Ursula Clarke, Developer in Bruges, Belgium

Ursula Clarke

Software Developer

Bruges, Belgium
Toptal Member Since
January 13, 2017

Ursula has over five years experience in software development and specializes in front-end development. She has experience leading a team of remote developers and in her spare time organizes tech events. Her favorite tasks are intricate UI work and end-to-end testing.

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Jira, GitLab, Bamboo, Protractor, Sass, CSS3, HTML5, AngularJS
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Protractor, GitHub, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Node.js...
Coding Grace
Git, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby


Bruges, Belgium



Preferred Environment

GitHub, Sublime Text, MacOS

The most amazing...

...work I've completed was an open source project—a CMS for charity children's coding clubs built in AngularJS and Node.js.

Work Experience

2016 - 2016

Technical Consultant

  • Developed new features and provided technical consultation for MasterCards eCommerce and payment solutions (AngularJS, HTML5, SASS).
  • Gained experience with the Kanban approach using JIRA.
  • Performed version control and code review with Crucible.
  • Monitored builds using Bamboo.
  • Implemented the upkeep of protractor smoke tests.
  • Translated PSD designs into code, working closely with designers.
Technologies: Jira, GitLab, Bamboo, Protractor, Sass, CSS3, HTML5, AngularJS
2015 - 2016

Technical Lead

  • Led the development and project management of a community open source project and all other CoderDojo platforms.
  • Cultivated open source community engagement and promotion of project; also onboarded developers.
  • Evangelized about CoderDojo and organized tech community events.
  • Oversaw the system administration of all CoderDojo software, used by 850+ clubs in 60+ countries.
  • Deployed, tested, and supported the roll-out of new applications and bug fixes.
  • Devised, reviewed, curated, and rated technical content used in Dojos around the world.
  • Wrote procedural documentation and provided relevant reporting on progress.
  • Analyzed database statistics and conceived plans for expanding the use of the community system.
  • Implemented new urgent updates to the system when required.
  • Identified and curated partnerships with fund sources/alliances where relevant.
  • Interviewed and assessed assignments for new hires.
Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Protractor, GitHub, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Node.js, AngularJS
2015 - 2015


Coding Grace
  • Led a class on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (front-end development).
  • Mentored at classes teaching Ruby on Rails.
  • Mentored at classes teaching Python.
  • Mentored at a class teaching Git in collaboration with GitHub.
Technologies: Git, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby
2012 - 2015

Senior Web Developer

  • Developed new features across Daft.ie using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, AJAX, and REST.
  • Built an API for internal use (using HTML5, CSS, Elasticsearch, AngularJS, Solr, and PHPUnit).
  • Developed the Daft API for mobile developers.
  • Received formal Scrum training, managed the backlog, and prioritized tasks.
  • Trained junior developers, was responsible for projects being completed, and delegated tasks.
  • Reviewed coding assignments and conducted interviews of potential candidates.
  • Did peer code reviews—complying and encouraging compliance of coding standard.
  • Ensured the smooth releases of projects.
  • Maintained and optimized a large MySQL database.
  • Generated statistics for marketing department.
  • Improved scam/spam protection and security for the site.
  • Analyzed site data from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, XHProf, and browser plugins to improve site speed.
  • Performed version control using Git.
  • Deployed code.
  • Monitored builds using Jenkins.
Technologies: REST, Ajax, PHPUnit, AngularJS, Jenkins, Elasticsearch, MySQL, GitHub, CSS3, HTML5, PHP


Microsoft Landing Page

I developed this page while working for MasterCard. It is fully responsive and hand-coded.

Daft.ie Homepage

I developed the Daft.ie homepage in AngularJS and much of this code is still in production. Upon completion, it had 100% unit test coverage.

CoderDojo Community Project

This is the project that I led at CoderDojo. It's a system for club owners across the world to manage their local coding club for kids.

The open source project is online at https://github.com/CoderDojo/community-platform/.

You can see the front-end code at https://github.com/CoderDojo/cp-zen-platform/

Rails Girls Organizer

Organized a Rails Girls meetup in Dublin. This meetup encourages women to learn how to code.

Stellar Magazine Article

I was interviewed for Stellar magazine, one of Ireland's most popular women's magazines. I was one of four women interviewed for the article "STELLAR Meets the Irish Women Ruling Tech".

Grace Hopper Sponshorship

Recipient of a Grace Hopper sponsorship from Google, 2014. For this award, I wrote an essay detailing how I would help women in computer science and why I wanted to attend the ​Grace Hopper conference​. I was awarded a trip to Arizona to attend the conference.
Image of The Advanced Git Guide: Git Stash, Reset, Rebase, and More publication

The Advanced Git Guide: Git Stash, Reset, Rebase, and More




PHP, XML, JavaScript, PHP 5, CSS3, HTML, CSS, Sass, HTML5, SQL, Less, Ruby, Python


PHPUnit, Protractor, AngularJS, Slim, Django REST Framework, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Hapi.js


jQuery, Node.js, Yelp API, Seneca.js, Intercom API, Salesforce API, Google Maps


GitHub, Git, Adobe Photoshop, Jira, Crucible, Jenkins, Sublime Text 2, Sublime Text, GitLab, Solr, VirtualBox, Bamboo


Responsive, Model View Controller (MVC), Agile Software Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), REST, Kanban


JSON, MySQL, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL


Ajax, Code Review, Front-end Development, PSD Slicing, Command-line Interface (CLI), Interviews, SOAP, Intercom


MacOS, Amazon Web Services (AWS), NetBeans


2014 - 2014

Certificate in Advanced Git-Training with GitHub

GitHub - San Francisco, CA, USA

2012 - 2012

PHP 5.3 Zend Certificate in PHP

Zend - Cupertino, CA, USA

2010 - 2012

Master's Degree (1st Class Honors) in Computer Science

University College Dublin - Dublin, Ireland

2005 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art

Gorey School of Art - Wexford, Ireland