Thomas Lukacs, Developer in Munich, Bavaria, Germany
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Thomas Lukacs

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Front-end Developer

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Toptal Member Since
August 5, 2022

Thomas is a developer and a tech lead with 12 years of solid experience in front-end software development. He has a proven track record in coordinating heavy lifting projects like significant overhauls of the tech stack, moving from PHP to Vue, and refactoring Vue 2 to Vue 3 migrations and monolith to micro-frontends. Currently improving his experience in leading development teams, Thomas is looking forward to embracing new projects.


BorseGo AG
Vue, JavaScript, Node.js, CSS, HTML, Cypress, Front-end, User Interface (UI)...
BorseGo AG
JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Cypress, Front-end, User Interface (UI)...
BorseGo AG
JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, MySQL, Front-end...




Preferred Environment

PhpStorm, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Vue, React, JavaScript, Front-end, User Interface (UI), APIs, HTML5

The most amazing...

...thing I've done was leading five developers in migrating a PHP app to a Vue SPA with SSR and a clustered back-end solution to host renderers for SEO.

Work Experience

Tech Lead and Student Lead

2019 - 2022
BorseGo AG
  • Proposed, designed, and implemented a roadmap to revamp the company's major browser‐based platform by switching from a PHP‐based front-end solution to a more maintainable Vue single-page application (SPA) with server‐side rendering (SSR).
  • Increased the team size to five people and coordinated the product team as the tech lead with agile development cycles.
  • Optimized development processes by pitching and maintaining a Gitflow‐like repository model, reworking development cycles, implementing automated changelog generators, and improving department‐wide coding quality through coding standards.
Technologies: Vue, JavaScript, Node.js, CSS, HTML, Cypress, Front-end, User Interface (UI), Full-stack, Responsive UI, REST APIs, APIs, Vuex, PHP, Vue Router, Webpack, ESLint, Docker, Jira, SCSS, JSON, GitHub, Scrum, HTML5, CI/CD Pipelines

Tech Lead

2018 - 2019
BorseGo AG
  • Took over an existing in‐house JavaScript canvas library to display financial time series in web browsers and iOS and Android native apps.
  • Improved code maintainability by modularizing significant parts of the library. Remodeled the pipeline to use Webpack and enhanced documentation by refactoring to TypeScript.
  • Increased the size of the canvas library development team to two full‐time developers and took over the responsibilities of a teach lead, including creating and maintaining a technical roadmap.
  • Enhanced product development by active engagement in product owner, product management, and team organization tasks.
Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Cypress, Front-end, User Interface (UI), Full-stack, Responsive UI, REST APIs, APIs, Vuex, PHP, Vue Router, Webpack, ESLint, Docker, Jira, SCSS, JSON, Scrum, HTML5, CI/CD Pipelines

Web Developer

2014 - 2018
BorseGo AG
  • Developed a back-end service with microservice architecture and a REST JSON API for monitoring financial quote values for customers, notifying them through email, iOS, Android, and browser through WebSockets notifications.
  • Designed and implemented an in‐house email templating tool with smart automation to reduce the workload of article newsletter generation. This included a back end for image processing and uploading.
  • Worked with multiple stakeholders on an automated trading solution that tried to simulate different trading strategies based on historical data. Implemented a browser‐based front end for partner‐only use.
Technologies: JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, MySQL, Front-end, User Interface (UI), Full-stack, Databases, Microservices, Vanilla JS, REST APIs, APIs, Webpack, ESLint, Jira, Less, JSON, SQL, HTML5

Financial Service Portal

A Vue-based website with editorial content and financial data. I managed a refactoring of the previously PHP-based application to a more maintainable Vue variant, which included a clustered Node.js back end to provide SSR for search engine optimization (SEO). This migration has been done iteratively and without a visual overhaul to reduce the impact on the user base. The goal of delivering a more maintainable, developer-friendly, and scalable software was met.

eCommerce Furniture Website

A React eCommerce shop with server-side rendering (SSR). My impact on this project was implementing complex restructurings like modularization, supporting feature teams during implementation and maintenance, and optimizing CI/CD on Kubernetes with Argo CD.


Vue, Vuex, REST APIs, React, Node.js


Webpack, Jira, PhpStorm, Slack, Microsoft Teams, GitLab CI/CD, GitHub


Vanilla JS, Svelte, Bootstrap, Cypress, Redux


JSON, MongoDB, MySQL, Databases


JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, TypeScript, SCSS, Less, CSS, HTML, SQL


Docker, Windows, MacOS, Kubernetes


Microservices, Scrum


Front-end, User Interface (UI), APIs, Vue Router, ESLint, Full-stack, Responsive UI, Argo CD, CI/CD Pipelines

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