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Tom Clancy

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Software Developer

Dover, United States
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November 4, 2014

Tom is a highly skilled web developer and programmer from New Hampshire. He has been writing HTML since a college class in 1996 and building sites professionally since 2000. As an early adopter of the XHTML/ CSS approach, he built some of the first XHTML/ CSS sites for large companies. He has been described as articulate, experienced, and a pleasure to work with.


Heat Oracle
D3.js, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Django
Harvard Business School
New Relic, Apache JMeter, Sass, Redis, MongoDB, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript...
Ground Energy
Requests, APIs, Pandas, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Python, Django




Preferred Environment

Windows, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've built since going out on my own is an application that stores gigabytes of home sensor data and delivers reports in real-time.

Work Experience

Architect and Lead Developer

2016 - PRESENT
Heat Oracle
  • Built a front-end website and Django-powered app for polling Particle.IO devices for users' heating oil levels in their home.
Technologies: D3.js, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Django


2013 - 2016
Harvard Business School
  • Worked as one of the lead developers on HBX's MOOC.
  • Reviewed all code contributions from the team for readability, consistency, and performance.
  • Built automated performance testing using jMeter, Jenkins, and additional tools.
  • Managed builds and releases.
  • Profiled code extensively to find bottlenecks and ways to improve performance.
Technologies: New Relic, Apache JMeter, Sass, Redis, MongoDB, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Django, Python

Lead Developer

2011 - 2015
Ground Energy
  • Authored the Ground Energy platform singlehandedly. The system accepts reports from ground pump systems on a minute-by-minute basis and reports in real-time. In spite of a number of multi-gigabyte tables, the front-end delivers reports and graphs on derived data quickly.
  • Worked with the client on an on-again, off-again basis efficiently and without introducing regression bugs thanks to solid code coverage.
  • Moved from accepting proprietary XML from sensors to also pulling reports from APIs like Ecobee thanks to flexible architecture.
Technologies: Requests, APIs, Pandas, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Python, Django


2007 - 2015
  • Worked with the company founders from the start to deliver projects for dozens of clients.
  • Built multiple sites for banking industry clients in various technologies.
  • Created a series of sites for beverage industry clients from a common Django codebase to reduce delivery time and cost.
  • Built a single Django site for a real estate management company that powered multiple apartment community sites and integrated with a proprietary billing and contact management system to allow tenants to get information quickly and keep their records up to date easily.
  • Worked with internal front-end developers to make it easy to spin up Django projects and work on them without having to know Python or the command line.
  • Ensured that each project came with automated deployment scripts to allow internal developers to push a deployment without having to know the inner workings.
  • Integrated unit tests into the process to prevent them from blowing things up.
Technologies: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, .NET, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Fabric, Django, Python


2013 - 2014
URS Connect
  • Took over an existing Django codebase written by an intern.
  • Refactored and documented the existing codebase to deliver better performance.
  • Delivered a new approach, after learning what the code actually did (or thought it did), using Pandas and a class-based approach to replace the existing mess of functions and global data structures.
  • Worked directly with the client to create a sensible set of unit tests to prove the code did what it was supposed to do.
  • Learned a good deal about Bluetooth connections in order to figure out how to filter out false positives and duplicates to get more accurate information from the data.
Technologies: Pandas, Bluetooth, Python


2007 - 2012
Small Army
  • Built the new website for a web development company.
  • Worked with the lead designer to build their first responsive web offering.
  • Tested site across multiple platforms and delivered sensible media breakpoints and sized imagery by device size.
  • Built tools to allow non-technical staff to keep the site updated without harming the user experience.
  • Balanced the designer's wishes against user experience to deliver good performance from an image-heavy site with lots of interactivity.
  • Built a Facebook application for the Solidworks college program, including a weekly quiz and awards engine written in Python.
  • Developed the site for Boston's Salon Week that allowed salons to sign up/purchase membership, manage their salon's page and offers, and post photos that could be cropped in-browser and then voted on by other users.
  • Refactored and optimized the .NET site for Lee Iacocca's 2008 presidential bid.
  • Conducted SQL Server reporting for multiple projects.
  • Worked on the existing PHP codebase for Rebuilt the site's front-end and refactored its code.
Technologies: Google Maps, PHP, .NET, Facebook, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Python, Django


2010 - 2010
WGBH/Entropy Media
  • Build the Django site that powered a community conversation for Frontline's "God in America" episode.
  • Worked with PBS developers to integrate their Django/oAuth library into the site so PBS members had a seamless experience.
  • Built moderation tools to ensure polite conversation on what was sure to be a heated topic.
  • Integrated the site with popular social media platforms.
  • Built a custom file storage back-end so that Django would work with the client's requirements and setup.
Technologies: Twitter, Facebook, OAuth, Django, Python

HBX: Harvard Business School
A MOOC for Harvard Business School.

Ground Energy
A site dedicated to providing unbiased, high quality data and objective analyses to support the development of ground source heat pump technology.


Python, JavaScript, XSL, C#, PHP, SQL, CSS, HTML, Elixir, CoffeeScript, XML, VBScript, Sass, Java, Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)


Django, .NET, Bootstrap, Phoenix, Flask, ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails (RoR)


jQuery, Backbone.js, Requests, Google Maps, Fabric, D3.js, Redis Queue, Pandas, Facebook API


Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visual Studio, Subversion (SVN), Git, pylint, Komodo Edit, Apache JMeter, Mercurial, Adobe ColdFusion


Clean Code, Responsive Web Design (RWD), Agile Software Development


MacOS, Linux, Windows, New Relic, Twitter


MongoEngine, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis, Memcached


Pixel Perfect, APIs, Bluetooth, OAuth, Facebook, Lean Development

1993 - 1997

Bachelor's Degree in Economics

University of Rochester - Rochester, New York