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Viktor Fonic, JavaScript Developer in Zagreb, Croatia
Viktor Fonic

JavaScript Developer in Zagreb, Croatia

Member since July 27, 2013
With a master's degree in computer science and over a decade of experience in full-stack development and eCommerce, Viktor has the knowledge and experience to solve complex problems and build fast, scalable applications working in any role from individual developer to team leader.
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  • JavaScript, 7 years
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR), 5 years
  • Heroku, 4 years
  • Shopify, 3 years
  • RSpec, 3 years
  • React, 2 years
Zagreb, Croatia



Preferred Environment

Mac, Sublime Text, Git

The most amazing... I've developed is a pharmaceuticals app used to diagnose patients based on their symptoms and medical history.


  • Shopify App Developer

    2017 - PRESENT
    AllNet Apps
    • Built a common, shared codebase framework to reuse across all apps.
    • Since the launch, both apps have had exclusively 5-star reviews.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Shopify API, JavaScript
  • Full-stack Software Developer

    2017 - 2017
    • Implemented long tasks running in the background.
    • Created recurring events schedules and management.
    • Increased database performance.
    • Built drag-n-drop management of homepage blocks.
    • Implemented reusable search components and used them to search and filter multiple types of records.
    Technologies: React, Meteor, Mongo
  • Shopify Developer

    2017 - 2017
    TopGlas GmbH
    • Completely rewrote the shop's main selling point, Konfigurator, to use a more modern state machine pattern (similar to Redux).
    • Developed a page composer tool that transforms Shopify store CMS functionality into a drag-n-drop interface for building-block style construction of shop pages.
    • Optimized JS and CSS delivery, which reduced page size and increased page download speeds by ~50%.
    • Improved "Add to cart" speed by 6x.
    • Implemented custom user click tracking.
    • Implemented user account pages where the user can manage orders, addresses, and other account information.
    • Performed SEO audits.
    Technologies: Shopify Liquid, HTML, SCSS, JS
  • Shopify Developer

    2016 - 2016
    Sitar s.r.l.
    • Built a new Shopify experience from the ground up.
    • Migrated existing shop data from the old PrestaShop installation.
    • Integrated a subscriptions app with "unsupported" QuickView - made it work.
    Technologies: Shopify Liquid, HTML, SCSS, JS
  • Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer

    2015 - 2016
    DVELP, Ltd.
    • Rebuilt the sign-up flow into a single-page multi-step React form that saw a 5x increase in conversion.
    • Introduced React and Redux technologies to the company.
    • Wrote an open-source SEO plugin for Ruby on Rails apps.
    • Introduced a Shopify theme development template for faster theme development.
    • Built several custom Ruby on Rails apps from the ground up.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, RSpec, Heroku, PostgreSQL
  • Software Engineer

    2014 - 2015
    Microsoft Ireland R&D
    • Integrated a TypeScript testing framework into the build system to improve development reliability.
    • Implemented a website redesign that increased the number of installs by over 5% (+20,000 users).
    • Worked on the organization of a company-wide hackathon (120,000 employees, more than 100 hackathon projects, worldwide event).
    • Nominated as employee of the year after the first ten months of employment.
    Technologies: C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer

    2013 - 2013
    Music Delta
    • Reduced the number of database queries by 80%.
    • Implemented a sustainable authorization system.
    • Fixed security issues and other various bugs.
    • Completely rewrote the administration interface, improving speed, usability, and security.
    • Added application monitoring.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails
  • Full-stack Ruby on Rails Developer

    2012 - 2013
    Do the Life
    • Developed a highly scalable solution for generating user schedules with a heuristic algorithm.
    • Integrated the Ruby on Rails application with a Java worker to improve the algorithm's performance.
    • Implemented a natural language parser, allowing users to describe events in natural language.
    • Implemented a tutorial/website tour for first-time login and introduction to new features.
    • Handled cross-time zone event synchronization.
    • Implemented a "Coming Soon" landing page with user sign-up.
    • Implemented a cron process to handle recurring jobs with periodic execution.
    Technologies: Ruby on Rails
  • Software Developer

    2010 - 2013
    Sitar s.r.l.
    • Developed several custom-made pharmaceutical applications to perform diagnosis predictions.
    • Created a specific user-management application for managing user licenses.
    • Gained experience working with a foreign client.
    • Implemented a completely automatic update system with no need for user action when new data or application versions were made available.
    • Created specific database management application for pharmacists to insert data with a single click.
    • Built a dynamic GUI with vector graphics to function appropriately across all screen resolutions.
    Technologies: Java
  • Software Developer

    2011 - 2011
    Netgen d.o.o.
    • Created an API to integrate the ShoutEm platform with eZ Publish CMS.
    • Worked with eZ Publish CMS internals for better tailoring of content to ShoutEm users.
    • Gained significant experience with the eZ Publish CMS and ShoutEm API.
    Technologies: PHP, JavaScript


  • Do The Life (Development)

    Do The Life is a Ruby on Rails virtual secretary web application.

  • GitHub Account (Development)

    A collection of code samples and contributions to open-source projects.

  • Liceknjiga (Development)

    Liceknjiga is a Ruby on Rails social network for sharing photos with privacy, likes, comments, and friends functionality. For more information, see

  • Todolist (Development)

    A TODO application which demonstrates how one might connect AngularJS with a Ruby on Rails back-end for authentication and usage. Additionally, includes an API for mobile application access.

  • Gekwetter (Development)

    A simple Twitter clone written in Ruby on Rails.

  • Water Logic (Development)

    Solution for pouring water game for web, cross-compiled to JS from C++ with Emscripten.




  • Languages

    JavaScript, Sass
  • Frameworks

    ZURB Foundation, Jasmine, Redux, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, Shopify API, Chai, jQuery
  • Tools

    RSpec, Mocha
  • Paradigms

    Agile Software Development
  • Platforms

    Meteor, Shopify, Heroku, WordPress
  • Storage

    MongoDB, PostgreSQL
  • Other

    Apps, Shopify Customizations


  • Master's degree in Computer Science
    2011 - 2013
    University of Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia
  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering
    2007 - 2011
    University of Zagreb - Zagreb, Croatia
  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering
    2009 - 2010
    University of Maribor - Maribor, Slovenia
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