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Shaojiang Cai

Shaojiang Cai

Zhangzhou, Fujian, China
Member since February 24, 2016
Shaojiang is a passionate front-end developer with seven years of professional experience. He loves JavaScript, especially React and Redux. He has extensive experience in large-scale data visualization (D3.js). His skill set covers Angular, Node.js, ES6, jQuery, React, D3, Sass, Gulp, Webpack, and Git. He is also an active StackOverflow reviewer and GitHub developer.
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  • JavaScript, 7 years
  • ECMAScript (ES6), 4 years
  • D3.js, 4 years
  • Node.js, 3 years
  • React, 3 years
  • Webpack, 3 years
  • Redux, 3 years
  • Gulp.js, 3 years
Zhangzhou, Fujian, China
Preferred Environment
Ubuntu, IntelliJ, Mercurial/Git
The most amazing...
...application I've built is an online visualization system to draw SVG figures for large-scale bioinformatics data, which is highly customized and dynamic.
  • Senior Front-end Developer
    2017 - 2018
    • Architected the front-end codebase.
    • Developed tens of common control elements, like buttons, dropdowns, and text fields.
    • Worked closely with the designer to implement pixel-level designs.
    • Integrated Stripe for credit card payment.
    • Plotted SVG diagrams on the user dashboard.
    Technologies: ES6, TypeScript, Redux, Axios, Rechart, Webpack
  • Senior Front-end Developer
    2016 - 2017
    • Built the front-end codebase from scratch. Integrated TypeScript, Webpack, Jest, and other tools into the production level.
    • Built tens of common control elements with flexible parameters and designs, including buttons, dropdowns, tooltips, tabs, check boxes, and more.
    • Integrated bitcoin payment and Stripe for credit card payments.
    • Used web sockets for real-time cryptocurrency trades.
    Technologies: React.js, Redux, TypeScript, Webpack, ES6, Stripe, Bitcoin, Web Sockets
  • Front-end Web Developer
    2016 - 2017
    European Bioinformatics Institute
    • Worked for the project European PMC.
    Technologies: CSS3, jQuery, Wicket
  • Front-end Web Developer
    2014 - 2016
    RingCentral XMN
    • Helped to develop a platform to support RingCentral API developers based on AngularJS.
    • Built the mobile site from scratch using React.js.
    • Replaced Grunt by Gulp to enhance the front-end automation workflow.
    • Developed a bunch of flexible Angular components, including Carousal, Flippable images, Sliders, etc.
    • Started and maintained open source project Angular-sui, which integrates AngularJS and Semantic-UI.
    Technologies: AngularJS, React.js, Sass, Gulp
  • Bioinformatics Specialist
    2012 - 2014
    Genome Institute of Singapore
    • Built the front-end system to draw various and large-scale Bioinformatics data using D3.js.
    • Supported diverse Bioinformatics formats, including BED, BAM, Gene, and PSL.
    • Supported more flexible parameters to enable users to have more control on the figure plotting, including four plotting modes: full, dense, packed, and squish.
    • Designed and implemented partial loading and parallel drawing from multiple sources for the sake of performance.
    • Communicated with back-end APIs to retrieve dynamic data.
    Technologies: D3.js, jQuery, Django
  • Splash Mining (Development)

    Splash Mining is a multi-algorithm cryptocurrency cloud mining service that is powered by solar energy. Our operators are both experts in solar energy management and cryptocurrency mining. We are guided by professional ethos that is the sum of our core values.

  • XChangeRate (Development)

    A unified interface to manage your trades across all major exchanges along with powerful metrics to increase profit.

  • DPW (Developers Portal Web) (Development)

    DPW is a web application to support developers of the RingCentral RESTful APIs. It includes public pages, a WordPress-based blog, developers’ dashboard, and administrators’ dashboard. It is based on AngularJS, React.js, and jQuery.

    I am one of the key front-end developers. I have developed most of the static pages and participated in the development of the dashboards and mobile site.

  • BASIC (Browser for Applications in Sequencing and Integrated Comparisons) (Development)

    BASIC is an integrated system to efficiently store, process, and visualize large columns of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data. It provides real-time storage and visualization of large-scale bioinformatics data.

    I was the sole developer of the BASIC front-end. I designed and implemented the powerful and flexible data visualization feature using D3.js.

  • Hot Module Replacement in Redux (Publication)
    Hot module replacement is one of the most useful features offered by Webpack. It allows all kinds of modules, including JSON, CSS, and JS files, to be updated at runtime without needing a full refresh. In this article, Toptal Freelance JavaScript Developer Shaojiang Cai demonstrates how to use Hot Module Replacement in Redux.
  • Languages
    JavaScript, ECMAScript (ES6), CSS3, HTML5, Less, Sass, TypeScript, Python, Java
  • Frameworks
    AngularJS, Bootstrap, Redux
  • Libraries/APIs
    jQuery, React, Lodash, Material-UI React Components, Node.js, D3.js
  • Tools
    Mercurial, Git, Gulp.js, Webpack
  • Paradigms
    Scrum, REST
  • Other
    Semantic UI, Chrome Extensions
  • Storage
  • Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics
    2008 - 2011
    National University of Singapore - Singapore
  • Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Systems
    2004 - 2008
    Renmin University of China - Beijing, China
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