Scott Ferrett, C# Developer in Langebrueck, Germany
Scott Ferrett

C# Developer in Langebrueck, Germany

Member since December 6, 2013
Scott is a freelance architect and lead developer with extensive experience in C++, C#, and SQL. He has contributed to the ANSI standards for both C++ and SQL. He excels with problems that are best solved with multiple cooperative processes.
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  • C++, 20 years
  • Test-driven Development (TDD), 20 years
  • Clarion, 20 years
  • SQL, 20 years
  • C, 20 years
  • Agile Software Development, 20 years
  • C#, 17 years
  • Concurrent Programming, 16 years


Langebrueck, Germany



Preferred Environment

Windows, Visual Studio 2013, Git, SVN

The most amazing...

...system I ever developed was a programming language to simplify creating solutions for small businesses.


  • Software Consultant

    2014 - PRESENT
    The Descartes Systems Group, Inc.
    • Contracted to finish off a conversion of a part of their enterprise system from Btrieve to MS-SQL. The project was finished ahead of schedule to the satisfaction of their customer.
    • Retained as a general troubleshooter for their enterprise system.
    • Headed up the team to convert other systems from Btrieve to MS SQL.
    Technologies: Clarion, Btrieve, MS SQL, C#
  • Lead Developer

    2002 - PRESENT
    • Maintained the Clarion.NET compiler.
    • Built the IDE.
    • Maintained the data access layer in Clarion for Windows and Clarion.NET.
    • Developed the build control language used to build complex projects.
    • Developed the version control system integration in the IDE.
    Technologies: C#, C++
  • Co-founder, CTO

    2012 - 2015
    • Developed, using Clarion, a program to produce documents used by used car salespeople.
    Technologies: Clarion, PHP
  • Contractor

    2013 - 2014
    Windowbooks, Inc.
    • Created a system to allow the existing application to retarget MS SQL for storage instead of Btrieve.
    • Created a system to allow their existing application to retarget MS SQL for storage instead of TopSpeed tables.
    • Assisted the development team in moving their system from ISAM to SQL-based data storage.
    Technologies: C++, Clarion
  • Senior Developer

    2000 - 2002
    TopSpeed Development Center
    • Developed, using C++, a failsafe inter-process and inter-machine communication layer for the company's super computer (Now marketed as HPCC Systems).
    • Developed the communication system used to allow PCs to send commands to the super computer.
    • Created, using Java, a stock market forecasting program.
    • In the wake of the September 11 attacks, worked as a member of the team of programmers who worked to identify associates of the terrorists, producing lists of individuals "worth investigating" later leading to "several arrests."
    Technologies: MVP, C++
  • Senior Developer

    1995 - 2000
    Clarion Software (UK)
    • Led a small team in developing and maintaining the file interface layer to the Clarion programming language.
    Technologies: C++, Clarion, Modula-2
  • Technical Support/Developer

    1992 - 1995
    Clarion Software (USA)
    • Led the TopSpeed technical support department.
    • Developed the system for accessing Btrieve data files from the Clarion for the DOS programming language.
    • Developed the system for accessing dBaseIII, dBaseIV, Clipper, and FoxPro data files from the Clarion for the DOS programming language.
    Technologies: C++, Modula-2, Pascal, Assembler, Clarion
  • Language Support Technician

    1991 - 1992
    Jensen & Partners International
    • Provided technical support to programmers programming in C++, Pascal, Modula-2, and Assembler.
    • Helped maintain the C++ runtime library.
    Technologies: C++, Modula-2, Pascal, Assembler
  • Contractor

    1990 - 1991
    Measuremart, Ltd.
    • Conducted a feasibility study into the automation of the personnel section in charge of teachers.
    • Designed, implemented, tested, and documented a dBase IV system for maintaining school and councilor information.
    • Performed an audit of PC usage in the directory covering hardware, operational procedures, and data redundancy.
    Technologies: dBase IV
  • Programmer

    1988 - 1990
    Chemdata Pty, Ltd.
    • Converted a C dental package from Sun UNIX to XENIX then to TopSpeed C running under DOS.
    • Converted a UCSD-Pascal general ledger and creditors package to work with the company’s pharmaceutical software.
    • Led the design and implementation of a major revision to the general ledger and creditors system and a separate debtor system. Designed and implemented the underlying file system.
    • Designed and implemented a new menu system to be used throughout the company’s pharmaceutical software.
    • Designed and implemented a menu editor to be used by the other developers within the company.
    • Wrote programs in dBase IV for the maintenance of the company’s client database.
    Technologies: TopSpeed C, UCSD Pascal


  • Languages

    C, C#, Clarion, C++, SQL, T-SQL, PHP, Modula-2
  • Frameworks

    Qt, NUnit
  • Libraries/APIs

  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development, Test-driven Development (TDD), Concurrent Programming
  • Platforms

    Windows, Oracle
  • Other

    API Design
  • Tools

    Microsoft Visual Studio, Subversion (SVN), Git, Bugzilla
  • Storage

    SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, Pervasive PSQL, Btrieve, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Anywhere


  • Honours degree in Pure Mathematics
    1981 - 1984
    Australian National University - Canberra, Australia

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