Stephen Villee, Developer in Dover, NH, United States

Stephen Villee

Software Developer

Dover, NH, United States
Toptal Member Since
January 8, 2016

Stephen has been a software engineer for over 30 years. From developing software for the Unix platform in the 1980's to producing enterprise-level financial and eCommerce software on PHP, JS, and the C language family, he prides himself on being meticulous and developing high quality software. He is a dedicated, efficient individual and a great communicator, and looks forward to contributing valuable skills to your project!

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Plymouth Design Group
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Excel, JavaScript, PHP
Atlas Learning (via Toptal)
Google Native Client (NaCl), C
Real-time Operating System (RTOS), C


Dover, NH, United States



Preferred Environment

Git, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux

The most amazing... I've written is a marketplace for software development that ties developer income to performance, including penalties for bugs.

Work Experience

2006 - PRESENT

Software Engineer

Plymouth Design Group
  • Upgraded a client's online store from X-Cart 3 to X-Cart 5. This involved writing X-Cart 5 modules to implement custom functionality that had previously been implemented as hacks to the X-Cart 3 core.
  • Worked with a team to redesign the user interface for an online shipping marketplace. I acted as lead developer for the back-end software.
  • Developed a utility to allow an Excel application on the Macintosh to generate several reports and combine them into a single PDF.
  • Created a system to allow several Excel software products to be licensed for 30 days at a time. This included code on the server to calculate the expiration date, along with Excel macros to enforce it.
  • Added a "what if" sheet to an investment analysis spreadsheet to let the customer make incremental changes to key assumptions, and immediately see the effect on various metrics.
  • Developed a system to add a banner to each eBay listing for a given seller, encouraging buyers to use a particular company for shipping.
  • Developed a web application to show market value for wet shaving gear, based on data from eBay sales, obtained through Terapeak.
  • Enhanced the partnership section of an investment analysis spreadsheet to show the effects of waterfall tiers in partner distributions.
  • Added macros to an Excel application to allow data to be imported from an earlier version of the application.
  • Modified the admin section of a shipping marketplace to show a variety of sales analytics, and to download this information in CSV form.
Technologies: Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft Excel, JavaScript, PHP
2016 - 2016

PNACL Chrome Extension Developer

Atlas Learning (via Toptal)
  • Created a Google Native Client application to make a voice recording, encode it as MP3, and upload it to Google Drive.
Technologies: Google Native Client (NaCl), C
2000 - 2003

Software Engineer

  • Developed a call control module to allow an analog phone to be connected to an H.323 network.
  • Tracked down and fixed several bugs in a vendor's H.323 protocol stack.
Technologies: Real-time Operating System (RTOS), C
1993 - 2000

Systems Analyst

  • Developed firmware for a portable device to read barcodes on concert tickets, allowing venues to collect statistics about attendance.
  • Developed an ODBC driver to allow direct access to a ticketing database from applications such as Microsoft Excel. This consisted of over 10000 lines of C++ written in about three months.
  • Wrote a version of the Kermit file transfer program in Pascal, for use under a proprietary operating system used for ticketing.
  • Rewrote some accounting reports to use a Microsoft Access database to store sales data.
  • Wrote numerous utilities to import data about sold and reserved seats into a proprietary ticketing system.
Technologies: Assembler, ODBC, C++, Microsoft Access, Pascal
1988 - 1993

Software Engineer

  • Sped up several Viasoft product components by rewriting some database access modules. The performance of the analyzer improved by about 30%.
  • Wrote a utility to take the JCL for a COBOL compile and convert it into JCL to run the Viasoft analyzer. This was important because customers had such varied ways of running the COBOL compiler.
  • Developed a system to allow Viasoft products to be split into packages that would be dynamically loaded as needed.
  • Integrated the Viasoft editor into the regular ISPF editor so that there would be no performance penalty until one of the special Viasoft commands was invoked.
  • Found a bug in another vendor's product that was manifesting itself as a failure in a Viasoft product. Suggested a fix.
Technologies: Assembler, Mainframe, COBOL, Pascal
1987 - 1988

Software Engineer

  • Helped port an interactive cable video system for hotels and cruise ships to Unix System V.
  • Completely rewrote some firmware that served as a gateway between the in-room video board and the Unix System V head end. This was several thousand lines of Z80 assembler code.
Technologies: Assembler, C, Unix
1984 - 1987

Software Engineer

  • Developed general purpose network software for Unix.
Technologies: Assembly, Assembler x86, C, Unix
1980 - 1984

Software Engineer

  • Developed and maintained components of the GCOS 8 operating system.
Technologies: Assembler


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PHP, C++, Assembler x86, Pascal, Visual Basic, C, JavaScript, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Assembler, Assembly, COBOL, Java, Ada




Back-end Development, Mainframe, Real-time Operating System (RTOS), Google Native Client (NaCl), Google N


CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, ZURB Foundation, Loopback, AngularJS


jQuery, ODBC, eBay API, Facebook API, Node.js


Drupal, Linux, Unix, WordPress


Apache, Git, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access


1977 - 1980

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics

Harvard University - Massachusetts