Viktor Kyriazakos, Augmented Reality (AR) Developer in Athens, Central Athens, Greece
Viktor Kyriazakos

Augmented Reality (AR) Developer in Athens, Central Athens, Greece

Member since April 22, 2019
Viktor is a results-driven and multidisciplinary professional with exceptional logical and analytical skills. He has more than five years of experience in augmented and mixed reality, computer vision, and graphics for mobile platforms. Having delivered many successful projects in AR and R&D, he is eager to take on new projects that will leverage and expand his ML and AI skillsets.
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  • Verizon Media
    Leadership, Computer Vision, Three.js, TensorFlow, JavaScript, TypeScript...
  • Verizon Media
    Android OpenGL, GLSL, C++, Mixed Reality (MR), 5G, Deep Learning, OpenCV...
  • Verizon Media
    Leadership, 3D Graphics, Android, Augmented Reality (AR), ARCore, Kotlin, Java



Athens, Central Athens, Greece



Preferred Environment

Git, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Windows

The most amazing...

...project I've worked on is a fan-engagement AR app for the NFL, where the users can view live stats and visualize big plays in AR content placed on a real field.


  • R&D Team Lead

    2020 - 2020
    Verizon Media
    • Led a small, remote R&D team that was assembled for a company initiative to enrich the web AR immersive platform with new features using deep learning technology.
    • Collaborated with the product group to identify technical limitations and possible use cases and create specifications and delivery roadmaps for new features.
    • Designed and created a WebAR sandbox environment to test and develop web-based deep learning methods.
    • Added real-time face-tracking capabilities to the WebAR platform, allowing web-based face filters, virtual try-ons, and other face-based AR experiences.
    Technologies: Leadership, Computer Vision, Three.js, TensorFlow, JavaScript, TypeScript, Deep Learning, WebXR
  • Lead AR Engineer

    2019 - 2020
    Verizon Media
    • Led development activities for an AR and 5G company initiative to create a movie-grade interactive movie poster experience that utilizes a proprietary AR remote rendering technology and 5G to achieve mobile experiences with high-end AR graphics.
    • Managed and led the development of a fan-engagement AR app (Android and iOS), exclusive to in-stadium NFL fans (SuperBowl LIV,) that displays AR content with live player stats, big plays, and other game content on the real field.
    • Co-designed and developed a proprietary football field tracking algorithm (patent pending) that achieves real-time, long-distance, 3D tracking of NFL fields to enable mobile apps displaying AR content on the real field.
    • Designed and created a custom mixed reality remote rendering system that combines server-side rendering, chroma-keying techniques, and a custom lag compensation algorithm to create Android apps that display remotely rendered, high-quality MR content.
    • Created a custom C++ and UE4 plugin to extend Pixel Streaming capabilities and allow for a remote client mobile device to control a virtual AR camera in a 3D scene.
    • Developed an Android VR app that renders a remotely rendered VR scene, utilizing remote rendering technology (UE4), and implemented a custom client-server protocol to mirror the server-side virtual camera with the pose of the mobile device.
    Technologies: Android OpenGL, GLSL, C++, Mixed Reality (MR), 5G, Deep Learning, OpenCV, Computer Vision, ARKit, ARCore, H264, Unreal Engine 4, iOS, Kotlin, Android
  • Senior Android AR Developer

    2019 - 2019
    Verizon Media
    • Joined an established small remote team to push an immersive platform SDK for Android to production. It was integrated by numerous apps of the VMG Group that easily enable dynamic AR experiences and AR ads served over a content delivery network.
    • Played a key role in bringing the Android SDK to feature parity with the iOS platform equivalent, including graphics capabilities and UX specifications.
    • Troubleshot and unblocked the development of a high-profile AR experience prototype, optimizing live video stream reception and rendering to ensure real-time performance.
    Technologies: Leadership, 3D Graphics, Android, Augmented Reality (AR), ARCore, Kotlin, Java
  • Senior Android AR Developer

    2018 - 2019
    • Worked with Berlin start-up ForwardGameAR on fan-engagement gamification projects Schalke-Quest and Telekom Dome as lead Android developer.
    • Co-designed and developed a device-to-device communication protocol and a reusable back-end communication framework (Bluetooth, SocketIO, REST).
    • Successfully migrated existing iOS functionality and UI to Android and progressed along with iOS corresponding version.
    • Optimized open-source UI/UX and Mapbox libraries to meet the project’s high-performance specifications.
    • Developed and migrated AR Games from iOS using OpenGL and custom scene, physics, and asset management.
    • Developed four (4) custom multi-player AR games.
    Technologies: Bluetooth, Socket.IO, Mapbox, OpenGL, ARCore, Android SDK, Java
  • Principal R&D Engineer

    2016 - 2018
    Center for Research & Technology Hellas
    • Completed end-to-end design and development of clinical assessment/monitoring apps (Android).
    • Designed, developed, and clinically evaluated two (2) AR serious games targeted to HMDs and tablets (Android/C++).
    • Successfully planned and completed the integration of developed components to the integrated platform ahead of project technical review.
    Technologies: MATLAB, Android, OpenCV, GLSL, Python, Java, C++
  • Research Associate

    2014 - 2016
    University of Patras
    • Developed a cross-platform sandbox environment (Windows/Android) for prototyping AR apps and computer vision algorithms.
    • Designed and developed key modules/interfaces (physics simulations, PBR rendering, user-perspective view, hand gesture recognition, and eye-tracking), part of an MR cross-platform SDK.
    • Re-designed the computer vision course curriculum and created a modern set of lab exercises using C++ and OpenCV.
    Technologies: Bullet, JNI, Android, OpenGL, OpenCV, Java, C++


  • MOMIRAS (Mobile MIxed Reality Systems)

    Momiras aims to fulfill the expectations and needs of the market for the next generation of AR-enabled application and services by providing a complete set of tools that would both improve currently supported 3D augmented reality features and would expand them by utilizing novel technologies and algorithms (e.g. adaptive scene interactions, interaction simulation engine utilizing audio-visual cues for optimized immersive experience, etc.).

    Developed AR-related algorithms for user-perspective view, illumination estimation, dynamic simulations, and gesture recognition, targeted at mobile devices.

    Managed design and planning of major project components and handled communication with project partners and distributed teams. Designed extendable cross-platform core processing module interfaces and architecture. Developed innovative real-time RGB-D image processing algorithms for user-perspective view in video see-through devices (tablets). Developed high-performance illumination conditions estimation algorithms for cohesive augmentation and photorealistic rendering. Ιntegrated dynamic simulation functionalities and other sub-modules to core module API. Developed Android apps that showcase the platform’s features and functionality.

  • FrailSafe: Assessing and Preventing Frailty of the Elderly

    FrailSafe aims to better understand frailty and its relation to co-morbidities; to identify quantitative and qualitative measures of frailty through advanced data mining approaches on multiparametric data and use them to predict short and long-term outcome and risk of frailty; to develop real-life sensing (physical, cognitive, psychological, social) and intervention (guidelines, real-time feedback, augmented reality serious games) platform offering physiological reserve and external challenges; to provide a digital patient model of frailty sensitive to several dynamic parameters, including physiological, behavioral, and contextual.

    Managed planning and communication with clinical partners, cross-functional, and distributed teams for major project tasks.

    Developed cross-platform AR games for optical see-through HMDs and tablets. Developed wireless communication modules for custom hardware (Bluetooth/Wi-fi for Android and Windows) and external sensor components. Developed real-time image processing algorithms for non-contact cardiac and heart-rate variability (HRV) measurements via a front-facing camera. Developed GPS-based location-tracking services for activity monitoring and loss of orientation detection.

  • Licsop: Generic IoT Hardware Platform for Industrial/Marine Environments

    Firmware/software development for a custom STM32-based solution.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Developed low-level device drivers for input/output and sensor (ADC/DAC) components
    • Implemented software for I2C-based GPIO expansion (PCA95555) and EEPROM (24AA64SN) modules
    • Implemented HTTP server/client for CRUD operations and remote configuration using the SPI-based W5500 Wizchip Ethernet module

    Technologies Used:
    • C++/C, Keil (IDE)
    • Kalamogdarti

  • SchalkeQuest: Fan-engagement Gamification Project for Schalke04 Sports Club

    Developed the Android version of an outdoors map-based game, where the user collects boxes and player cards, answers quiz challenges, duels other players, and participates in AR mini-games, in an adventure to win prizes from Schalke 04.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Developed & Migrated AR Games from iOS using OpenGL and custom scene, physics, and asset management.
    • Progressed UX designs to Android UI implementations (highly interactive UI/advanced animations).
    • Design and development of a re-usable Java framework used for device-to-device communication, BLE discovery, and REST-based communication with app back-end.
    • Migration of existing iOS functionality to Android

    Technologies Used:
    • Java, Android SDK, ARCore, MapBox, OpenGL, SocketIO, REST, Bluetooth, Location tracking (GPS)

  • Telekom Dome: Fan-engagement Gamification Project for Telekom Bonn Baskets

    Led the development of the Android version of the app, made for Telekom Bonn Baskets, encapsulating a) indoors navigation, b) live streaming services, and c) a tournament-based game, played by the fans around Telekom Dome Stadium, consisting of multi-player challenges and AR games.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Integrated streaming service API and implemented MapWise indoors-navigation functionality.
    • Development of two (2) custom multi-player AR Games.
    • Consumption of back-end API & fitting existing Java communication framework into the app requirements.
    • Progressed UX designs to Android UI implementations.

    Technologies Used:
    • Java, Android SDK, ARCore, MapBox, MapWise, OpenGL, SocketIO, REST, Bluetooth, Location tracking (GPS)

  • myAirCoach: Analysis, Modeling, and Sensing of Both Physiological and Environmental Factors for the Customized and Predictive Self-management of Asthma

    myAirCoach project aims to support asthma patients to control their disease through mHealth. New monitoring approaches, combined with the development of novel sensors, will form a system that will address the needs of patients on a daily basis. Analysis, modeling, and prediction of disease symptoms will serve to stimulate patients to engage in health management, and also increase the knowledge about the possibilities that mHealth can bring to asthma control.

    Developed patient-specific lung simulation models for asthma severity assessment.

    Key responsibilities:
    • Development of triangulated 3D lung model processing module.
    • Successfully developed adaptive bronchi-narrowing algorithms, aimed at asthma simulation tests.


  • Languages

    C++, Java 8, C++11, Python, C, GLSL, Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, JavaScript
  • Frameworks

    Android SDK, Boost, Qt, Microsoft Kinect, OpenNI, JNI, Bullet, Unreal Engine 4, ARKit
  • Libraries/APIs

    Android OpenGL, OpenCV, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Eigen, Socket.IO, WebXR, TensorFlow, Three.js
  • Tools

    Git, Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 2013, Android Studio, CMake, Android NDK, Qt Creator, Visual Studio, MATLAB
  • Platforms

    ARCore, Android, Vuforia, Windows, Mapbox, iOS, CUDA
  • Other

    Augmented Reality (AR), OOP Designs, Concurrent Computing, GPU Computing, Computational Geometry, Android Emulators, Shaders, Bluetooth, 3D Graphics, H264, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, 5G, Mixed Reality (MR), Leadership, Statistical Analysis
  • Paradigms

    Template Metaprogramming, Concurrent Programming, REST, Agile Software Development
  • Storage

    Microsoft SQL Server


  • Master's Degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering
    2009 - 2014
    University of Patras - Patras, Greece

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