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Vytautas Galaunia, Objective-C Developer in Vilnius, Lithuania
Vytautas Galaunia

Objective-C Developer in Vilnius, Lithuania

Member since May 9, 2018
Vytautas is now available for hire
Vytautas Galaunia, Objective-C Developer in Vilnius, Lithuania
Vytautas Galaunia

Objective-C Developer in Vilnius, Lithuania

Member since May 9, 2018
Vytautas is an iOS full-stack developer. Since the beginning of his professional career, he has striven to learn as much as possible from every project he's worked on and is always keen to incorporate new technologies. Along with a great attitude, Vytautas is an engineer who not only knows how to build a pixel-perfect app but also has the development means to work on low-latency and high-availability APIs.
Vytautas is now available for hire



  • Objective-C, 6 years
  • iOS, 5 years
  • Xcode, 5 years
  • CircleCI, 3 years
  • Swift, 3 years
  • Concurrent Programming, 3 years
  • Go, 2 years
  • Docker, 2 years
Vilnius, Lithuania



Preferred Environment

OS X, Xcode, Git, Sublime, CLI

The most amazing...

...thing I've built was a low-latency-and-high-availability API which leverages machine learning. I was just blown away by data amounts we were able to process.


  • Software Engineer

    2016 - PRESENT
    Velocity | Meaning from Motion (
    • Developed a Go-based platform API which is used by online advertisement companies.
    • Created an iOS SDK.
    • Implemented a data flow pipeline.
    • Developed metrics reporting for system monitoring.
    • Worked as part of the data processing team.
    • Implemented, from time to time, various DevOps tasks.
    Technologies: Golang, AWS, Elasticsearch, iOS, Xcode, Ruby on Rails, Docker, Redis, Grafana
  • Software Engineer

    2015 - PRESENT
    Concrete Interactive LLC
    • Created multiple Android and iOS projects for our client.
    • Integrated strongSwan into an Android application using Android NDK.
    • Implemented continuous integration using CircleCI.
    • Developed a simple VR application using Unity.
    • Contributed to the development of a Ruby on Rails application.
    Technologies: iOS, Xcode, Rails, Android, Unity, Embedded Systems, Xamarin
  • iOS Developer

    2014 - 2015
    Vinted, UAB
    • Developed, together with the iOS team, on new-and-existing feature improvements of Vinted's second-hand fashion marketplace application.
    • Worked with continuous integration.
    • Contributed to an in-app chat redesign project.
    • Collaborated with the QA team to make sure that app is bug and crash free.
    • Developed new features together with the payments team.
    • Mentored and coached new iOS developers.
    • Supported a brand unification project.
    Technologies: iOS, Xcode, Objective-C
  • iOS Developer

    2013 - 2014
    • Maintained and improved the existing features of BetVictor's sports betting app.
    • Worked, with a team, on the iOS app redesign project.
    • Implemented, with a team, a new design.
    • Managed, maintained, and was responsible for continuous integration.
    Technologies: iOS, Xcode, Objective-C, UIkit
  • OS X and iOS Developer

    2012 - 2013
    doo GmbH
    • Developed, with a team, the client application for OS X; an application that is somewhat similar to Dropbox, although the document indexing part was way more powerful at that time.
    • Found and fixed a crucial bug, our OS X application was leaking file descriptors; after all of the operating system's available file descriptors were consumed then other applications started crashing. A personal side note, it was one of my favorite bugs to solve.
    • Built and integrated the support for the peripheral scanners into the app.
    • Worked with imported files post-processing using GCD.
    • Created multiple custom UI elements using AppKit.
    • Integrated a C++ library into the OS X application.
    Technologies: Xcode, Objective-C, C++, Core Data
  • Developer

    2010 - 2012
    • Built an OS X application from scratch using AppKit, Core Data, and other frameworks; this app was later submitted to the App Store.
    • Maintained and improved continuous integration for the OS X and iOS applications using Jenkins.
    • Constructed multiple custom UI elements using UIkit and AppKit.
    • Created a UI for invoice templating and implemented PDF document generation.
    Technologies: iOS, Mac OS X, Objective-C, PHP, Rails
  • Developer

    2008 - 2010
    Elsoft, UAB
    • Created multiple websites for clients using CMS Made Simple content management system.
    • Built and supported multiple plugins for CMS Made simple content management system.
    • Constructed JavaScript plugins and custom tools for websites.
    • Developed a custom CRM web application which was based on the CodeIgniter framework.
    Technologies: PHP, CMS Made Simple (CMSMS), CodeIgniter, Python, JavaScript, MySQL


  • Velocity | Meaning from Motion (Development)

    This is a platform which leverages machine learning and generates users insights from their motion data.

    For this project, I developed a Go-based platform API. We developed this application to handle millions of users daily, manage high loads while still having low latency, and at the same time, process hundreds of gigabytes of data every day.

    My role here wasn't limited just to the Go programming language, I also performed a great deal of system administration on AWS and because of that now I'm a certified AWS Developer.

  • Vinted App for iOS (Development)

    This app is now probably the biggest second-hand fashion marketplace iOS app in the world with thousands of people using it every day. In this company, new features were delivered by cross-functional teams so iterations of new features were much faster due to the fact there were no bottlenecks.

    I, as a member in one of those teams, developed multiple new features as well implementing a lot of A/B testing. I also played a role in deciding which way or which feature provides the best results. During my time there, I was also continuously working with the QA team to make sure that our app was bug and crash free.

  • doo GmbH OS X App (Development)

    When I joined the company, it was still in its startup phase and had only recently raised funding. In the beginning, I was blown away by all the constant activity and energy around me.

    My first project was providing support for the scanner peripherals in the app. After that task was completed successfully, I began working on many other areas of the application from C++ library integrations to a concurrent sync service which was based on Core Data.

    Sadly, the initial idea didn't generate enough traction and now the company has shifted gears to a different direction and our app isn't available for download anymore.

  • IDVector (Development)

    This is a VPN client application, it provides an easy way to secure your internet connection. You can buy credits via in-app purchases which later on can be used for secure connection minutes; users also can create a custom VPN with custom ingress and egress locations.

    I worked on both application versions (iOS and Android). While developing this application, I became very familiar with the VPN frameworks for the Android and iOS platforms.


  • Languages

    Swift, Objective-C, Go, Ruby
  • Frameworks

    Core Data, UIkit, CocoaLumberjack, CodeIgniter, AppKIt, Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Libraries/APIs

    CocoaPods, Alamofire
  • Tools

    Grand Central Dispatch, Auto Layout, Xcode, GitHub, Fastlane, Git, Docker Compose, CircleCI, strongSwan, Grafana, AWS ECS, AWS ECR, Trello
  • Platforms

    iOS, Android, Docker, Xamarin, AWS EC2
  • Paradigms

    Concurrent Programming, Agile Software Development
  • Other

    Protocol Buffers, Carthage, Concurrency, CMS Made Simple (CMSMS), Prometheus, StatsD
  • Storage

    AWS S3, Elasticsearch


  • Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering
    2008 - 2012
    Vilnius University, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics - Vilnius, Lithuania
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate
    JUNE 2018 - JUNE 2020
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