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William Lyles

Verified Expert  in Engineering

Software Developer

Helena, AL, United States
Toptal Member Since
November 18, 2013

William is a top architect, engineer, and developer with a proven ability to develop efficient, scalable, and fault-tolerant server solutions for complex problems. William has extensive experience and a proven track record of successfully analyzing, decomposing, and solving complex programming problems.


Pivotal Defense (via Toptal)
Bootstrap, D3.js, AngularJS, Tastypie, Django, Python
Primer AI
Python, Flask, Go, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
Python, Flask, PHP, MySQL, Snowflake, JavaScript, Vue




Preferred Environment

Git, Python, Vim Text Editor, Linux

The most amazing...

...software I've built was a computer-vision algorithm to run on iOS that could identify pills using a phone's camera.

Work Experience

Web Developer

2015 - PRESENT
Pivotal Defense (via Toptal)
  • Created a RESTful API using Django and Tastypie to interact with cutting edge network security software.
  • Created data models and database schema to represent complex data.
  • Optimized database queries to handle tables containing millions of rows in a scalable fashion.
  • Built a single page application using AngularJS to consume this API and allow users to view and modify the underlying data.
  • Created visualizations using D3.js to give users a more thorough understanding of the underlying data.
Technologies: Bootstrap, D3.js, AngularJS, Tastypie, Django, Python

Senior Software Engineer

2020 - 2022
Primer AI
  • Led a team in developing a machine learning application using Python and working on large datasets.
  • Maintained and improved RESTful APIs written in Go.
  • Created ETL pipelines to consume large amounts of data.
  • Participated in all stages of design and implementation of machine learning systems.
  • Designed and optimized data storage in both PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch.
  • Developed metrics for the performance evaluation of machine learning applications.
Technologies: Python, Flask, Go, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch

Senior Software Engineer

2019 - 2020
  • Designed, built, and maintained ETL processes and data flows for the reporting of real estate data.
  • Implemented and maintained a RESTful API to consume this data.
  • Refactored a large legacy codebase into a more usable, efficient solution.
  • Migrated an old legacy database from MySQL to Snowflake.
  • Fixed and helped maintain user interfaces written using Vue.
Technologies: Python, Flask, PHP, MySQL, Snowflake, JavaScript, Vue

Senior Software Engineer

2016 - 2019
  • Built, maintained, and extended a complex healthcare application using AngularJS, Python, and PostgreSQL.
  • Designed and implemented a RESTful API for consumption by this application.
  • Created and maintained complex data ETL processes in PostgreSQL.
  • Implemented complex UI patterns based on feedback from users and stakeholders.
Technologies: Python, Python 3, Flask, JavaScript, AngularJS, PostgreSQL

Software Engineer

2013 - 2016
Showroom Logic
  • Maintained and extended a legacy PHP system used to manage Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Created and updated unit tests using PHPUnit and Jasmine.
  • Updated the PHP back end to migrate to new versions of the Google AdWords API.
  • Ported parts of the system from a legacy MySQL database to MongoDB.
  • Designed and updated the interface using JavaScript, AngularJS, and jQuery.
  • Implemented an advertising data model using Doctrine 2 ORM.
  • Updated the development process with front-end testing using Jasmine.
Technologies: Linux, Google AdWords, Jasmine, jQuery, AngularJS, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL, Doctrine 2, PHPUnit, PHP

Systems Architect

2013 - 2014
  • Designed and developed an analytics platform for healthcare data.
  • Designed and implemented back-end processes using C#.
  • Created a data model using SQL Server.
  • Built a front-end using JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, and jqPlot.
  • Wrote JavaScript test cases using Jasmine.
Technologies: jQuery, AngularJS, Microsoft SQL Server, C#

Internal Tools Engineer

2013 - 2014
KeepSafe Software Inc. (via Toptal)
  • Wrote a Chrome extension to translate Zendesk comments using the Google Translate API.
Technologies: JavaScript, Chrome Extensions

Software Engineer

2012 - 2013
  • Created a computer vision algorithm with C++ to recognize pills via an iPhone camera.
  • Built prototypes of algorithms and analyzed data using Python.
  • Designed and developed software to ensure the quality of collected data using PHP, Python, JavaScript, and SQL.
  • Assisted with the administration of a Linux/Apache server.
  • Designed and optimized data models and stored procedures for SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Designed and developed special-purpose file system utilities using Python.
  • Optimized the data model for use on mobile devices with SQLite.
Technologies: SQLite, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PHP, Objective-C, Python, C++

Research Assistant

2009 - 2012
Auburn University GPS and Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory
  • Researched and designed an Autonomous Canine System.
  • Developed the canine control algorithm using Python, C, and C++.
  • Worked with electrical engineers to write embedded software for custom hardware.
  • Ported the Canine Control System to Java for use on an Android device.
  • Developed visualization tools using Python for presentation of research.
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities in the lab website.
Technologies: Java, Python, C, C++


2008 - 2009
  • Created desktop utilities using Python.
  • Translated Photoshop documents to HTML/CSS.
  • Maintained websites written in PHP, VB.NET, and C#.
  • Developed sites in C#.
  • Helped administer a few Windows servers running IIS.
Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, VB.NET, C#, Python


MedSnap is a mobile application to assist in the identification of pills. I developed the computer-vision algorithm prototype, the data-model for statistical models, and systems to collect and qualify reference data.

Autonomous Canine System

While working as a research assistant at Auburn, I helped to design and develop a system for the autonomous navigation of a trained canine. This system used GPS, magnetometers, and accelerometers to determine the dog's position. These inputs were fed into an expert system which determined the next command to issue to the dog.


PHP, JavaScript, SQL, C++, Python, Java, C, Objective-C, C#, VB.NET, HTML, CSS, Python 3, Snowflake, Go


AngularJS, Smarty, Django, Flask, CodeIgniter, Boost, PHPUnit, Jasmine, Bootstrap, Android SDK


OpenCV, Google AdWords, React, jQuery, NumPy, SciPy, Doctrine 2, Tastypie, D3.js, Vue


Test-driven Development (TDD), Object-oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Software Development, Scrum


Linux, MacOS, Android, Windows, iOS, Kubernetes


MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch


Chrome Extensions, Front-end Development, Software Development, Freelancing, Machine Learning


Git, Subversion (SVN), Vim Text Editor, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse IDE

2007 - 2009

BS Degree in Computer Science

Auburn University - Alabama

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