Victor Ruiz, Web Scraping Developer in Berlin, Germany
Victor Ruiz

Web Scraping Developer in Berlin, Germany

Member since May 24, 2016
Victor is an engineer with over 10 years of development experience. He has worked in almost every part of the stack on top of a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks. Victor is a lifelong learner, able to learn fast and adapt easily to new projects and environments.
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  • ClubCollect
    Heroku, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, HTML, REST...
    Heroku, Redis, Sinatra, Ruby, HTML, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)...
  • Event Study Tools
    Ggplot2, RStudio Shiny, R, Git



Berlin, Germany



Preferred Environment

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, Git, Atom, Vagrant, ITerm, RubyMine

The most amazing...

...thing I've built was, a search engine for music, powered by RediSearch.


  • Software Engineer and Lead Developer

    2014 - PRESENT
    • Led a team of myself plus two developers, actively participating in their hiring, onboarding, and mentoring. In collaboration with the product team, we set quarterly goals and, every other week, we do feature selection for the next sprint.
    • Worked as a full-stack developer, focusing on the back end, but touching all parts of the stack.
    • Performed server operations, including deployments, database migrations, and maintenance.
    • Provided technical support to our customer support team and product team.
    • Optimized performance as well as debugged code and fixed bugs.
    Technologies: Heroku, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ruby, HTML, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), DRY, Google Analytics API, Ruby on Rails 4, RubyMine, CSS, Test-driven Development (TDD), RESTful Development, REST APIs, Nokogiri, Sidekiq, ITerm
  • Lead Developer

    2016 - 2019
    • Built an MVP and continued working on incremental iterations to make it ready for an official launch.
    • Designed and implemented a distributed architecture to scrape and index the data with Resque jobs.
    • Open-sourced a small part of the project and released it on GitHub.
    Technologies: Heroku, Redis, Sinatra, Ruby, HTML, REST, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), DRY, Google Analytics API, Bootstrap, Web Scraping, RubyMine, Git, CSS, Test-driven Development (TDD), Amazon Web Services (AWS), REST APIs, RESTful Development, Nokogiri, Sidekiq, ITerm, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Vue
  • Data Scientist

    2015 - 2015
    Event Study Tools
    • Cleaned up and manipulated data.
    • Performed exploratory analysis.
    • Built interactive graphs with R, Shiny, and ggplot2.
    Technologies: Ggplot2, RStudio Shiny, R, Git
  • Software Engineer

    2011 - 2014
    • Developed a content-based system that recommends items for users based on items they had already read and built a pipeline to index items from publishers and advertisers.
    • Implemented a queue and a cache with Redis on top of the system to scale it up.
    • Developed a K-nearest neighbor classifier for news articles and integrated the classifier into the data pipeline to add categories to items that were being indexed in order to improve the precision of the recommendations.
    • Developed a ranking algorithm using time-series data stored in Redis, which improved the average CTR of the recommendations by 50%.
    • Built a dashboard with R, Shiny, and googleVis to visualize KPIs of recommendation algorithms.
    • Fixed bugs and provided technical support to other teams.
    Technologies: Recommendation Systems, Google Vision API, Machine Learning, RStudio Shiny, R, Apache Solr, Redis, MySQL, PHP, HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Object-oriented Design (OOD), DRY, Python, Scikit-learn, Git
  • Software Engineer

    2010 - 2011
    • Developed new features for a sports-based social networking site.
    • Built a REST API client to synchronize customers' data with an external CRM system.
    • Implemented Facebook and Twitter integration for the website.
    • Fixed bugs and provided technical support.
    Technologies: Apache HTTP Server, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Software Engineer

    2008 - 2010
    • Built an online survey web application using Struts, Hibernate, and Oracle.
    • Implemented indexing and document search in an internal tool by using the Lucene library.
    • Developed PDF document generation in a Java web application using the iText library.
    • Maintained and developed new features in Java web applications.
    Technologies: Oracle, iText, Apache Lucene, Hibernate, Apache Struts, Java, HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Junior Software Engineer

    2006 - 2008
    Cap Gemini
    • Developed new features for an online banking site.
    • Introduced Ajax requests to the existing web application to fetch lists of bank transactions without reloading the entire page.
    • Maintained and upgraded a pre-existing PL/SQL app.
    Technologies: Oracle, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), Java, HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Developer Trainee

    2006 - 2006
    Dealer Software Solutions
    • Developed new features for an inventory control system.
    • Coded the user interface with Java Swing for an existing console application.
    • Built a batch process with T-SQL to automate the exchange of data between two databases.
    Technologies: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, T-SQL (Transact-SQL), Swing, Java, HTML, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Researcher and Software Developer

    2004 - 2006
    TSB Itaca - Polytechnic University of Valencia
    • Developed a web application with C#.
    • Designed and built a prototype set-top-box for a telemedicine application using an embedded system.
    Technologies: Windows XP, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, Object-oriented Programming (OOP)


  • ClubCollect

    ClubCollect helps sports clubs to collect membership fees by streamlining billing and collection of subs and ensures that treasurers keep their clubs financially fit by improving cash flow, retaining members, and growing participation. ClubCollect also allows club members to pay online in installments or a single payment.

    I worked as a full-stack developer.

    Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, Sass, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Heroku

  • Plista

    Plista is a pioneer when it comes to innovative solutions for native advertising and content distribution in premium environments. With its data-driven platform, the company brings advertisers and media together and is among the world's leading providers in its segment. With its proprietary real-time recommendation technology, Plista is able to deliver both content and advertising that matches users’ individual interests, across all channels and devices.

    For this project, I used Redis, Apache Solr, R, and PHP.

  • is a side project that I'm currently working to release in the next few months. The product is a search engine for music in Vinyl and CD formats that can find online record shops in Germany where the record is available. In addition to plain text, the product allows users to search for a track or album from a YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, or Discogs link.

    Tech: Ruby, Sinatra, Sequel, Redis, RedisSearch, Nokogiri for web scraping, deployed on Heroku.

  • Redisearch-rb

    A simple Ruby client library for RediSearch. RediSearch is a Redis powered search engine, developed by RedisLabs.


  • Languages

    HTML, CSS, Ruby, Sass, JavaScript, R, PHP, Java, Python
  • Frameworks

    Ruby on Rails (RoR), Sinatra, Bootstrap, Apache Struts, Hibernate, Swing, Flask, RStudio Shiny
  • Tools

    RubyMine, Git, Apache Solr, ITerm, RSpec
  • Paradigms

    Model View Controller (MVC), DRY, REST, Object-oriented Design (OOD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), RESTful Development, Test-driven Development (TDD)
  • Platforms

    Heroku, Oracle, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    Redis, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, PL/SQL, MySQL
  • Libraries/APIs

    REST APIs, jQuery, Google Analytics API, Nokogiri, Vue, Scikit-learn, Sidekiq
  • Other

    Web Scraping, Recommendation Systems, Machine Learning, Product Management


  • Master's Degree in Telematics
    2001 - 2004
    Polytechnic University of Valencia - Valencia, Spain
  • Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications Engineering
    1997 - 2001
    Polytechnic University of Valencia - Valencia, Spain

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