Steven Hazel, Software Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States
Steven Hazel

Software Developer in San Francisco, CA, United States

Member since September 27, 2019
Steven began his career as a software developer with a keen interest in startups and new technologies, and a focus on shipping products. After many startup experiences, he decided to co-found his own company and has spent the past decade building Sauce Labs into a successful enterprise software company.
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San Francisco, CA, United States



Preferred Environment

Emacs, Kubernetes

The most amazing...

...project I've built was Sauce Labs, a Saas product for automated software testing used by many tech companies and large enterprises.


  • Co-founder, CTO

    2008 - 2019
    Sauce Labs
    • Co-founded the company and was the primary engineer building the initial product.
    • Guided architecture throughout.
    • Led the transition to deploy our service with Kubernetes.
    • Hired and ran the engineering and product teams. Scaled the development team.
    • Architected, coded, maintained, and handed off a complex collection of about a dozen back-end microservices in Python.
    • Built a web app in JavaScript and Python.
    • Authored components in a variety of languages, including Go, Scala, Ruby, and JavaScript.
    • Worked with sophisticated tests and tests infrastructure for a large number of significant companies, including Selenium and Appium tests and most unit testing frameworks and CI systems.
    Technologies: Selenium, Kubernetes, Python
  • Director, Engineer

    2006 - 2007
    • Managed the development team through the release of an online movie store.
    • Assisted in the development and product management of several versions of the BitTorrent client.
    • Planned and guided the release of the product.
    • Worked with key stakeholders to secure buy-in for the acquisition of ĀµTorrent.
    • Designed and helped to code a complex web app in Python and Javascript, featuring streaming video and credit card transactions.
    Technologies: Twisted, Python
  • Senior Software Developer

    2005 - 2006
    Grouper (now Sony Crackle)
    • Designed and built a file-sharing system in C# similar in idea to BitTorrent.
    Technologies: C#
  • Software Developer

    2002 - 2003
    • Built a file sharing system in C and PHP.
    Technologies: PHP, C


  • Monocle

    An Async/Await system for Python 2 which inspired the version of this feature included in Python 3.

  • iSign

    Apple iOS code-signing implementation in cross-platform Python.

  • Codepad

    An early supervised compiler/interpreter, allowing online compilation and execution of code in a variety of languages, with a secure container-like back end written in Haskell.

  • Sauce Labs

    A popular Cloud service for web and mobile testing. This involves a Cloud of VMs and mobile devices, and a microservice-based architecture for coordinating the Cloud, executing tests, collecting assets, and serving up an API and UI. I was the primary architect and wrote and maintained much of the code over many years.


  • Languages

    Python, C, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Go, Reason ML, Rust, JavaScript, Haskell, C#, CSS, HTML
  • Frameworks

    Selenium, Twisted, Django, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ant Design
  • Libraries/APIs

    Selenium WebDriver, Asyncio, React, FFTW
  • Paradigms

    Functional Testing, Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI), Unit Testing, Functional Programming
  • Storage

    JSON, MySQL, NoSQL, CouchDB, Redis, MongoDB
  • Other

    Async/Await, Scalability, VST, Audio, DSP, Digital Audio Workstations (DAW)
  • Platforms

    Kubernetes, Docker
  • Tools


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