Sebastian Nogara, Developer in Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay

Sebastian Nogara

Software Developer

Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay
Toptal Member Since
June 20, 2019

Sebastian is a seasoned software developer. He architected the "follow" feature of, which allows over five million users to follow each other in one of America's most extensive product reviews sites. He has worked on application development in a variety of industries and strives for speed and accuracy.

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Denizen Cloud, Inc.
Node.js, Python 3, Django, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostGIS
Audience Boost, Inc.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Celery, Stripe, Django, Python 3
Virtual Medicine, LLC.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, Python


Montevideo, Montevideo Department, Uruguay



Preferred Environment

Arch Linux, Git, Vim Text Editor

The most amazing...

...proposal I implemented was a CI-based QA and release pipeline that allowed the team to launch new features confidently and with no bureaucracy quickly.

Work Experience

2022 - PRESENT

Technical Advisor

Denizen Cloud, Inc.
  • Set up a GIS (Geographic Information System) that centralizes data integrations with US counties and municipalities.
  • Assumed responsibility for the deployments and monitoring of the production environment.
  • Implemented continuous integration, infrastructure health checks, as well as the initial automated test suite.
Technologies: Node.js, Python 3, Django, JavaScript, Amazon Web Services (AWS), PostGIS
2020 - 2020

DevOps, Back-end Developer

Audience Boost, Inc.
  • Fast-tracked the implementation of core MVP features for the new business venture.
  • Set up infrastructure and CI deployments for the new web application.
  • Created a scripting environment for Facebook campaign automation.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Celery, Stripe, Django, Python 3
2019 - 2020

Technical Advisor

Virtual Medicine, LLC.
  • Conducted data research for building Medicare price estimators.
  • Created a database model supporting the business case and identified third-party integration points.
  • Defined architecture and technical approach for the implementation of a mobile app and back-end services.
  • Estimated development effort and software infrastructure costs.
  • Collaborated with a senior project manager and a senior designer to create a software product proposal.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kubernetes, Python
2016 - 2020

Technical Advisor (2018-2020), Senior Software Engineer (2017-2018), Software Engineer (2016-2017)

Influenster, Inc.
  • Architected and implemented the "follow" feature, with push notifications currently serving over five million users.
  • Re-implemented the user selection tool for product sampling campaigns, and reduced query latency from minutes to seconds.
  • Drove to completion a graph database model to power fine-grained recommendations across the site.
  • Built an in-house survey tool for product sampling market research campaigns.
  • Implemented content algorithms such as trending and related products.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Twitter API, Google API, Instagram API, Facebook API, Smart Entry Services (SES), AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS Lambda, Neptune, Amazon DynamoDB, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, PostgreSQL, Django REST Framework, Django, Python
2018 - 2019

Lead Software Engineer

Textual Relations AB
  • Re-engineered and re-implemented a legacy Python codebase for fast iteration.
  • Re-implemented lexicon database search for real-time lookups.
  • Created a release process and implemented a fully automated CI pipeline for QA and deployments.
  • Managed two remote developers, including onboarding.
  • Assisted hiring decisions for software development positions.
Technologies: Celery, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker, MySQL, REST, Django, Python
2015 - 2016

Software Developer

Bokio AB
  • Built a C# to TypeScript data model class transpiler.
  • Added currency conversion to the invoicing solution using the API of the Swedish central bank.
  • Implemented integration with Toggl time tracking for the invoicing solution offered by the company.
  • Developed an email delivery and tracking solution for invoices using the Mailgun API.
  • Worked as a full-stack developer on new features as specified by product management.
Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, C#
2013 - 2015

Software Developer

  • Built a player with graphics overlay for public advertising screens using SDL, libVLC, and Chromium Embedded Framework.
  • Developed a server monitoring analytics solution using Apache Cassandra for time series storage.
  • Shipped the first ever Android application delivered by the agency.
  • Implemented multiple integrations with social media APIs for social listening and analytics.
  • Built a customizable survey system using the Django web framework for a market research company.
Technologies: SDL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Apache Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Django, Python


Droidcast is an Android library implementing a service for OGG Vorbis streaming. Although the Android media player does support OGG Vorbis, it doesn't provide live metadata from Vorbis comments. Droidcast uses the pure Java OGG Vorbis decoder JOrbis to play OGG streams, allowing you to listen to meta-data changes.

Adjax lets you call Python functions from JavaScript. Adjax is a simple AJAX-based RPC mechanism for Django that provides argument type validation and an extensible JSON serializer that allows you to plug in custom serialization types.

WBI Indicator Explorer
WBI is a tool for visualizing indicators from the World Bank Open Data API. Implemented in Play Framework and Google Web Toolkit. This project includes a rudimentary RPC via REST solution, as both back- and front-end are implemented in Java.



Python, HTML, SCSS, CSS, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Python 3, C, C#, Gremlin, Erlang, Erlang (OTP)


Django, Django REST Framework, GWT, AngularJS


Git, Vim Text Editor, RabbitMQ, Celery, AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS), Solr, Jenkins


Object-oriented Programming (OOP), REST, Functional Programming, Testing


PostgreSQL, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Memcached, Cassandra, Google Cloud, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Amazon DynamoDB, Redshift, Relational Databases, PostGIS


Instagram API, Google API, Stripe, SDL, libVLC, Facebook API, Twitter API, React, Node.js


Arch Linux, AWS Lambda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Android, Mailgun, Kubernetes, Amazon EC2, Docker


Apache Cassandra, Ant, OAuth, Neptune, Concurrency, Business Processes, Research, Software Architecture, HTTP, APIs


2015 - 2018

Coursework Toward a Degree (150 ECTS) in Software Engineering and Management

Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg - Gothenburg, Sweden