to share that picture with friends over different social apps.

Data Snip

I developed an application in C# which will wrap a Python executable that extracts data from an image and puts it into an Excel spreadsheet. The application, in C#, also included a GUI for the Python executable, and I created the installation script so that all Python and C# dependencies are provided to the customer in one executable setup file.

Test Fairy

I implemented an algorithm for optimal texture loading and pixel reading out of an OpenGL ES surface. Implementation was done with Android Studio for Android mobile devices using NDK. The usage of this algorithm is known to customers, as I did not have access to the final app.


A Google geocoding API with a database and data visualization in Google Maps. In this project, we used the Google Geocoding API to clean up some user-entered geographic locations of university names and then placed the data on a Google Maps view. The database in which the data was stored was SQLite, and the script was written in Python.

HealthKit Sample
An example of how to use HealthKit on iOS, retrieve weight and height, calculate BMI, and add running to a list of workouts the user has done. This is a project developed in the Swift language and on Xcode IDE.

Restaurant Finder
An Android application that uses Google API to locate the user and to display nearby restaurants on a map. The app was developed in Android Studio using Google Maps API, Google Places API, Geocoding, and Java.

I worked on building/compiling native binaries for iOS and Android and building Win32 and Win64 binaries with the MinGW compiler. This project is about building an Iguana server for the bitcoin mining process done for clients.

Android App for Yewno Image

This app will allow users to upload images to a remote recognition service and to return a visualization of the results. It features native integration with Gallery and other apps ("share with Yewno"), image cropping, and Instagram/Facebook import functionality. It sends the image to a remote server and parses the JSON response, visualizing the results with an Instagram-like look and feel. The application was developed on Android Studio in Java.

“Sage Chart” Android App

An app that translates checked items and notes into a text document that can be cut and pasted into a desktop computer program. The app has six tabs with checkboxes, radio buttons, and edit text, which can be selected. Information from the checkboxes is then written to a file, which could be sent via email.

Environment: Windows, Android Studio, SQLite

Google Home Prototype

Created a Google Home prototype that calls our travel API for hotel searching. The prototype is about experimenting with Google Home to the point that we get hotel results back.

Learn about Google Home development patterns, registration process, and interaction model. The result should be an ability for any Android user to request access and be able to speak with Vacations Direct on their device.

Visited App for Android
An application from ArrivingInHighHeels that allows the user to curate their own travel map, including where they have been and where they want to go. It shows the percentage of the world the user has seen, with a granularity that includes US and Australian states as well as Canadian provinces. Users can share maps with family and friends, see how they rank among other travelers, and customize their maps with different colors. The app is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Danish, Dutch, Polish, and Swedish.


An application to edit and publish videos on YouTube is available on Microsoft and macOS. This app is developed in Adobe Flex and C++ and was needed to update the latest technologies, such as Adobe AIR and others.

Wokati Android ROM

I customized and built an AOSP for Wokati Technologies, Ltd. embedded devices. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) was built on Android 4.4.2. This AOSP had essential Google Apps and supported Bluetooth devices attached to devices that use this custom operating system.

Ewallet-optimizer App for Android
An Android wrapper, written in Kotlin for a web site app which is described as "Upgrade your Skrill, NETELLER & ecoPayz accounts to VIP with the FREE eWallet-Optimizer App. Earn commissions & bonuses, become an Affiliate Partner, verify accounts easier, get access to your eWO Dashboard & much more."

Airmee Android Courier App

I was responsible for creating tests, converting code to Kotlin, and writing code that will use an optimized algorithm for getting a list of couriers packages assigned to courier on this courier app for Android. Also, I was involved in improving the code of scanning packages and proceeding with later info about the address of the end-user.

Givelify mobile giving app conveniently provides and tracks donations to your place of worship or charity from your smartphone.

The app was developed in Kotlin, using MVC architecture and Kodein dependency injection.

Spotify Live App

A Kotlin Android app in which you could talk about the topics you care about with Spotify Live, a new audio experience that lets artists, athletes, and fans share their opinions live.

Discover conversations about your favorite music, fantasy sports picks, and much more. We're breaking down the barriers to bring fans and creators closer to communicate about the big moments or sub-cultures they love—if it's out there, get into it here.

Why you'll love to listen and talk with Spotify Live:

• Anyone is welcome to listen to, join in, or host live conversations.
• Find your people: Discuss things you love with people who share your passion.
• Create your rooms: Start your conversations about any topic.
• Don't miss a thing! Get notified of "live rooms" and add them to your calendar.

Live rooms:

• Each room has a host, speakers, listeners, and a chat function if chosen.
• See upcoming rooms and add them to your calendar, so you don't miss out.

Find your people: Enter any live room to listen and talk about the things you love with people who share your passion.

StackSports Streaming Android app
A Java/Kotlin-based app for streaming live sports events. As a broadcaster, you could log in to the service, create an event, start the event, or wait for the scheduled event to be started and then start that event. Once the event is started, you could broadcast it. Before broadcasting, you could set some specific settings for output media. You could also add a scoreboard and set it where it will be displayed. When you start broadcasting, you will use the speedchecker sdk,, to check the speed for broadcast. Also, it was using the local library for the streaming process.

Additionally, I worked on the SSO login type next to the classic login, but as of mid-April 2024, it is not yet on the prod app.

PreProd Video Management App

A service for managing the images and videos during movie pre-production, developed in Java and deployed on AWS. My responsibilities were to set up and AWS environment and develop services in Java with the Spring Boot framework
2007 - 2013

Master's Degree in Software Engineering

University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart



Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals



Windows API, Android API, Firebase Android SDK, Google Maps API, NDK, Retrofit 2, RxKotlin, REST APIs, OpenGL, Google Geocoding API, Node.js, OpenGL ES, RxJava 2, Sockets, XNA, OpenCV, React, Google Places API, Retrofit, Google Maps, Liquibase


Android Studio, Visual Studio 2010, VMware, Visual Studio 2008, Gradle, Git, IDEA IDE, Android NDK, Hyper-V, Visual Studio 2013, Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), Kibana, Visual Studio, TortoiseSVN, Visual Studio 2015, NSIS, Adobe Flash, Kodein, Jira, Figma, Xcode, IntelliJ IDEA, Kong, Geocoding, MinGW, Shell, Jenkins


Android SDK, Boost, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Spring Microservice, Spring Boot, Spring, Windows PowerShell, Adobe Flex, Flutter


C++, Java, Kotlin, Java 8, C, SQL, C#, Perl, VBScript, Pascal, Visual Basic, Swift, Go, Python, Swift 2, JavaScript, GraphQL, Dart, Java 11


Object-oriented Design (OOD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Agile, Microservices, Unit Testing, MVC Design, Test-driven Development (TDD)


Windows, Android, Linux, Red Hat Linux, Firebase, Bitrise, Mapbox, Ubuntu, MacOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), iOS, Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), Blockchain, Docker, Salesforce, Mobile


SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, JSON, Azure SQL Databases, H2 Database


Android Emulators, Back-end, Mobile APIs, Android Testing, Unix/Linux Virtualization, Room, Push Notifications, SDKs, Coroutines, Shell Scripting, Tesseract, Inno Setup, Scripting, Adobe Flash Builder, Messaging, ARM, Algorithms, Apps, iPhone, Beacon, AOSP, GNU, Computer Science, Mathematics, Image Processing, Geolocation, Bitcoin, Data Privacy, Open Source, Android Camera App, Embedded Hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Groovy Scripting, Springbot, API Gateways, LiveStream, Video Livestreaming, Full-stack Development, Jetpack Compose, Internet of Things (IoT)

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