Will Weisser, Software Developer in Wayne, PA, United States
Will Weisser

Software Developer in Wayne, PA, United States

Member since May 23, 2019
Will has been a professional software engineer for nearly twenty years, architecting products for startups and Fortune 500 companies and working with teams of all sizes. He's always been drawn to networks and back-end services but has also done extensive work on user interfaces.
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  • C, 19 years
  • HTML, 18 years
  • JavaScript, 17 years
  • Python, 15 years
  • PostgreSQL, 8 years
  • Django, 6 years
  • React, 4 years
  • Go, 4 years


Wayne, PA, United States



Preferred Environment

Linux or OSX Command Line

The most amazing...

...thing I've worked on was a custom data layer utilizing AWS Lambda, S3, and Redis to store massive amounts of data while costing little to run when at rest.


  • Independent Contractor

    2015 - PRESENT
    • Developed web-based applications for a select group of clients, all hosted on AWS.
    • Wrote user interfaces in Angular and React.
    • Created custom data visualizations with HTML canvas.
    • Developed application servers implemented in Python via the Falcon framework and Javascript/Node.js.
    • Created back ends implemented as Docker containers hosted on EC2. Later moved on to hosting the applications entirely in AWS Lambda (via Zappa/Serverless Python) with interfaces through API Gateway/CloudFront.
    • Wrote custom network services in Go—scalable to 50,000+ client connections on a single node.
    Technologies: C, Python, Go, JavaScript, PostgreSQL
  • Senior Engineer

    2002 - 2015
    • Wrote the initial versions of and then continued to direct the design of two major products: Configuration Compliance Manager and Security Intelligence Hub. Configuration Compliance Manager is a network-based agentless host auditing system written in C# and C, and Security Intelligence Hub is a web-based reporting/management portal for several nCircle products, implemented using Perl on the middle-tier with Adobe Flex for the user interface.
    • Started Configuration Compliance Manager as a Windows-only desktop app. Then later rewrote the back-end to run as two separate Windows services (a management server and a scan engine), then later ported the scan engine service to run on Linux as well with mono, and then ported it again to run on Windows Embedded Standard.
    • Authored or participated in the development of network scan modules for the Configuration Compliance Manager which were capable of scanning Windows, various Linux and Unix flavors, various Cisco devices, i5/OS, VMware, web servers, SQL databases, and several other platforms and software suites, as well as integrations with many other security products.
    • Wrote many tools and libraries from scratch, which were not available for the .NET framework at the time, such as a log framework and an O/R mapper and SQL query generator.
    • Set up all the infrastructure for projects such as automated build scripts, installation systems, and unit testing frameworks.
    • Implemented the OVAL 6.0 specification in C#, then wrote an entire SCAP scanner in Python (including validated 100% correct implementations of OVAL, XCCDF, ARF, and so on) and a unit test suite with 100% code coverage.
    Technologies: C, C#, Python, SQL Server
  • Software Engineer

    2001 - 2002
    Tourtellotte Consulting
    • Improved and implemented fixes to the main platform which included modifying the Oracle schema and queries, and fixing bugs in or replacing existing Perl modules.
    • Rewrote a legacy IVR (interactive voice response) system in Java which was originally implemented with T-REXX.
    • Implemented several side projects in Perl on Oracle to automate various processes at the client which were previously done by hand with spreadsheets.
    Technologies: Perl, Java, Oracle
  • Software Engineer

    2000 - 2001
    Sonicity, Inc.
    • Wrote and maintained monitoring-and-management applications for the Sonicity multicast router.
    • Implemented user interfaces both in Win32/MFC and the web using custom ActiveX controls for video streaming and real-time network load graphing.
    • Fixed bugs in and maintained internal networking libraries written in C++.
    Technologies: C++


  • EmailDelivery.com (Development)

    A fully-featured email service provider, written mainly in Python/React.

  • Tripwire Enterprise (Development)

    Tripwire is a leading IT security software provider that acquired the company that I co-founded in 2007. Tripwire Enterprise is a suite of software products focused on network change management and policy enforcement.

  • C/Invoke (Development)

    C/Invoke is a library with bindings to Java and Lua that allows calling functions in C that are bound at runtime, inspired by the DllInvoke feature of C#.


  • Languages

    Python, JavaScript, Go, C, C#, SQL, HTML, CSS, Falcon, C++, Java
  • Frameworks

    Django, Angular
  • Libraries/APIs

    React, jQuery, Node.js
  • Paradigms

    REST, Concurrent Programming
  • Platforms

    AWS EC2, Linux, Windows, Oracle
  • Storage

    AWS S3, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Relational Databases, NoSQL, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB
  • Other

    Lambda Functions, Serverless, Information Security, DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, Writing & Editing, Software Development, User Interface (UI), Visualization
  • Tools

    Amazon SQS

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