Syver Enstad

Syver Enstad

Oslo, Norway
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Syver Enstad

Syver Enstad

Oslo, Norway
Member since April 13, 2015
Syver has worked with startups and large companies, with embedded systems in C++ and front-end with Elm, Angular 2 and React. He prefers to use a high-level language like Ruby/JS/Elm/Python/Elixir for the application and drop down to C++ or Java to write (or rewrite) performance-critical portions. He has extensive experience with developer testing
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  • Test-driven Development (TDD), 16 years
  • Python, 9 years
  • Ruby, 8 years
  • C++, 6 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 2 years
  • Angular, 1 year
  • Erlang, 1 year
Oslo, Norway
Preferred Environment
Emacs, IntelliJ, Linux, Git, Docker
The most amazing...
...thing I've coded is a testing/simulation solution for video-conferencing endpoints that changed the way the engineers worked.
  • Front-end/Full-stack Developer
    Husbanken Drammen
    2016 - 2016
    • Consulted to realize Saksbehandling for Startlån.
    • Built a timeline feature to support quick overview on a case.
    • Reviewed the application for uploaded documentation.
    • Created a test automation solution for Angular 2 Karma/Jasmine.
    • Built effective E2E test automation (Cucumber, Selenium, Jenkins).
    Technologies: Angular 2, TypeScript, Gulp, Node, Cucumber, Java, MS SQL Server
  • Architect
    New by Sigma
    2016 - 2016
    • Consulted on outsourcing efforts to India, Code reviews, and teaching.
    Technologies: Angular, Ionic, Cordova, JS
  • Developer
    2015 - 2015
    • Defined, developed, deployed, and maintained a web application for TØI.
    • Developed a web application for experimenting with bicycle developments and their social value.
    • Implemented social value calculations based on TØI research.
    • Facilitated data visualization with C3.js.
    Technologies: AngularJS, C3, JSONSchema
  • Code Monkey
    Synergy Sky
    2015 - 2015
    • Added test support to the C# and Java portions of the project.
    • Set up effective build and test environments using tools such as Docker, Vagrant, and Gradle.
    Technologies: Python, Java, C++, C#, XMPP
  • Programmer, Scrum Master at TMS Team
    2011 - 2014
    • Introduced characterization testing with simulators for managing volatile third-party dependencies.
    • Booted up the Cisco Cloud fusion project using Docker, Rails, and AngularJS.
    • Created back-end software for video conference scheduling using Java and Spring/Jersey. Used JRuby and Cucumber for testing.
    • Created back-end software for managing virtual video conferencing rooms using JRuby and Sinatra.
    • Coached and facilitated the realization of a continuous improvement process, TDD, test coverage, and reliable testing.
    Technologies: JRuby, Java, Spring, Sinatra
  • Lead Programmer, Endpoint Web Interface
    2010 - 2011
    • Ported the existing web interface from C to Python. Created platform support for Python on the embedded system in the process.
    • Created tools to realize continuous integration of the web application including E2E target testing using Git, Python Fabric, and Unittest.
    • Created a framework for web application development in Python using WSGI micro-framework components.
    • Created integration with endpoint authorization layer C-code with ctypes/ctypesgen that made it easy to move appropriate functionality between C and Python.
    • Created a web-based call application with long-polling for server push.
    Technologies: Python, WSGI, C/C++
  • Embedded Systems Developer, Protocol and Applications
    2007 - 2010
    • Created frameworks and integration solutions to make effective unit testing possible. C++, Valgrind, Python, GDB.
    • Created tools and solutions for E2E testing by writing an alternative deterministic runtime system for the endpoint application, later used to revolutionize the way features are developed and tested.
    • Realized the media control for the different types of conferences by integrating with video and audio subsystems.
    • Created support for multipoint conferencing.
    • Ported various features from the preceding MXP series into the C-series code base.
    Technologies: C++, C, Python, Embedded Linux
  • Partner, Programmer
    2006 - 2007
    • Created an internal blog solution for the a customer.
    • Created a platform for rich media publishing for the customer.
    • Created a SaaS for creating your own online store, with support for extensive customization by the customer.
    • Created a full-stack solution for lightweight website creation and updating.
    • Created lightweight Rake-based continuous integration tooling.
    • Created a catalog application for the art gallery.
    Technologies: Ruby On Rails
  • Solo Programmer - Production Systems
    In/Out ASA
    2003 - 2006
    • Created a web based production system for recycling IT equipment.
    • Created a web based sales system using the inventory created from the production system.
    • Created bar-code printer integration for identifying equipment and supporting production-phase tracking.
    • Integrated the sales system with a third-party CRM solution.
    • Created a migration solution for object databases, making schema evolution simple.
    Technologies: Python, ZODB, Twisted
  • Programmer
    1999 - 2001
    • Created a COM-based IE plugin for registering points of interest in web pages.
    • Created an ASP WAP application with Python for reporting changes in points of interest in web pages.
    • Created a solution for analyzing (guessing) the semantic structure of a news page, for use in a news watching service.
    • Created unit testing solutions for the Python project.
    Technologies: MSVC, .NET, Python, COM/DCOM
  • Programmer
    Osiris Data
    1997 - 1999
    • Created a tool to synchronize source code between multiple sites using SMTP.
    • Created a test station tool to specify tests for chips from an electronics manufacturer.
    • Created a tool to help debug machine code generation issues in an application for programming distributed fire alarm systems.
    Technologies: C++, MFC, COM, SQL
  • Toptal Interview Application (Development)

    A quick solution to the Toptal interview application. Based on Rails 4, Bootstrap, Highcharts and Postgres. Used the device for the signup/login handling.

  • Tandberg/Cisco Codec Software (Development)

    An embedded software solution for high-end hardware video conferencing. I was mostly involved in protocol/application work when I worked here.

  • Imazen ImageResizer FastScaling plugin (Development)

    I worked with founder Nathanael Jones to port his FastScaling ImageResizer plugin to C.

  • Languages
    JRuby, Python, Ruby, Java, TypeScript 2, JavaScript, C++, Smalltalk, Emacs Lisp, Erlang, SQL, CoffeeScript, Elixir, C#, Haskell
  • Frameworks
    Sinatra, Ruby on Rails (RoR), OAuth2, Jasmine, Twisted, Angular, Bootstrap
  • Tools
    RSpec, Cucumber, Gradle, Karma, GNU Dev Tools, GDB, Emacs, IntelliJ IDEA, Git, RVM, Bundler, Jenkins, GCC, Rake, GNUMake, Gprof, Gulp.js, Webpack, Maven
  • Paradigms
    Design Patterns, Test-driven Development (TDD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Concurrent Programming, REST, Functional Programming
  • Libraries/APIs
    RxJS, AMQP, LibC, React.js, Selenium WebDriver, Windows API, jQuery, Node.js
  • Platforms
    Linux, Docker, Windows 8
  • Storage
    PostgreSQL, ZODB, MySQL, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Misc
  • Bachelor's degree in Medieval History
    University of Oslo - Oslo
    1992 - 1996
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