Wade Gausden, Software Developer in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Wade Gausden

Software Developer in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Member since December 22, 2016
Wade is an experienced software engineer with over 11 years of commercial work in Microsoft Technologies, including .NET, .NET Core, C#, and Azure. While his background is rooted in back-end web development, he's able to pick up other technologies quickly which has led him to being a jack of all trades with everything from MongoDB to Elasticsearch to Redis.
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Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand



Preferred Environment

VS Code, Visual Studio, Windows

The most amazing...

...thing I've ever built was a "river" application that moved records from a MongoDB cluster into an Elasticsearch instance in real time.


  • Contract .NET Consultant

    2019 - 2020
    Silver Fern Farms
    • Built a customer self-service portal in .NET Core 3.1, Angular 7, and hosted completely on Azure using PAAS components resulting in thousands of fewer "manual" paper form registrations.
    • Oversaw VSTS/Azure DevOps usage and standards within large enterprise company including Agile boards, Azure Pipelines and moving from TFS to GIT.
    • Took over the workload of the only two engineers at a large enterprise company with over a dozen WPF/Winform applications, who both left at the same time. With zero documentation or tribal knowledge left in the company, I kept the train moving.
    Technologies: Angular, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, C#, .NET Core
  • Software Engineer

    2018 - 2019
    • Took over technical leadership of internal API's used to service our mobile IOS offerings to over 10,000 SAAS customers.
    • Used tools like New Relic, dotTrace, dotMemory, and BenchmarkDotNet. Reduced average load time of API requests from 300+ ms to below 150 ms.
    • Built microservice in .NET Core and Node.js to service Timely's new Zapier integration. All hosted on Azure PAAS including service bus, websites, and Azure SQL.
    Technologies: Azure, Node.js, C#, .NET Core, .NET
  • Technical Lead

    2016 - 2018
    Provoke Solutions
    • Built a chatbot for a large Australiasian bank to reduce call center wait times. Utilized a wide range of Azure services including LUIS, Microsoft Bot Framework, QnA Service, Sentiment Analysis, Bing Search API, and Cosmos DB.
    • Served as the tech lead for a custom self service portal for a utilities company built on top of Kentico, with integrations with payment providers, Sendgrid, and a custom billing solution.
    • Acted as the tech lead on a self-service portal project built using AngularJS and .NET. Including integrations built on top of UltraESB.
    • Oversaw the move from TFS to GIT and led the charge on GIT documentation and training.
    Technologies: Azure, Kentico, Microsoft Bot Framework, C#, .NET
  • Engineering Team Lead

    2015 - 2016
    Unleashed Software
    • Led the systems team which took ownership of all build/release processes, monitoring/logging systems, and introducing new platforms/architecture intro the C#/.NET codebase.
    • Built integrations with several third-party APIs including Xero, Intuit Quickbooks, Shopify, Amazon, and Magento.
    • Oversaw the introduction of the CI/CD process of building one-click builds integrating Github, Azure, AWS, and TeamCity.
    • Built POC for new technologies including Azure ServiceBus, RabbitMQ, CouchDB, Azure Cloud Service Workers, and Elasticsearch.
    Technologies: Elasticsearch, CouchDB, RabbitMQ, Amazon, Magento, Intuit QuickBooks, Xero, Shopify, TeamCity, GitHub, Azure, C#, .NET
  • Senior Engineer

    2013 - 2015
    • Introduced Elasticsearch to search across 20 million records that combined included terabytes of data from resumes, social connections, work history, and education.
    • Became an expert on MongoDB, including all its shortfalls, to try and build a scalable system capable of hosting 20 million records across a cluster of three nodes.
    • Oversaw the move away from Azure Storage queues to RabbitMQ to handle peak loads of delivering over 10 million emails within hours, not days.
    • Built and maintained a fleet of microservices built in .NET and Node.js via both HTTP and Service Bus.
    Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS, Azure, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, .NET, C#


  • .NET Core Tutorials

    For the last three years, I've been writing about my adventures in .NET Core and teaching others on best practices, migrating from .NET Framework, and documenting my own failures in both C# and .NET Core.


  • Languages

  • Frameworks

    .NET, .NET Core, ASP.NET, Angular
  • Libraries/APIs

    Web API, Node.js
  • Platforms

    Azure, Windows, Microsoft Bot Framework, Shopify, Magento, Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Storage

    Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, MongoDB
  • Tools

    Visual Studio, VS Code, Kentico, GitHub, TeamCity, Xero, RabbitMQ
  • Other

    Intuit QuickBooks, AWS

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