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Sean Desmond

Sean Desmond

Dallas, TX, United States
Member since November 19, 2013
Sean is a top software engineer with a passion for exceptional design and a proven ability to build effective, scalable, multi-tiered solutions. He has over ten years of software development and architecture experience, and has worked a variety of roles, from individual developer to tech/team lead.
Sean is now available for hire
  • Ipwn Technologies
    Node.js, AngularJS, .NET (C#, Web API), SQL Server
  • CBTS
    Node, PHP, .NET (C#, Web API, MVC), AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Git...
  • Bluerock Interactive
    Node.js, MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQueryUI
  • JavaScript, 10 years
  • Visual Studio, 10 years
  • Agile Software Development, 5 years
  • AngularJS, 3 years
  • Express.js, 2 years
  • Node.js, 2 years
  • ASP.NET Web API, 2 years
  • WebStorm, 2 years
Dallas, TX, United States
Preferred Environment
OS X, Windows 7+, WebStorm, VS 2012+, Eclipse, Git
The most amazing...
...thing I've written is a graph-based user interface for managing and monitoring network elements on a multinational fiber optic network.
  • Founder, Senior Engineer
    Ipwn Technologies
    2012 - PRESENT
    • Created a customer sign-up wizard using AngularJS and the .NET Web API.
    • Enabled online payments and general eCommerce capabilities using payment processor REStful APIs.
    • Built a responsive online booking and reservation system using AngularJS and .NET Web API.
    • Designed and built a responsive web dashboard to display real-time business metrics.
    Technologies: Node.js, AngularJS, .NET (C#, Web API), SQL Server
  • Senior Software Engineer, Consultant
    2011 - 2013
    • Created .NET, Node, and Java SDKs to ease integration with a set of aging payment processing SOAP web services.
    • Built a single page web application to simplify consultant time reporting using Node, MongoDB, and AngularJS (the MEAN stack).
    • Developed a .NET / MVC-based web application to help manage "outside plant" staff and resources for a major telecommunications company.
    • Served as key architect in the overhaul and modernization of an antiquated telecom operational management system.
    • Engineered a set of payment processing RESTful services using the .NET Web API and related technologies.
    Technologies: Node, PHP, .NET (C#, Web API, MVC), AngularJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Subversion
  • Founder, Principal Engineer
    Bluerock Interactive
    2007 - 2013
    • Designed and built numerous mobile-optimized web apps using jQuery and jQueryMobile.
    • Created a mobile website generator and content management system using PhantomJS, Node, MongoDB, AngularJS, jQuery, and others.
    • Built several hybrid mobile applications using PhoneGap, HTML5, and JavaScript.
    • Built an eCommerce enabled single page web app to bring on new clients.
    • Engineered a web site crawler to analyze and catalog site styling, menu structure, and general content.
    Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQueryUI
  • Senior Developer
    Cincinnati Bell Telephone
    2000 - 2004
    • Built systems to automate manual processes while managing central office DSL equipment.
    • Worked as a senior developer to upgrade and maintain telecom operational support systems.
    • Led a team to integrate and customize a network element for monitoring the management system.
    • Worked as lead engineer on a team to evaluate and procure software to manage a new home security business offering.
    • Built a light-weight Windows application to monitor and catalog various network elements using SNMP.
    Technologies: .NET C# / VB, SQL Server, BizTalk, SNMP, SOAP
  • Payment Directives for AngularJS (Development)

    I created native AngularJS (Angular) directives based heavily on Stripe's jQuery payment library. No 3rd party JS dependencies (jQuery, Stripe.js, etc.) are required. A demo is available at

  • Languages
    HTML5, JavaScript, LESS, CSS3, C#, SQL, Java, PHP
  • Frameworks
    ZURB Foundation, AngularJS, ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET, Express.js, Bootstrap, .NET, Hibernate, ASP.NET MVC, Entity, Eclipse Gemini, Knockout.js
  • Libraries/APIs
    Stripe, AngularUI, jQuery, Node.js, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, Google+ API, Twitter API, Facebook API, HTTP API, Google Maps, Amazon API, Backbone.js, Handlebars
  • Tools
    Sublime Text 2, Mongoose, WebStorm, GitHub, Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio, Git, Visio, Notepad++, Gimp, Android Studio, GitHub Pages, GitLab
  • Paradigms
    Dependency Injection, Agile Software Development, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Model View Controller (MVC), Asynchronous Programming, Prototype-based OOP, Aspect-oriented Programming
  • Platforms
    Windows 7, Linux, Mac OS, Android, WordPress
  • Storage
    JSON, NoSQL, AWS S3, MongoDB, SQLite, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
  • Misc
    AJAX, Multithreading
  • Master's degree in Business Administration (IT)
    University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX
    2004 - 2006
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
    University of Dayton - Dayton, OH
    1995 - 2000
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