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Tulio Faria, JavaScript Developer in Pouso Alegre - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Tulio Faria

JavaScript Developer in Pouso Alegre - Minas Gerais, Brazil

Member since October 5, 2016
Tulio is now available for hire
Tulio Faria, JavaScript Developer in Pouso Alegre - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Tulio Faria

JavaScript Developer in Pouso Alegre - Minas Gerais, Brazil

Member since October 5, 2016
Tulio is a full-stack developer who loves to learn new technologies and apply them in a way so that the project can generate better results and consumes fewer resources. He is enthusiastic, punctual, professional, and can explain his work with clarity and in detail.
Tulio is now available for hire



  • JavaScript, 8 years
  • Node.js, 5 years
  • React, 2 years
  • React Native, 2 years
  • Firebase, 2 years
  • Redux, 2 years
  • Continuous Integration (CI), 1 year
Pouso Alegre - Minas Gerais, Brazil



Preferred Environment

VSCode, Node.js, JavaScript, GitHub, React.js

The most amazing...

...project I've designed and coded was a system to help road supporters to track accidents using mobile devices.


  • Full-stack React Native Developer and DevOps

    2017 - 2018
    Knxn (via Toptal)
    • Migrated many servers to an immutable method using AWS, CI/CD with Jenkins, and fixed the settings to allow this change.
    • Ported mobile apps from iOS only to React Native (Android/iOS).
    • Improved the delivery and quality process for mobile apps with CI/CD (Android/iOS).
    Technologies: React, React Native, DevOps, Full-stack JavaScript, Node.js
  • Full-stack Developer | Solutions Architect

    2016 - 2017
    • Designed and coded the Brazilian and US site versions.
    • Integrated gateway payments systems (Brazilian and US).
    • Developed a multi-tenant and microservice based solution.
    • Deployed all services on the cloud (AWS).
    • Designed and coded an external API for partners.
    Technologies: PHP, Node.js, JavaScript, AWS
  • Founder | Full-stack Lead Developer

    2010 - 2016
    MaxinTV Soluções Multimídia
    • Created many solutions related to live and on-demand video streams.
    • Designed and coded a multi-tenant solutions (clients could use the same code base and system instances).
    • Distributed applications to many devices and platforms, like web, mobile, and smart TVs.
    • Devised some custom live solutions using the Wowza Media Server—like notifications when a live stream was available.
    • Designed and created real-time solutions using WebSockets.
    Technologies: Node.js, PHP, CakePHP, JavaScript, Wowza, Java
  • Founder | Full-stack Lead Developer

    2004 - 2016
    Bize Tecnologia Criativa
    • Integrated legacy systems.
    • Created APIs and systems to interface legacy systems with websites and mobile apps.
    • Developed native and hybrid mobile apps.
    • Created and designed web apps.
    • Designed and deployed solutions in the cloud (AWS and Rackspace).
    Technologies: Node.js, PHP, Slim Framework, WebSockets, PhoneGap, React, React Native


  • Mobway Camino (Development)

    This is a mobile app that allowed workers and supporters from roads to log accidents.

    The app captured and stored meta-data, pictures, videos, and audio about the accident and send them to a central-operations center.

    The main challenge in this project was the data exchange. Since the workers were in the road, driving and checking the road itself, their internet connection was very poor so a single picture could take forever to upload.

    We solved this by prioritizing the content and later splitting it in small chunks. In this project, I was in charge of the mobile app and some parts of the back-end.

  • (Development)

    This is a solution for hospitals that allow them to live-stream newborn videos to relatives and friends of the parents.

    The system works with IP-cameras and the player version works on web and smart TVs.

  • ivProg-HTML (Development)

    This is an interactive learning object that aims to help to teach programming visually. This learning object allows the user to code without typing statements (the user just selects which statement to use and fill some fields—like "how many repetitions" or "read a number").

    The main challenge in this project was simulating a sync algorithm using an asynchronous language (JavaScript). I solved this by transforming every single statement to a JavaScript Promise. This allowed us to have loops with input reading without using the default browser "prompt" feature.

  • Maxintv Platform (Development)

    Designed and coded a learning management system: a multi-tenant with live and on-demand video streams. The system supported SCORM and other custom learning objects. The client can even use other sources of content (embedding from YouTube or Vimeo), using the LMS as a gate to all the corporate content.

    One of the big-wins of this project is the possibility to deploy in a very flexible way. We have the ability to use servers in the cloud or just use barebone servers inside client data centers. This allowed our clients to reduce costs with internet data transfers.

  • Web Interface to Send Orders to a Legacy ERP (Development)

    Developed a web interface for a legacy ERP (that only works in Windows desktop machines). This interface allows clients and sellers to create orders in the ERP using a browser.

    I designed an approach to synchronize the data between the two points. To keep things synchronized, I used an approach in the layer that talks to the ERP that gets all the orders made online, and when they are inserted in ERP, these layers send an alert to the server so during the next update cycle this order is not accepted. In this alert, it also provides to the web interface the internal ID so new updates could be tracked as well.


  • Languages

    JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Java
  • Frameworks

    React Native, Redux, PhoneGap, AngularJS, CakePHP
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Node.js, Firebase Web SDK, React Redux, Redux-saga
  • Tools

    Jenkins, Adobe Fireworks, AWS ELB
  • Paradigms

    Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment
  • Platforms

    Firebase, AWS EC2, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Xamarin
  • Storage

    Firebase Realtime Database, MySQL, MongoDB, AWS S3, AWS RDS
  • Other

    Firebase Hosting


  • Master´s degree in Computer Information Systems
    2013 - 2015
    University of São Paulo - São Paulo, Brazil
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems
    2005 - 2008
    Administration and Informatics College - Santa Rita do Sapucai, MG, Brazil
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