Serguei Martchenko, Developer in Duivendrecht, Netherlands

Serguei Martchenko

Front-end Developer

Duivendrecht, Netherlands
Toptal Member Since
July 29, 2019

Serguei has degrees in mathematics and technological design. He has been applying his knowledge of user-centered design and strong problem-solving skills for 18 years, helping companies implement dynamic web UIs. He has experience creating architecture and supervising large-scale front-end projects.

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ZyLAB Technologies
.NET, Node.js, SCSS, TypeScript, Angular, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Usability
JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, Usability
Knockout (Knockout.js), XSD, XML, C#, .NET, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript...


Duivendrecht, Netherlands



Preferred Environment

Git, Chrome, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)

The most amazing...

...project I've developed was an upload web client with compression and multiple upload threads showing the upload speed to be faster than the local file copy.

Work Experience

2016 - PRESENT

Front-end Developer

ZyLAB Technologies
  • Implemented a web UI with Angular for existing and new functionality.
  • Implemented a file upload web client using a FileSystem browser API and compression with the pako library.
  • Implemented reusable UI components with Angular 2+, including a virtual scroll grid.
Technologies: .NET, Node.js, SCSS, TypeScript, Angular, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Usability
2016 - 2016

Front-end Developer

  • Created a library of UI components with AngularJS.
  • Set up library sharing via an NPM repository.
  • Set up automatic testing of library components.
Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, Usability
2001 - 2016

Principal Developer

  • Implemented a custom JavaScript framework with custom implementation of modules and dependency resolution.
  • Implemented Web Content Management web UI with JavaScript, TypeScript, XML, XSLT, XSD, ASP.NET.
  • Implemented a client-side model layer reflecting system back-end API.
  • Created a front-end that seamlessly integrates multiple web UI's implemented with different technologies.
Technologies: Knockout (Knockout.js), XSD, XML, C#, .NET, XHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5, Usability


Silverlight UI to HTML5 Conversion

The project was to convert a Silverlight user interface to HTML based on Angular2+. The new UI was successfully built, more responsive, and had a modern look and feel. Additional features were also implemented.

New UI Framework

I designed the architecture and implemented an extensible UI framework to replace an outdated web UI for the existing enterprise-scale application. A new JavaScript framework was utilized with a custom, client-side model layer reflecting the server-side API, cross-frame, and window communication for multiple display UI. The rendering was based on Knockout.js templating, and modular structure with dependency resolution.

Multiple UI Integration

I integrated UI's for multiple applications hosted on different domains in a single unified UI. The new interface provided a unified sandbox environment, and allowed communication among different applications using cross-domain messaging.

Upload Client

I implemented a web-client for upload application. Using browser FileSystem API, parallel HTTP requests, web-workers, and compression, the new client supported pause, resume and error recovery, showed good stability and effective speed exceeding the speed of a local file copy and the network bandwidth.



JavaScript, ECMAScript (ES6), HTML5, CSS, XHTML, TypeScript, XML/XSLT, SCSS, XSD, SQL, HTML, XML, C#, PHP


Angular, Knockout (Knockout.js), Express.js, Angular Material, Chrome, AngularJS, .NET


Unit Testing, HTML DOM, Scrum, REST




Git, Visual Studio, Subversion (SVN)


Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Linux


MySQL, MariaDB


Performance, HTTP, Usability


1999 - 2001

Master of Science Degree in Technological Design

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - Eindhoven, The Netherlands

1991 - 1995

Master of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics

Novosibirsk State University - Novosibirsk, Russia