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Shahid Thaika

Verified Expert  in Engineering

SQL Developer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Toptal Member Since
June 18, 2020

Shahid designs and develops systems and databases, presents data with stunning visualizations to easily see the big picture, and performs deep-dive analysis to make key decisions. A US MSIT and MBA dual-degree graduate, he is fluent in English and has 12 years of professional experience across many industries. Shahid focuses on understanding requirements and identifying root causes to plan and execute the best course of action for business needs.


BCG Gamma
Microsoft Power BI, PostgreSQL, Azure Synapse, Microsoft SQL Server, DAX...
PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Access...
Yara International
Redshift, Microsoft Power BI, Data Build Tool (dbt), Business Intelligence (BI)...




Preferred Environment

MySQL, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on was to implement end-to-end systems successfully for a company where many other big brand IT companies failed for over 10 years.

Work Experience

Power BI Data Engineer

2021 - 2022
BCG Gamma
  • Designed and implemented reports using Power BI to visualize predicted and actual pricing strategy data for a retailer with over 9,000 stores.
  • Ingested data via Azure Data Lake and Azure PostgreSQL Database in Direct Query mode. The published report was embedded in a broader user interface.
  • Coded and optimized view queries that populated the Power BI Star Schema model, benchmarked Power BI for performance, and improved load time by reducing the number of queries and implementing measures to speed up direct query v/s import mode.
  • Developed ETL measures to merge and aggregate data from various database technologies and sources such as CSVs, Spark output, application data, modeling output, etc.
Technologies: Microsoft Power BI, PostgreSQL, Azure Synapse, Microsoft SQL Server, DAX, Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Databases, Data Engineering

Senior Data Engineer

2021 - 2021
  • Designed and implemented reports and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI for a leading European real estate and property development company.
  • Significantly optimized the existing reports and database models, reducing the number of reports to browse and maintain while improving the performance and size of reports.
  • Simplified the database structure, aggregating data from various countries and frequency of metrics (weekly, monthly, yearly), implementing time intelligence in the reports while only writing rows in the tables when the data changed.
  • Conducted knowledge transfers regularly and led group discussions with multiple teams to bring focus into the company's Information Systems and Reporting initiatives to discuss problems and solutions for general project management.
  • Planned tasks and oversaw two other junior developers in all the report and dashboard development activities.
  • Designed and implemented a custom project management tool, using Microsoft Access, to manage the planning of IT initiatives, budget and track costs from resources, assets, licenses, custom time allocation, and reporting, among other features.
Technologies: PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Business Intelligence (BI), SQL Stored Procedures, Power Query, DAX, Data Engineering

Power BI Data Analyst

2021 - 2021
Yara International
  • Aggregated database data from various product solutions of a chemical fertilizer farming solutions and advisory company and designed and implemented a reporting database using Amazon Redshift.
  • Wrote several queries to transform the raw data into the eventual database model. The queries and model were maintained using DBT.
  • Remodeled and optimized data in Power BI to simplify multiple-fact tables into a star schema model, enabling higher performance, ability to calculate new metrics, and significant file size reduction.
  • Utilized Tabular Editor to reduce the number of measures and implement time intelligence—YoY, YTD, all-time, monthly, etc. calculations, in an easy to maintain manner.
Technologies: Redshift, Microsoft Power BI, Data Build Tool (dbt), Business Intelligence (BI), Power Query, DAX, Data Engineering

Redshift Query Specialist

2021 - 2021
The Hustle
  • Developed reports using Sisense for an online email-based newsletter business.
  • Wrote queries against a Redshift database used by the company against the Sisense cache.
  • Optimized existing queries that the business users already wrote.
Technologies: Redshift, Sisense, JSON, APIs

MySQL Database Administrator

2020 - 2020
Jun Group
  • Profiled and analyzed a MySQL RDS instance with 32 vCPUs, 244GB RAM, 4.4TB SSD, and 30+ average concurrent users. Worked with the development team to implement measures to improve performance and reduce errors that were not identified earlier.
  • Optimized server configuration that led to a drop in disk reads down to one-third of the original, increased the number of write requests before flushing by two to three times, reduced mutex lock waits, and optimized buffer pool usage.
  • Analyzed slow query logs and output from a system I created to capture long-running transactions. Identified bugs in the application, inefficient index keys, and opportunities to rewrite queries to improve performance and reduce aborted connections.
  • Planned, designed, automated, and executed a 60-step migration plan, using dynamic queries and bash scripts to move the production database from an RDS instance with 4,400 GB SSD down to one with 2,500 GB SDD with zero downtime.
  • Designed and implemented triggers and procedures to alter tables with millions and billions of rows without any downtime and throttled based on current database load by inserting a dynamic number of rows, calculated using status inputs.
  • Reduced database size by at least 250GB or 10% by identifying redundant index keys, excessive field definitions, collations, and non-scalable table definitions.
Technologies: Amazon EC2, SQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Database Administration (DBA), Bash Script, MySQL, Database Development, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Databases, SQL Stored Procedures, Python, Amazon RDS, Google Data Studio, Google BigQuery, BigQuery, Database Optimization, Apache Airflow

Data Engineer

2019 - 2020
Decentral Park Capital
  • Designed and built the data warehouse and reporting systems for a digital assets fund management company.
  • Aggregated data into MS Azure SQL Database using PHP scripts to consume APIs from various third-party data vendors.
  • Designed and developed various dashboards and reports and transformed and modeled the data using a combination of SQL queries, Power BI modeling, and DAX.
  • Built regression models and charts based on user inputs to help analyze trends in crypto trading markets and make informed investments.
Technologies: Data Analysis, Azure SQL, Azure, jQuery UI, SQL, SQL Server 2016, jQuery, Yii 2, Linux, Excel VBA, Data Engineering, Database Administration (DBA), HTML, Data Warehouse Design, Data Warehousing, Excel 2016, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Azure SQL Databases, PHP, Database Development, JSON API, JSON REST APIs, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Databases, REST APIs, JSON, Microsoft SQL Server, Business Intelligence (BI), SQL Stored Procedures, Power Query, DAX, APIs

SQL Developer

2018 - 2020
SelectQuote Insurance Services, Inc.
  • Contributed as a team member that migrated legacy SQL Server procedures to a new MariaDB-based system and created new ones as required.
  • Optimized queries for Microsoft SQL Server and MariaDB procedures, including certain cases where procedures taking over 20-40 minutes were cut short to 2-3 minutes.
  • Analyzed data and created applications to find more leads to up-sell to, using historical sales data. Each system used different logic to find leads.
  • Designed and implemented various ETL SSIS packages to process and export data used in marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Designed and implemented custom dashboards and reports using Amazon AWS Quicksight for the MariaDB-based application.
  • Designed and implemented reports and dashboards using Microsoft Power BI for Microsoft SQL Server-based data warehouse, including real-time streaming datasets and reports. Used PHP for the API that populates the streaming dataset.
  • Developed JavaScript and PHP applications to manage external communication with customers and data sharing with third-party vendors and deployed them via an AWS Virtual Machine and Secrets Manager.
  • Created reports on MS SQL Server Reporting Services and used custom PHP reporting applications as required for business users.
Technologies: Data Analysis, .NET, SQL, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Visual Studio, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL Server 2016, C#, Business Analysis, MySQL, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, Database Development, ETL, Amazon S3 (AWS S3), JSON API, JSON REST APIs, Data Modeling, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Databases, JSON, Amazon QuickSight, SQL Stored Procedures, Power Query, DAX

Business Consultant

2016 - 2018
One Affiniti
  • Designed and implemented a data warehouse and reporting system, integrating data from various in-house and third-party solutions.
  • Designed and wrote queries to process email subscriber data from over 50,000 campaigns as of June 2018, and to incorporate data regarding prior campaign planning, post planning email marketing outcome, attribution to invoice, etc.
  • Built reports using Excel, DOMO, SSRS, etc., after evaluating a few other tools.
  • Analyzed data to suggest ways to improve subscriber conversions, optimize the usage of resources, reduce inefficiencies, etc.
  • Worked toward getting an external consultant to implement big data solutions.
Technologies: Data Analysis, Amazon EC2, SQL, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Linux, Excel VBA, Data Engineering, Business Analysis, Database Administration (DBA), HTML, Wufoo API, Campaign Monitor API, Data Warehouse Design, Data Warehousing, MySQL, Google API, Microsoft Excel, Google Data Studio, Domo, PHP, Database Development, ETL, JSON API, JSON REST APIs, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Databases, REST APIs, JSON, Business Intelligence (BI), Amazon QuickSight, SQL Stored Procedures, APIs, Amazon RDS, Database Optimization

Business Analysis Advisor

2012 - 2015
Dell International Services
  • Reported and analyzed the sales funnel for marketing campaigns and other factors driving demand for Dell's pipeline, revenue, and margin.
  • Designed and implemented 'Leakage Reports,' a dynamic dashboard to accurately and visually determine revenue loss at every point of the sales funnel.
  • Initiatives following insights and recommendations from above yielded a substantial increase in the pipeline to the company.
  • Designed and implemented the data structure and many views in Tableau Dashboards.
  • Automated and optimized various deliverables and implemented systems to save hundreds of man-hours.
  • Designed and implemented a tool and a systematic process to accurately and efficiently plan campaigns created in our CRM by 20-25 people across 6-7 countries.
  • Nominated and awarded a Partner Silver Award and another award within the department (two in one year).
Technologies: Data Analysis, SQL Server DBA, SQL, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server 2016, Business Analysis, Excel 2016, Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, Tableau, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Microsoft SQL Server, Database Development, ETL, Data Modeling, Dashboards, Data Visualization, Databases, Business Intelligence (BI), SQL Stored Procedures, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Database Optimization

Senior IT Executive

2009 - 2012
Coastal Energy Private Limited
  • Acted as a team member that implemented the IT Enablement vision of a multinational group of companies with five subsidiaries, using Microsoft's range of enterprise-level software solutions.
  • Implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 in a techno-functional role across four company locations in three countries.
  • Customized Microsoft CRM for additional functionality using ASP.NET and JavaScript.
  • Served as the task lead and main liaison with the channel partner for Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation.
  • Enhanced NAV functionality by implementing customization and add-ins for features such as "Hide Zero" in analysis by dimension, dynamic web browser control add-in, one-to-many invoice application, Excel to NAV mappings, and more.
  • Completed the NAV implementation for a subsidiary without a channel partner after the two main subsidiaries went live.
  • Supported the finance department in finalizing the business process, generated master data, evaluated alternatives, and assisted in deciding optimum transaction entries.
Technologies: SQL Server DBA, .NET, ASP.NET, SQL, Visual Studio, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server 2016, jQuery, C#, Excel VBA, HTML, Excel 2016, Microsoft Excel, JavaScript, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Database Development, Data Architecture, Databases, REST APIs, JSON, SQL Stored Procedures, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

IS Project Management Intern

2007 - 2007
Staples, Inc
  • Assisted in supporting Planview (web-based IS portfolio management tool) implementation.
  • Analyzed the metrics results and benefits realization from Planview and provided inputs to design further metrics.
  • Designed and implemented tools to enhance various processes such as Planview compliance monitoring, customer satisfaction evaluation, project management, and requirements feedback.
Technologies: Excel VBA, HTML, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Simple Password Manager
Simple Password Manager stores your various passwords, for websites, bank pins, lock numbers, etc., in a secure manner. It is easy to use without any ads or frills attached.

Have trouble remembering your numerous passwords? Now, remember only the master password for Simple Password Manager, and the application will remind you of the other passwords you store within.

This application uses Password-Based Key Derivation and AES Encryption to securely store your passwords and gives you full control and visibility into the encryption method used.


CRM Lead Lifecycle Visualization
This interactive and dynamic dashboard created entirely in Excel gives you an overview of the point at which the relationship between your company and the potential customer ended in the CRM's lead process lifecycle.

Supply Chain Planning and Visualization Tool

A supply chain planning and visualization tool I built using Excel. You need to configure the various raw material inputs and manufactured output at various nodes. It automatically simulates the entire supply chain activities of procuring raw materials, producing semi-finished and finished goods, and distribution to various customers. It's completely dynamic and supports any number of nodes and complexity, and supports various statistical distribution methods.
2006 - 2008

MSIT + MBA Dual Degree in Management Information Systems

Bentley University - Waltham, MA

2004 - 2006

Master of Commerce Degree in Banking and Finance

Sydenham College - Mumbai, India

2001 - 2004

Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Management

Sydenham College - Mumbai, India


JSON API, REST APIs, Wufoo API, Campaign Monitor API, jQuery UI, jQuery, Google API


Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Excel 2016, Power Query, Domo, Inkscape, Microsoft Access, Power Pivot, Amazon QuickSight, BigQuery, Apache Beam, Cloud Dataflow, Apache Airflow, Visual Studio, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Tableau, Sisense


SQL, PHP, Excel VBA, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Java, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Python, C#, Bash Script


Database Development, ETL, Business Intelligence (BI)


Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, Amazon EC2, Azure, Android, Azure Synapse


MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Databases, MariaDB, SQL Server 2016, Databases, JSON, SQL Stored Procedures, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Database Administration (DBA), SQL Server DBA, Azure SQL, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Amazon S3 (AWS S3), Redshift, PostgreSQL


.NET, Bootstrap 3, ASP.NET, Yii 2

Industry Expertise



Data Engineering, Excel Macros, JSON REST APIs, Web Extensions, Software Development, Dashboards, Data Visualization, DAX, APIs, Data Warehousing, Google Data Studio, Data Analysis, Data Architecture, Data Modeling, Data Warehouse Design, Chrome Extensions, Inventory Management, Sales, Business Analysis, Amazon RDS, Google BigQuery, Database Optimization, Finance, Business Management, Data Build Tool (dbt), Encryption, Azure Data Lake

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