Sergei Bezborodko, Software Developer in Toronto, ON, Canada
Sergei Bezborodko

Software Developer in Toronto, ON, Canada

Member since August 5, 2020
Sergei is an entrepreneur and talented developer who excels in designing, planning, and implementing distributed back-end systems. He grew and led a team that developed an entirely new driver referral back-end system at Uber using the latest technology. Sergei founded his dream company, a video game studio, and enjoys collaborating with clients to deliver well thought-out products.
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  • Original Studios
    Game Development, Game Design, Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection...
  • Uber
    Monitoring, Continuous Deployment, Docker, Nginx, Coroutines, Grafana...
  • GooseChase Adventures
    Django, PostgreSQL, Android, iOS, Nginx



Toronto, ON, Canada



Preferred Environment

Git, JetBrains, MacOS

The most amazing... I led and grew from three to 15 people developed an entirely new driver referral back-end system at Uber using the latest technology.


  • Founder and CEO

    2019 - PRESENT
    Original Studios
    • Developing a full game from scratch using Unity and all the proper software design skills learned throughout my career.
    • Planned many features split into milestones, complete with Gantt charts.
    • Worked individually until recently. Preparing to hire artists and other creatives to help fulfill my vision.
    Technologies: Game Development, Game Design, Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection, Unity, C#
  • Senior Software Engineer

    2014 - 2019
    • Built out many features end-to-end for the driver onboarding funnel to increase the efficiency of the signup process and acquire more drivers.
    • Led a team to create an entirely new driver referral tracking system using the new microservices paradigm to which the company was migrating.
    • Designed and worked on the back-end system for a new “code-less” driver onboarding step creation engine.
    • Handled the migration and part of the system design of the legacy Python-based driver onboarding back end into a set of new Go services handling onboarding for multiple entity types, not just drivers.
    • Led many knowledge and information sharing sessions for fellow engineers at various points, from graphing to on-call processes.
    Technologies: Monitoring, Continuous Deployment, Docker, Nginx, Coroutines, Grafana, Server Migration, Agile, Microservices, Leadership, Mesos, Flask, Tornado, NoSQL, MySQL, Distributed Systems, Go, Python
  • Co-founder and Developer

    2011 - 2016
    GooseChase Adventures
    • Built out the startup's iOS and Android apps from scratch.
    • Ensured feature parity between both mobile platforms and a consistent UI/UX experience across the board.
    • Assisted with server provisioning, database setup, and many other back-end-related issues that came up.
    Technologies: Django, PostgreSQL, Android, iOS, Nginx
  • Software Engineer

    2012 - 2014
    • Collaborated with the two technical founders to build features from initial product specifications to release.
    • Delivered full stack engineering; a Pyramid/Node.js/MySQL back-end with a jQuery/React front-end.
    • Maintained and developed features of various client libraries written for generic Python, Ruby/Rails, Node.js, browser JavaScript, PHP, Android, and iOS.
    Technologies: MySQL, ETL, React, Full-stack, APIs, Pyramid, Python


  • Minecraft Server

    Developed an entire ecosystem for a Minecraft server I ran for about seven years, with a Python/Flask-based website, various Java plugins, and a Node.js real-time streaming server for live chat to/from the site and ingame. The server was decently popular in its heyday, with up to 100 players online at a time.


  • MCRunner

    MCRunner is a client/server system that allows the control and monitoring of multiple Minecraft server instances on a single machine. It is based on the Supervisor process control system, something I've had a lot of experience with. The repo has 100% line and branch coverage, and full documentation.


  • Languages

    Python, C#, Java, Go, JavaScript, C++, HTML5
  • Frameworks

    Flask, Unity, Pyramid, Django
  • Platforms

    MacOS, iOS, Android, Docker, Raspberry Pi
  • Tools

    JetBrains, Git, Grafana, Mesos, Nginx
  • Paradigms

    Microservices, Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control, Agile, ETL, Continuous Deployment, DevOps, Testing
  • Storage

    MySQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Distributed Systems, Tornado, Server Migration, Coroutines, Game Development, APIs, Computer Science, Leadership, Game Design, Full-stack, Minecraft Mods, Monitoring, Open Source
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, jQuery, Node.js


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science
    2006 - 2011
    University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Canada

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