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Ruslan Sheptolut

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.NET Developer

Brisbane, Australia
Toptal Member Since
June 14, 2017

Today a senior .NET developer, Ruslan has over a decade of experience developing high-quality enterprise software of all tiers. He sees both front- and back-end tasks as an opportunity to learn new technologies, build clean architecture, and ensure that the product is stable and highly maintainable. Ruslan likes to be efficient, never falls off the radar, and is always positive.


MediaMarkt | Retail Company (Moscow, Russia)
Jenkins, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Angular, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server...
Rosneft | Oil Company (Moscow, Russia)
TFS, Oracle, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), XAML...
Rosneft | Oil Company (Tuapse, Russia)
Delphi, PL/SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, C#




Preferred Environment

Windows 10, Git, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Visual Studio 2019

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed in C# is a Windows 8 tablet app for retail stores which by the sheer breadth of functionality rendered the stationary terminals obsolete.

Work Experience

Senior .NET Developer

2015 - 2017
MediaMarkt | Retail Company (Moscow, Russia)
  • Developed a Windows 8 tablet application that replaces legacy stationary terminals for salesmen in MediaMarkt retail stores.
  • Constructed a modular back-end REST API (ASP.NET Core 1.1) which integrates the company's numerous internal microservices.
  • Built a highly maintainable and easily configurable administration dashboard for configuring and monitoring the app; using ASP.NET Core 1.1 MVC.
  • Automated fully the build and deployment process; including user notification, Win 8 app asynchronous deployment to all devices, and automatic database backup and migration.
  • Developed a web-based SPA with the same functionality as the tablet app that uses the same back-end, using Angular 2 and TypeScript 2.3.
Technologies: Jenkins, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Angular, Entity Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET Core, XAML, .NET, C#

Senior .NET Developer

2013 - 2015
Rosneft | Oil Company (Moscow, Russia)
  • Built a high-level, easy-to-use corporate framework (C#) based on Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation 5.0 that is still used for development with the platform.
  • Developed a project documentation system: a solution for storage of project documents for oil plant construction using the aforementioned framework and the SPF platform.
  • Analyzed the business requirements from several companies' subsidiaries and constructed a comprehensive unified data schema for the solution.
  • Automated the deployment of the solution to many of the company's subsidiaries (accounting for the differences in their requirements).
  • Provided remote technical coordination for a small regional department of developers involving briefings, consultations, and code reviews.
Technologies: TFS, Oracle, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Communication Framework (WCF), XAML, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), C#

.NET Developer

2010 - 2013
Rosneft | Oil Company (Tuapse, Russia)
  • Developed new COM modules and maintained the old ones (C# and Delphi) for a huge local accounting system that uses the Oracle database.
  • Maintained the 1C accounting system's modules in accordance with the constantly changing federal laws and regulations; also developed the new modules for the system, all in a VBA-like proprietary language called 1C.
  • Developed, launched, and maintained a SharePoint legal document portal that's still currently in use.
  • Automated the workflow of commodity directory experts using SAP automation, SAP XI. Implemented several data synchronization solutions—transferring data between SAP and the 1C accounting system.
  • Communicated directly with users for all the aforementioned projects—from gathering business requirements to briefing and support.
Technologies: Delphi, PL/SQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP, C#

Software Developer

2007 - 2010
Severstal | Steel Company (Vorkuta, Russia)
  • Developed an enterprise security audits solution using Delphi and Oracle. The solution was used for scheduling enterprise security check-ups in coal mines and other subsidiaries of Severstal.
  • Developed, with a team of five, a highly functional service desk software (using Delphi and Oracle) built according to ITIL principles. It was check-ups for the company's IT needs for 7 years after that; also wrote graduate work about that and received a perfect mark.
  • Maintained a legacy MS Access accounting solution for a client transport company and also developed a new one for them, including a lot of Excel reports.
  • Built an engine in Delphi for a user-friendly wizard that generates legal agreements and other legal documents. It is configurable and extendable with declarative-style scripts; uses Word and Excel for templates and Oracle for storage.
  • Collected and analyzed the business requirements during the development of all the projects.
Technologies: Word 2016, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Access, PL/SQL, Oracle, DevExpress, C#, Delphi


This is a test assignment that I completed back in 2015.

Original task:
"Model the behavior of a vending machine that sells coffee, tea, etc. The system displays a user's wallet, VM's wallet, and VM's available products. The user can put coins into the VM at any time. The user can withdraw change at any time. The user can buy a product at any time. There should be all necessary checks and guards in place. The number of coins transferred should be minimal. The model is expected to be implemented with OOP in mind. Unit tests will be a plus. The UI can be purely schematic."

They expected me to demonstrate my coding and architecture-building skills and my ability to work with a very light task definition. It wasn't supposed to be too small or too complicated. The task isn't supposed to illustrate UI design skills.

To run this code, you need Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or later. All the used packages will be restored via Nuget upon compilation.


C#, TypeScript 3, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, XAML, Delphi, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Java 7, TypeScript, Sass, HTML5, CSS3, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), C++, C#.NET, SCSS, XML, Regex


.NET, Angular, ASP.NET MVC, Entity, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Framework (WCF), .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Angular Material, Entity Framework Core, .NET 4, ASP.NET MVC 4, ASP.NET MVC 6, ASP.NET MVC 5, ASP.NET MVC 3, ASP.NET, Json.NET, MVVM Light Toolkit, Scandit, Bootstrap 3+, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap, Entity 6, Protractor, Jasmine


Azure Blob Storage API, PDFSharp, LINQ, REST APIs, Entity Framework, SendGrid API, JSON API, jQuery, Reactive Extensions


Git, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio 2019, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Word 2016, Azure Key Vault, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2015, NPM, Postman, TFS, Jira, Fiddler, Jenkins, Karma, Webpack 2


Azure DevOps, Agile, REST, RESTful Development, Dependency Injection, Model View Viewmodel (MVVM), Microservices Architecture, Asynchronous Programming, Microservices


Azure, Universal Windows Platform (UWP), Visual Studio 2017, Oracle, Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code)


Azure Cosmos DB, JSON, Microsoft SQL Server, JSON/XML Schemas, PL/SQL


IIS, Windows 10, DevExpress, Time Management, Goal Management, DI, IIS 8, Internet Information Services (IIS), SAP, VM

2006 - 2012

Engineer's Degree in Information Systems and Technologies

Ukhta State Technical University - Ukhta, Russia


IELTS Certificate (C2) | Test Score 8.5/9



ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio 2017

Microsoft Virtual Academy


Java SE 7 Fundamentals Ed 2

RD Tech Training Center (Moscow, Russia)


Developing Windows Communication Foundation Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio

Computer Training Center at Bauman MSTU (Moscow, Russia)


Time Management and Goal Setting

Rosneft University