Shreyansh Bhatt, Text Classification Developer in Dayton, OH, United States
Shreyansh Bhatt

Text Classification Developer in Dayton, OH, United States

Member since November 2, 2016
Shreyansh has more than five years of experience developing software, mainly in C++, Java, and Python. He has worked on every aspect of turning data into knowledge and decision. With excellent, development, teamwork, and communication skills he has successfully delivered projects for diverse teams in academic and industry. He is an experienced researcher and developer in data mining, machine learning, graph analytics.
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Dayton, OH, United States



Preferred Environment

Subversion (SVN), Git, Vim Text Editor, NetBeans, Eclipse, Linux

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is where I designed and developed a scalable approach for matching proper ICD code to a patient description.


  • Post Masters Research Associate

    2014 - PRESENT
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    • Worked as part of a developer team in an Agile environment for an in-memory distributed graph database.
    • Developed 2+ whole modules.
    • Contributed features and bug fixes for almost every module at every layer of back-end stack.
    • Designed and developed a version parallel histogram sort for underlying runtime layer.
    • Benchmarked various graph processing systems.
    Technologies: Apache Giraph, Google Test (GTest), Hadoop, Apache Spark, C, C++
  • Research and Software Development Assistant

    2012 - PRESENT
    Kno.e.sis, Wright State University
    • Performed data collection, cleaning, and built an annotation pipeline for social data analysis.
    • Filtered data and built a classification framework for identifying player picks from Tweet.
    • Developed a software framework for analyzing and visualizing election data.
    • Built a REST API and back-end to update and compute predicted followers.
    • Engaged with multiple short projects to translate requirements to software components and implementing several of such components.
    Technologies: HTML, SQL, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Hadoop, Apache Spark, RDF, XML, Neo4j, Java
  • Research and Development Intern

    2013 - 2013
    • Performed requirement analysis for a computer-assisted coding product and experimented with various technologies to minimize the latency.
    • Designed a scalable graph database based solution for the matching problem (patent filed).
    • Modeled graph data and implemented a knowledge graph as well as a software module which translates the matching query as a graph traversal query.
    Technologies: Neo4j, Java
  • Software Developer

    2011 - 2012
    Stoke Networks (now Mavenir Systems)
    • Wrote 10+ CLI commands for the TTG/PDG product.
    • Contributed to the development parts of 3+ modules.
    • Made unit tests for 3+ modules.
    Technologies: CVS, C


  • GEMS | Graph Engine for Multithreaded system (Development)

    I worked on the in-memory distributed and parallel graph database development. I worked on several aspects of this project.

    My Major Contributions:
    · Designed and developed an IO module which includes parallel ingestion and various output utilities.
    · Developed a distributed in-memory graph processing system (Pregel abstraction) for a graph query engine to create a hybrid query and analytics engine.
    · Designed and developed more than five distributed and parallel graph algorithms.
    · Identified and implemented features required for processing more than five billion edge graphs for the system.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision (Development)

    On this project, our goal was to teach a self-driving car to see. I worked on this in my efforts to obtain Udacity's self-driving car engineer nanodegree. However, all of the project was performed using real-world data.

    Real-world Data Used:
    · CNN for traffic light identification with 95% accuracy. CNN was also used for behavior cloning to successfully drive a car in a simulator.
    · A fully convolutional neural network to identify cars and road in a video with 85% F-score and 10 FPS (Top 50 Lyft perception challenge). FCNN for road identification with 98% accuracy.
    · Vehicle tracking and object detection in a video using SVM.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Data Aggregation (Development)

    This project involved multimodal data aggregation.

    My Major Contributions:
    · Implemented Extended Kalman Filter and Unscented Kalman filter to track bicycle using Radar and Lidar data.
    · Implemented Particle filter to localize a car using radar, LiDar and landmark data.
    · Developed an integrated data project that successfully drives a car on a test track.

  • Machine-learning-based Diversity Inference to Enhance Collective Intelligence (Development)

    I led the computer science portion of this project which aims at identifying the type of correlation between diversity and intelligence in social media.

    My Major Contributions:
    · Designed and developed a Word2vec-based text summarization and distance measure based diversity computation to improve fantasy sports player selection. It resulted in a publication.
    · Designed and developed a multi-view clustering and multi-objective optimization approach to select optimal diverse crowd. It resulted in a publication.
    · Developed a random forest-based tweet classification and binomial test based clustering to identify users who were applying different strategies to select diverse individuals.
    · Designed and developed knowledge graph-driven coordinated ascent-based community detection and characterization approach that outperforms state of the art community detection approaches by 20%.
    · Designed and developed a generative model and a knowledge graph-based approach to select diverse crowd within a domain to improve collective intelligence.

  • ICD Code Matching (Development)

    I developed a knowledge graph and a framework which translates the code matching query as a graph traversal query to identify the correct ICD code.

  • GraphQL Back-end in MySQL (Development)

    On this project, I worked with a team of three to develop a MySQL back-end to support GraphQL.

    My Major Contributions:
    · Investigated an efficient joiner to support MySQL queries.
    · Designed and developed a framework in Java to support efficient GraphQL queries.

  • India Election 2014 (Development)

    The project aimed to provide insights into political parties. I led the project and worked on almost all aspects of the project starting from client interaction and requirement gathering to final deliverables.

    Major Deliverables:
    · An automatic visualization update framework to update the results every week.
    · NLP and graph algorithm-based techniques to identify possible next followers and major election issues per constituency.

    It resulted in more than four news articles.

  • Distributed Neo4j (Development)

    I developed a wrapper for Neo4j to store data on multiple computing nodes. I partitioned the graph storage and supported the parallel graph traversal.

  • SoCS | Social Media Enhanced Organizational Sense Making in an Emergency Response (Development)

    The project is about leveraging social data in an emergency response.

    My Major Contributions:
    · Data cleaning and annotation for identifying “seeker” and “supplier” from the social data.
    · NLP and a knowledge graph-based approach to identify the location from the Tweet text.


  • Languages

    Java, RDF, C++, C, Python, XML, SQL, HTML
  • Other

    Text Classification, Data Mining, Clustering, Decision Trees, Word2vec, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Convolutional Neural Networks, Computer Vision, GraphDB, Multithreading, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Autonomous Navigation
  • Frameworks

    Hadoop, GraphLab, Apache Spark, Google Test (GTest)
  • Libraries/APIs

    Twitter API, Facebook API, Stanford NLP
  • Tools

    Git, Vim Text Editor, Subversion (SVN), Apache Giraph, CVS
  • Paradigms

    Distributed Computing, Data Science, Agile Software Development, Parallel Computing
  • Platforms

    Linux, Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Storage

    MySQL, Neo4j


  • Master of Science degree in Computer Science
    2012 - 2015
    Wright State University - Dayton, OH, USA
  • Master of Technology degree in Computer Science
    2009 - 2011
    Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT) - Gandhinagar, India
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
    2005 - 2009
    Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda - Vadodara, India


  • Self-driving Car Engineer

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