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Shane Keller

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Machine Learning Developer

San Francisco, CA, United States
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July 14, 2020

Shane is a machine learning engineer with skills in data science, data engineering, and cloud automation. He has a track record of developing big data applications and experience with all aspects of building production-grade machine learning systems, including big data collection, model development, model deployment, and infrastructure.



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), DataGrip, PyCharm, Jupyter, Linux, Unix, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've done is use data science and machine learning to help build an automated trading system that earns millions of dollars.

Work Experience

Senior Data Scientist

2020 - PRESENT
  • Joined Level as its second-most senior data scientist. Level is a fast-growing healthtech startup backed by First Round Capital and other elite VC firms.
  • Built machine learning models to predict insurance costs, detect fraud, and determine the quality of service providers. These models are key to Level's competitive advantage.
  • Performed exploratory data analysis on various data sets to deliver critical business insights and inform product development.
Technologies: Kubernetes, SQL, Python


2020 - PRESENT
  • Read statistics papers related to data sampling to find evidence for new stratified regression data sampling feature.
  • Contributed to docs on machine learning and data science best practices.
  • Advocated for new features such as p-value support in linear regression models.
Technologies: Scikit-learn

Senior Data Engineer

2018 - 2020
Temple Capital
  • Hired as employee #1 at a hedge fund backed by Pantera Capital and Bain Capital that used machine learning to find profitable trading opportunities.
  • Worked with a machine learning stack that used proprietary statistical features, XGBoost and Random Forest regression models, and Bayesian hyperparameter optimization to train profitable time series prediction models.
  • Used pandas and SQL to create dashboards that analyzed trading strategy performance and identified changes to our trading system, increasing trading profits by up to 3%..
  • Explored historical market data to find interesting patterns and trends that could support novel trading strategies.
  • Built the fund's data platform and data lake on AWS using Postgres (RDS), S3, Presto (Athena), Batch, Step Functions, and ECS. The platform was used by our machine learning platform to ingest TBs of data and discover new trading strategies.
  • Served as the sole engineer on the DevOps and cloud automation side, and set up a robust and stable system that needed very little maintenance and had almost zero downtime over 1.5 years. Deployed hundreds of machines with Docker and Terraform.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), SQL, Python

Senior Software Engineer

2016 - 2018
  • Worked with the data science team to investigate and predict user behavior to increase Fitbit user retention.
  • Used pandas and SQL to investigate and debug system outages to ensure a seamless Fitbit user experience.
  • Served as a lead contributor to the Fitbit API Authorization Service, a distributed system that handles authentication and authorization using OAuth 2. The system receives 80,000 RPS, serving all third party apps, Fitbit mobile, and Fitbit web apps.
  • Built migration framework used to convert the Auth Service database from MySQL to Cassandra, providing service scalability with no API downtime incurred. Designed the Cassandra schema.
Technologies: Java, SQL, Python

Outperforming Google Cloud AutoML Vision with Tensorflow
Built a binary classifier that used deep learning to detect clouds in satellite images with 95% recall and 91% precision, and outperformed Google Cloud AutoML by 3% and 9%, respectively. Technologies used were Keras/Tensorflow, scikit-learn, Dask, Docker, and Google Cloud Platform. Published in Towards Data Science.


Python 3, SQL, Java 8, Python, Java


Pandas, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras


Data Science


Anaconda, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Docker, MacOS, Unix, Linux, Kubernetes


Machine Learning


Terraform, Jupyter, PyCharm, DataGrip





2014 - 2014

Continuing Education in Data Mining, Computer Science

Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA

2006 - 2010

Bachelor's Degree in Neuroscience

University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA


Software Engineering

Hack Reactor