Wagner de Oliveira Paz, Developer in Criciúma - Santa Catarina, Brazil
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Wagner de Oliveira Paz

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Criciúma - Santa Catarina, Brazil
Toptal Member Since
January 31, 2022

Wagner is a graduated software developer with 18+ years of general programming experience. He's built ERPs for the plastic industry, developed financial products for universities, aided Silicon Valley's data science company in visualizing its data, and created multiple popular lifestyle Android apps with 500,000+ installs. Today he is a proficient React developer, in love with technologies like Vercel's Next.js and Tailwind CSS, building Web Vitals-compliant web applications.


JavaScript, React, Sass, CSS, HTML, Webpack, React Router, Tailwind CSS, APIs...
Jungle Devs
JavaScript, Sass, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, React, HTML5, React Native, APIs, REST...
JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, CSS, Sass, HTML, React Native...




Preferred Environment

Windows, Slack, Trello, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Google Meet

The most amazing...

...work I've done is a platform for learning and video conferencing with an architecture based on applications and real-time user interactions.

Work Experience

Senior React Web Front-end Software Engineer

2022 - PRESENT
  • Improved the overall front-end architecture of an important data visualization product.
  • Reduced bundle size drastically (more than 80%) by running bundle analyzers, cleaning stale code, and minifying and applying code splitting.
  • Realized a bug bash session focused on cleaning console errors and warnings, eliminating 200+ errors/warnings.
  • Consumed REST APIs to extract data science statistics.
  • Implemented pixel-perfect Figma designs created by a designer.
  • Developed several graphs using Recharts and D3.js.
  • Worked with geospatial mapping to display data distributed across the entire globe.
Technologies: JavaScript, React, Sass, CSS, HTML, Webpack, React Router, Tailwind CSS, APIs, REST, Figma, Front-end, Recharts, Data Visualization, API Integration, JSON REST APIs, Chakra UI, GitHub, Web Development

Senior Software Engineer

2021 - 2022
Jungle Devs
  • Developed a geostatistics module with information about events across the entire globe with multiple visualizations by continent, country, zip code, and a choropleth graph.
  • Restructured the UI components created by a client to turn them into a proper JavaScript library.
  • Refactored the entire layout architecture of a client to organize and eliminate some undesirable effects.
Technologies: JavaScript, Sass, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, React, HTML5, React Native, APIs, REST, Figma, Front-end, Recharts, Data Visualization, API Integration, JSON REST APIs, GitHub, Web Development

React Front-end Developer

2019 - 2021
  • Developed a platform, built-in for video conferencing and learning, which was extensible with apps, built by an external JavaScript developer or by us. All apps had a syncing function permitting that users in the same room collaborate in real-time.
  • Served as the main TypeScript React front-end developer.
  • Developed the Hallway platform, the foundation for an app-based architecture, which means there was a development process that separated features in what we called apps.
  • Developed some of the most important apps like the Video Group, which was the base for the video conferencing feature and had features like resizable video windows, audio visualizer, and device set up.
  • Suggested and implemented a feature that became quite popular such as the dynamic grid system, which consists of a flexible and fully customizable grid for displaying the apps, and was built as an open-source TypeScript project.
  • Improved the visibility of the project by the search engines by adopting Next.js as the solution for server-side rendering, which by itself improved SEO a lot.
Technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, CSS, Sass, HTML, React Native, Material UI, HTML5, APIs, REST, Front-end, API Integration, JSON REST APIs, GitHub, Web Development

PeopleSoft Developer

2016 - 2019
  • Acted as the main developer of the student financial module. I developed all the main customizations needed by the university and gained a lot of business logic knowledge. The project was successful and deployed to production before I left the company.
  • Developed student debt refinancing, self and administrative services, customizable payment plans, simulations, credit card integration, and integration with collection agencies.
  • Created interests and late fees, a monthly process that calculates and posts values in student accounts.
  • Developed punctual discount, a monthly process that calculates and posts values in student accounts.
  • Created billet impression and bank integrations for banks including Caixa, Bradesco, Itaú, Santander, Votorantim, and Invista. File layouts were CNAB 240, CNAB 400. I also worked on the integrations with print shops and postal services.
  • Developed inclusion and exclusion in credit score institutions.
  • Created integration with SAP, departments, and GL accounts.
  • Developed equations for tuition calculation, primary school, stricto sensu, lato sensu.
  • Managed to deliver the project in time with the schedule proposed at the beginning. I also helped the university to earn more money due to some legacy system's wrong calculations of fees.
Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, HTML5

Font-end/Game Developer

2014 - 2016
  • Worked on the R&D of a new game that was being developed.
  • Used Unity and C# for creating reusable components that were used to help the other developers.
  • Developed a lot of abstract components, things to help in the internals, and some visuals for card games like hands of cards, 3D tables, and more.
  • Helped to increase the work performance of my colleagues by providing reusable components. I didn't see the outcome of the project because I left the company before that, but it was successfully launched afterward.
Technologies: HTML, HTML5, API Integration

Java Developer

2009 - 2014
  • Developed a full system in the area of the building's concierge security named Portaria do Futuro. The system allowed controlled access with biometric authentication, voice, and video interaction with remote attendants, and monitoring tools such as alarm, open doors, and others.
  • Built a multi-threaded server to communicate with all equipments, a desktop front end to the attendants and operators, and a web interface to the clients.
  • Managed to deliver a full product that was deployed in two large buildings in São Paulo.
  • Developed a framework for migrating the company's main product, Iniflex ERP, to WEB 2.0.
  • Created tools similar to Oracle forms with the purpose of maintaining the development process of the team.
  • Managed to modernize the user experience due to the migration to the web and also maintain the productivity of the developers of the legacy tool.
Technologies: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, HTML5

Comanda Vip

A customizable food delivery PWA, created to help businesses provide users with a personalized experience. It's performant, accessible, mobile-friendly, and SEO-aware, following the best practices enforced by Web Core Vitals.

Showcase TV Shows Dashboard

A sample application for displaying television movies and shows information and showcasing interactive/animation-heavy components. It's implemented based on a public Figma design and uses the public API TMDB.

Metapriori Developers – Resume Builder

A resume builder was created based on Toptal's and used to build and display my resume. It's print-friendly, allowing you to print it using the browser's native functionality. It has an admin and allows multiple resumes.

Meta Priori Lifestyle Apps

Meta Priori is an independent initiative based on multidisciplinary research aimed at helping people improve their quality of life in matters of health (mental and physical), professional (satisfaction and reliability), and relationships (intrapersonal and interpersonal).

Apps released to Android:
• Multiple Intelligences Test – 100,000+ downloads
• Personality Type Test – 100,000+ downloads
• Daily Motivation – 100,000+ downloads
• Daily Zen Buddhism – 50,000+ downloads
• Daily Tao – 50,000+ downloads
• Daily Millionaire Advice – 50,000+ downloads
• TriT: Tree Task Timer – 100+ downloads

The Lord Of The Rings - The One API Implementation

It's an implementation of The One API showcasing movies, characters, and quotes from The Lord of the Rings film series. It uses Next.js, React, and Tailwind CSS.

Github: https://github.com/wagnerpaz/the-lord-of-the-rings-frontend-react-nextjs-tailwindcss
2005 - 2013

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

Unisul University - Tubarão, Santa Catarina, Brazil


Sun Certified Java Programmer

Sun Microsystems


React, React Router, Recharts, Node.js


GitHub, Webpack, Slack, Trello, Rollup, Figma, Amazon CloudFront CDN, Android Studio


JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, SQL, Sass, GraphQL, Java




Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), Oracle, iOS, Vercel, Android


MongoDB, Amazon S3 (AWS S3)


Next.js, Material UI, Tailwind CSS, React Native


APIs, Front-end, Data Visualization, API Integration, JSON REST APIs, Web Development, Google Meet, Chakra UI, Web Vitals, NextAuth.js

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